Victims – Episode 30

Victims – Episode 30 A Story By Rosemary Okafor “We have succeeded in shooting ourselves on the leg” Mr Party chairman said solemnly. The little room was silence except for the periodic shuffling of Agbadas and the buzzing of the Air conditioner. The meeting was not the party’s planned one, it was an emergency meeting […]


Restless – Episode 77

Restless – Episode 77 ® 18+ SNVL © Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel Kebba, South Husan For almost an hour, Henry and his team continued to drive around seeking for direction but unable to communicate to anyone. They had gone far into the community already and were yet to stop when they saw a group of newspaper […]

Hidden Dream

Hidden Dream – Episode 22

Hidden Dream – Episode 22 A Story By Tisa Phiri 2 years later….. I was rushing for a meeting when the call came from Zambia. ” Hey dad” I responded as I got into the vehicle. ” hey son, your mother and I were thinking about the issue of Blessings. We still feel she’s still […]


Victims – Episode 28

Victims – Episode 28 A Story By Rosemary Okafor It had started like a test, a game for power, a political strategy. Since Danladi and his supporters had succeeded in grabbing the presidential seat, while pushing him to lick his wounds, not only did they rub their victory on his face, he was humiliated beyond […]