You Gotta Be Rich


Ayomide Lawal


DRMR HIGH SCHOOL is a school for the rich and prominent ones, you can’t easily see a poor students there except they are there by scholarship but they don’t have enough say in the school because they are commoners. Commoners are always the victim of bullying since they are from poor backgrounds and are not prominent.
There are 4 people who made up the school, namely: Derek, Rox, Mikel, and Roland and they are called D4.
Derek, the leader of the D4 is the most handsome and richest of all. He has a sister called Ava, she lives with their single mother since his father died. His mother(Mrs. Scott)is a very big woman with lots of big companies owned by her.
Rox, he’s the baddest of them all, he’s a sex God and he goes under anything in a skirt, his parents are also rich and popular in society.
Mikel, he’s the only serious and most brilliant of them all and he falls in love easily, he’s the youngest of them all. His parent is also prominent in the society.
Roland, he’s just actually like Rox, he also fucks around with girls but he’s brilliant. His father is part of the politicians but his mom is no more.
That is all about the D4 and again they live together in a mansion called DRMR Mansion but other students live in the school hostel.
Ciara, she’s the baddie of DRMR HIGH SCHOOL and her girlfriend to Derek. She has two friends called Ronny and Cardi and they are called Sexie, they all have sexy bodies and are very beautiful but they bully the commoners because of their position in the school and status.

Rhea is a very beautiful girl but from a poor background and is not privileged to attend her dream school(DRMR HIGH SCHOOL). Her father died when she was just a year old and she’s only left with her mother. She is involved in all sorts of jobs just to survive and then something happened that brought her to her dream school, Guess what?





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