My name is Jonas Listowel, the only son of Mr Listowel who is the founder of AirClark cosmetics Company. The cosmetics production Company is the largest and most popular in the world. My father died at the age of 65 leaving the company behind for 22 years old me to control it.


At first, working as the boss of people who were older than me seemed difficult for me but I got acquainted with it. Unknowingly, I fell in love with a girl I was supposed to hate (Gina). I disguise myself as a poor boy and proposed to her, surprisingly, she accepted my proposal in good faith. She was a lead model in an advertising agency.


Tragically, we got poisoned by my maid and we died. Mysteriously, I woke up from the dead but in a different body. And am out for revenge.







Jonas ran into his father’s bedroom only to meet the old man holding his stomach and yelling in pain. “Dad!! Dad!! What’s wrong?”


“M.y so. son, m.y. s.o.n” Mr Listowel said weakly. “My time is up and am joining your mom in paradise, I b.e.g you don’t ruin my re.pu.ta.ti.on. I have the company and everything in your name, look for a good lawyer and claim it for yourself” The statement cut short as Mr Listowel slowly released his stomach as life run out of him.


“Noooo!!!!!!!!! nooooooo!!!!! Dad, Don’t leave me alone in this cruel world!!!” Jonas cried loudly at the top of his voice and collapsed to the floor.









Jonas opened his eyes to a white ceiling, at first he had a blurry sight so he remained calm till his sight got clearer before he realized where he was. A nurse walked into the room with a clipboard and pen, there was a white sheet on the clipboard.


“Good morning sir” The nurse greeted standing beside the bed. Jonas didn’t reply but rather glared at her. “I think you are confused, you collapsed at your house and the gateman brought you here”


“So how long have I been here?” Jonas asked


“Two days” The nurse answered and Jonas jumped out of the bed making the drip disconnect forcefully. “Two f****ng days!!!” He yelled.


“So where is my father? Didn’t they bring him here too!!?” Jonas asked panting seriously.


“Calm down Jonas, Mr. Listowel was dead even before the gateman got here. Your father is in the mortuary now and the gateman is still in the police custody answering questions.


“Lead me to the mortuary,” Jonas said to the nurse.






It’s been one week since the death of Mr Listowel and Jonas has been indoors always, no going out and no going to school. He is always with his MacBook laptop investigating something important to him.


“Dangle, Dangle” The doorbell rang loudly distracting Jonas. He lazily walked towards the large flat-screen TV on the wall, pressed some Keys on the remote control and the screen went blank for some seconds before coming back on with three men standing in Infront of the gate, each one of them having a folder in his hand. He watched without moving till the one in Infront clicked on the doorbell again and faced the camera. Jonas went to his drawer and pick a pistol and a nose mask, he checked the gun’s cartridge and hid it behind his belt, putting on the nose mask before going out to the door.


“Good morning sirs” Jonas greeted after opening the gate.


“Morning Mr Jonas, we are from the central bank and we are here to give you some details on your father’s property,” The one in Infront said


“You can come in,” Jonas said politely taking the lead into the house.





“So what do I offer you?” Jonas asked politely after offering them a chair (couch)


“Water will do” The same guy replied. Jonas shut down the laptop and closed it before getting out of the hall to the kitchen.


“This house is damn huge and nice” One of the guys whispered in admiration and the leader quickly shot him a dangerous glare.


“We came here with a purpose so don’t say something that does not correlate with our purpose here,” The leader said looking towards Jonas.


Jonas walked over to the center table and placed a trolley containing a bottle of water and three drinking glasses. “So please what did you say your names were?”


“Am Jerry, this is Rauf and that’s Jude” The leader answered picking up the glass of water.


“To what do I owe this visit?” Jonas asked again


“Our mission here is very simple, as I said earlier we are from the central bank and we have a little explanation for you regarding your father’s properties,” Jerry said


“So what about that?” Jonas asked


Jerry brought out a white paper from his folder and handed it over to Jonas. Jonas buried his head in the paper for a while before raising his head up.


“Is that all?” Jonas asked and Jerry brought out another paper and handed It to him. He read what was on that paper too for a while before finally looking Jerry in the eyes. “Why should I believe this?”


“The signature below, is that of your dad so it means he accepted it himself” Jerry answered


“But signatures can be forged?” Jonas answered shocking the trio. How the hell does a twenty-two years old boy have such great knowledge?


“yes that’s true, Signatures can be forged but do you really think the central bank will want to forge your dad’s signature just to take his properties from you?” Jerry asked


“In a world like this, What you trust is what kills you. So I don’t trust anyone not even Jesus” Jonas replied.


Jerry brought out his ID card and showed it to Jonas.


“I have seen the card already, am not saying you are not from the central bank, what am saying is that the central bank can collect such a contract and dupe me off the properties,” Jonas said after looking at the card. Jerry was amazed by the courage but hid it.


“Then I think we have to invite you to court?” Jerry said standing up and stretching his hand for a handshake.


“Yh I will gladly accept your invitation” Jonas answered reciprocating the handshake.


“See you again in court,” Jerry said after Jude and Rauf also shook hands with Jonas. Jonas escorted the trio outside the house and locked his gate before returning back to the living room, he walked over to the switch on the wall and turned the lights off leaving the room in complete darkness with no trace of light. He fixed his gaze on the portion of the couch where the trio sat, he watched for 40 seconds before seeing a red light flash. He watched for another 40 seconds Before the red light flashed again. He carefully scanned through all angles in the room but no red light flashed again. He spotted his Versace top hanging at the far end of the couch, he rushed there and threw it on the side of the couch where the red light flashes before turning the light back on.







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