Dangerous Devil

Dangerous Devil
( Two devil got betrothed to each other )

Written by Uche Lawrence

Dangerous Devil


How would you feel getting betrothed to a man you’ve never seen before in your entire life? A king. A devil. Worst part, he’s in another planet.

Yeah, another planet.

A planet consisting of vampires with powers. And when I say powers, I mean different kinds like invisibility, telekinesis and all that.

Damien Drake, the king over five kingdoms. Five vampire kingdoms, he ruled them together.

He’s heartless, a devil, stone hearted. Just his anger can injure you. Or even ki*ll you.

He doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings. He doesn’t do love. His eyes changes colour in every mood.

Red color- Stay away from him. That means danger.??

Black color- Death. You can’t escape it.???

Silver color- Good mood. But not every time.

Purple color- Sad mood. Don’t come near.

And there’s is this one particular color he suddenly had just when he met our Miss.

Amber Athan, a vampire. She’s crazy and also a devil too. She’s cold and stubborn.

But can be kind sometimes.

She was born and brought up on earth.

Don’t dare her. Her angry touch on you can turn you to ashes. She’s powerful but there’s just one person who’s more powerful than her, amd that’s Damien.

What happened when the two devil meets? They were betrothed to each other.

When crazy Amber made Damien see hell and also Damien, who made Amber suffer cause he hates her.

They both hate each other. Why?
Gonna find out.

What made Amber hate Damien so much?

Did they eventually fall in love with each other? Even with the hatred they felt for each other?

Let’s find out.
This story is full of suspense, comedy?, Romance?, supernatural and many more.?

This story is fictional.

Story by Uche Lawrence


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