Two ladies; Ini and Amarachi are childhood friends whose friendship had stood the test of time. They triumphed over every situation that tried to tear them apart and their bond kept growing stronger. These friends met frank, kelvin, and bode who were also best of friends and flatmates.
The friendship between and within the two parties seemed perfect until Bola came in. Frank fell in love with Amarachi who choose her boss, Dennis over him. Ini got along with Kelvin and they started a relationship.
Things got complicated, Bola got involved with frank. Frank caught Kelvin backstabbing him, Ini discovers Amarachi to be a deceiver through a very close source.
The struggle begins, one of the guys get killed in the struggle, strong evidence proves that he was murdered by his friend and accompanied by one of the girls. The action starts. Serious investigations are carried out by inspectors Helen and Uche and it leads to the loss of more lives.

Ebook contains Inseparable by Oluwatosin Oyinloye (Oyin Young).

Number of pages – 399

This is the official release of the unedited copy. If you find any other copy elsewhere, its illegal. You can report to [email protected]


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