Restless – Episode 31

Restless – Episode 31 Back To Bethanna III ® 18+ SNVL © Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel “Yea, how much are we getting compensated with for this training?” Another person asked instead of Cole. She took a step forward, it was the cook, Jenny. “You never told us we would be fighting against the FOX. How can […]

I Am Woman

I Am Woman – Episode 6

I Am Woman – Episode 6 A Story By Brian Ngoma “Tinashe, is Gary coming back,” Kasuli stared at me. I shifted uneasily. There was no answer to that question. There was nothing that I could say to an innocent soul like Kasuli. Fortunately, one of the relative’s children called her to play with the […]


Illusions – Episode 4

Illusions – Episode 4 © Jennipher Duru Barbara kept quiet as Carol answered the phone. She wanted to make sure it was Carol’s voice that would sound on the other end of the line. It was definitely her. Carol: hello….. hello Patrick. I can’t hear you…..hello baby boy can you hear me? Carol hang up. […]


Illusions – Episode 3

Illusions – Episode 3 © Jennipher Duru ” It’s really nice to meet you bro. Barbara has talked so much about you. She has told me how you have been like a father to her and all that.” Patrick told Bernard. Bernard, who looked so perplexed, responded “Oh yea. Nice to meet you too. Barbie […]


Illusions – Episode 2

Illusions – Episode 2 © Jennipher Duru The two giggled as they told each other stories of how their friendship ha.d started. Barbara remembered how Patrick had one day fallen into a pothole as he tried to run after her. “I was afraid that you had broken your leg, but then I saw you getting […]

Crime To Be Poor

It’s A Crime To Be Poor Here

IT IS A CRIME TO BE POOR HERE The other day I was listening to Olamide’s song “Poverty Die”. The chorus got me, it went into my veins, to my bone marrows; and I remembered how being poor here is a sin, how being poor here is a crime because you will be denied of […]


Restless – Episode 30

Restless – Episode 30 (In Or Out?) ® 18+ SNVL © Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel December 12, 2015 Location : El Deols, Anthanna Sheila sat quietly on the bench after thirty minutes of workout. She breathed in and out slowly and noiselessly. She had an armless top on, a football shorts and a face towel hung […]

Opana - The Coffin Maker

Opana – Episode 37

Opana – Episode 37 © Akoto Alexander On phone: Opana: Good morning Mr Addo, how are you doing? I am calling to inform you that the documents for change of ownership is ready at my lawyer’s office, he said you can come over with your lawyer so that we can all go through the documents […]

I Am Woman

I Am Woman – Episode 5

I Am Woman – Episode 5 A Story By Brian Ngoma The Pain pierced through my heart as a sharpened blade passing through a knight’s heart in battle. I felt as empty as space. My eyes so sore like I had been bleeding blood. As I felt the little hand in my hand holding me […]