Destiny From My Words



🎈 WRITTEN & EDITED BY Anita obi .🎈


Meet RUTH and Lisa , sisters from same parent…a very stubborn set of sisters from the family of Gambas.

Lisa who frequently couldn’t stay out of troubles and keep dragging her kid sister Ruth into her mess.

Lisa happens to be the first child, she’s 10 years old.

Ruth on the other hand isn’t calm but at least she could Differentiate between right and wrong.. she’s 7 years old.

Even with lots of securities in the mansion.. Lisa and Ruth kept sneaking out to play.

The Gambas had no choice than to tie the kids on a chair in their room.

” Father..this isn’t fair.. we’ve promised not to sneak out again.. please free us” Lisa said with her hands tied up.

” Father,you use to trust me..why can’t you believe me this time, I’m giving you my words.. I won’t follow Lisa out to play again ” Ruth said.

” Ruth you have to stay quiet..this is what you keep telling me but whenever Lisa is sneaking out you don’t report to us or even the guard.. instead you go along with her…gosh 🤦..Listen up my children.. I’m being concerned about your safety,we don’t know what the Machants are planning against us,if they one day sees you two outside without any one guarding you don’t you know they’ll ki*ll or kidnap you? Goodness you two are the only children we have,why is it so difficult for you to respect my orders and stay indoors..what kind of play can’t you play in the mansion,the Machant and us are having serious problems,I worked hard for Gross Company but the late CEO handed it over to Machant before passing away, after all the years I worked there.. just because of those people I couldn’t get my reward,kids.. could you please stay indoor and don’t ever go out until this war is over, honey please talk to your children ” their dad said angrily and left.

” Mum.. common it’s just us here,untie us please “Lisa said smiling.

” You crazy things I call children, where are your manners huh? You want your father to die because of you?” Their mum Benita asked.

” Common mummy,we don’t even know the Machant and they don’t know us either.. how can they possibly harm us when they sees us outside ” Ruth said in her tiny voice.

” You tiny mouth, keep quiet now…how can we let them know you two.. have we ever seen their so call son? they’ve been hiding him from us, Listen you two will stay here until night..” Thier mum said leaving.

” Mother, don’t be like this ” Ruth said.

” Hey Ruth.. try and come closer let’s help each other..we need to free ourselves” Lisa said.

” But Lisa, don’t you think dad and mum has a point? We shouldn’t play outside anymore” Ruth said.

” Don’t be foolish Ruth, have you forgotten I’m meeting with Alex today? He’s right outside waiting for me” Lisa said.

” Lisa why not introduce Alex to father ” Ruth said.

” What! Have you gone nuts kid sis? I’m just 10 how can I introduce a boy to father.. he’ll ki*ll me you know that” Lisa said trying to pull out of the chair.

” Lisa..I really don’t want father to be mad at us ” Ruth said.

Lisa succeeded in untieing herself with her teeths.

” Yess..let me help you out kid sis ” Lisa said untieing Ruth.

” Wow.. Lisa we are free.. let’s go to bed now” Ruth said about lying down .

” Common..we have to use the window and leave from the fence.. let’s go” Lisa said dragging Ruth with her.

🎋Few minutes later they succeeded in sneaking out again.

They met with Alex ,An 11yrs old boy.

” Lisa.. I’m so happy to see you..I thought you were not going to come out” Alex said happily hugging her.

” Hey Ruth..what are you looking at? Go to the beach side and play, I’ll come find you once I’m done” Lisa said.

” Okay Lisa ” little Ruth responded leaving.



Meet Mr Machant and his wife Vanessa.

Vanessa is nine months pregnant.

Ever since the very first month of her pregnancy..her husband Machant has had no rest…

This should be as a result of the pregnancy and Mr Machant understands.
They have a son called Rado , he’s 11 years old.

” honey.. honey what’s keeping you in the bathroom?” Vanessa asked from the sitting room with her son.

” Darling I’m done,let me go get you the local eggs to eat” Mr Machant said rushing downstairs with his car keys.

” Hold on honey,I don’t want to eat the local eggs anymore,I want noddles prepared by a fair lady” Vanessa said.

” Oh goodness.. darling please don’t start,you asked me to get you local eggs why changing your mind and giving me some difficult Task?” Mr Machant asked tiredlesly .

” Honey don’t tell me you’re complaining just because I want to feed your baby in my stomach.. listen if you don’t get me that noddles I’ll drink the water from the toilet ” Vanessa said going upstairs as her husband held her back.

” Common my love,I was only joking… please sit,let me go look for a fair lady to prepare noddles for you” he said.

” I don’t want the fair lady again,I want the noddles to be prepared by a black lady” Vanessa said.

” Okay my love..I should get going ” he said about leaving.

” Wait.. I’m going with you before she snatches you away from me” she said getting up.

” No way.. darling it’s getting late,stay home with Roda ,no one is taking me away from you” he said.

” Don’t tell me that..hey Roda let’s go with daddy” she said.

” Fine.. let’s go then, goodness Vanessa you should put to birth sooner” Machant said.

” If you keep complaining I’ll go alone with the car” she said.

” Better,so I can take some rest” he mumbled.

” What are you mumbling about” she asked.

” Nothing” he responded taking her into the car.

” Dad,mum I feel sleepy already” Roda said getting into the car.

” You’ll sleep in the car…” Mr Machant said driving.


On their way,a group of boys with cars surrounded them.

Mr Machant and his wife were shocked..they was no way they could flee from them.

” Come out now” the bad boys said to them holding weapons.

” Oh no.. honey,who are those people?” Vanessa asked in fear.

” Darling don’t you see how their dressed? Gamba actually sent them,those are his men, Gamba is taking things too far” Machant said.

” Father, who is Gamba.. why don’t I know him,why is he trying to harm us?” Roda asked.

” What are you still doing inside the car, get yourselves out here now ” the bad boys said.

” Honey,stay in the car with Roda” Machant said going out alone.

Immediately he got out, one of the bad boys punched him hard on the face and he landed on the ground.

” What are you doing,did Gamba sent you?” Machant asked spitting out blood.

” Who else do you keep offending? because of you our boss have had no rest, today is your end” bad boy said pointing his gun at him.

Immediately his wife saw that, she rushed out quickly and lay on the ground pleading.

” Please spare our lives.. don’t ki*ll us please” Vanessa pleaded as suddenly she began to feel pains of the baby coming.

” sh00t him” bad boy ordered….as they pulled the trigger on Machant’s head… directly into his brains, and he died.

” Fatherrrrrrrr” Rado dashed out of the car .

” Noooooo.. Machant.. Machant…you bastardddddd” Vanessa cried aloud.

Rado rushed to one of the boys and grabbed his hand with his teeth.

” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, give me the powder” the bad boy screamed in pains as Rado tried chopping off his hand.

He blew the powder into Rados eyes…

Rado fell on the ground screaming and scratching his eyes.

” Let go of my sonnn…. Ahhh… Ahhh…the baby is coming.. the baby is coming… ahhhhh” Vanessa cried aloud.

” Mother… mother” Rado called trying to reach out to his mum but couldn’t see anything.

” Son..son… what’s happening to your eyes.. why are you going somewhere else, I’m right here..son..son… ahhh..son” Vanessa cried out trying to reach out to Rado but at the same time she was in labour.

” Mother… mummy,I can’t see anything..I can’t see you… mommy my eyes…my eyes..” Rado cried out.

” Hahaha.. hahahah in your next world you won’t ever try to mess with our boss… boys..give her the poison to drink” the bad boy ordered.

They brought out the poison and went forward to give Vanessa.

” Please don’t do me first to deliver I’m begging you…the… the..the.. almost here” Vanessa said in pains.

” We were asked to ki*ll everyone of you.. that so call baby is not exempted,after taking this and your so call baby will die after ten minutes…open your mouth now” bad boy said using his hands to Open her mouth.

” Mum.. mummy.. what are they doing to you..let my mum goooo” Rado who can’t see anything tried so hard to stop them.

The boys forcefully gave Vanessa the poison.

” You are all bas***d…I curse you all….ahhhhhh… Help usssss” Vanessa screamed at the top of her voice.

” Hahaha, don’t even think of you think people come to this side of the beach? Beside even if anyone should… you’ll be long dead ” bad boy said.

” You killed my daddy… and you want my mummy dead too.. why not ki*ll me as well ” Rado cried on the ground.

” Little boy.. don’t stress yourself,this part of the road is closer to the the time you try finding your way out, you’ll definitely hand yourself over for the sharks in the sea to eat you..I won’t waste my time with you, boys.. let’s go” the bad boy said as they rushed into their cars and drove off.

” Mum,mum.. where are you” Rado asked looking for his mum with his hands.

” Son..son..son.. I’m over here, please come help me the baby is almost out,I don’t have much time left” Vanessa managed to say with blood all over her mouth.

” Mum.. please stay with me.. I’ll find you now” Rado said crawling on the ground to his mum.

Suddenly they heard footsteps.

” Mum..mum did you hear that?” Rado asked.

” Yes..yes..I..did…I.. heard footsteps…son… people don’t often come to this side of the beach…son please be may be some dangerous animal ” Vanessa managed to say.

Rado reached his mum and hugged her tightly.

” Son.. bring your hands bellow to hold the baby if I deliver ” Vanessa whispered.

” Okay mummy,my hands are ready ” Rado whispered back.

” Should I push harder son?” Vanessa asked in pains with blood all over her mouth.

” Yes mother… please push harder.. I’m here for you mummy” Rado said blindly.

Suddenly they heard someone saying.

” You need help?” A little girl asked.


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