A Night With Him



Zeemah writes ?

?Chapter 1



Was there anything less dignified than searching for your underwear” Irene cursed under her breath.

She picked the man’s pants and gave it a little shake.


She dropped to her knees and looked under the bed.

No sign of her underwear.

She was beginning to sweat and couldn’t look up to the man seated on the bed.

He’s so different from the other guys she had spent the night with.

He gave her more than her normal pay and the sex was just too good.

Is it because he’s so good looking?

She never enjoyed having sex with different men and sometimes cry while they were at it but this is just different.


“If you’re looking for these?” Irene heard the handsome man said.

She looked up to see him dangling her panties from one finger to the other.


“Like seriously!” She bit her lower lip and shot him a glare.

She jerked it from his hand and he gave an annoying chuckle.


“He didn’t smile nor grin yesternight and now he just chuckled.

Even if he looked more cute while chuckling,to hell with him for mocking me” Irene thought as she got on her feet.

She tightened her hold on the towel around her body and started walking towards the bathroom.


“Wait” She heard the man said.

She stopped and turned to look at him.

“Take this” He said stretching what seems like a business card to her.

She walked to him but didn’t take it.


“You want me to be your personal sex partner? No!” Irene shook her head.

“Don’t think I’m doing this cause i enjoy doing it. It’s just because i don’t have a choice!” She added,tears building up in her eyes.


She always hate the fact that she cries easily.


“Hey! You should listen to what i have for you before jumping into conclusion” The man said calmly.

“I don’t want anything from you, i know you paid me more than you’re supposed to but i…” Irene was saying but stopped when she heard the man’s next word.


“I need a nanny for my daughter and i want you to apply for it” He said leaving her in three seconds shock.


A nanny?

For his daughter?


He has a child already?



Who would want a sex worker as a nanny for his daughter?

This sounds crazy!


“I..i why do you want me as your daughter’s nanny?” Irene asked not sure of the shock she’s recovering from.

Is it the shock that he already has a child or the shock of him wanting a sex worker as his daughter’s nanny.

“I just want you as my daughter’s nanny” He shrugged like it’s nothing but she know deeply that there’s something behind it.


What if he wants to harm her.


“I’m not interested!” She said sternly before walking into the bathroom.




Irene walked out of the bathroom fully dressed and was not surprised when she found the creepy man gone.

He must have figured out that she know of his plan.


“What if i had fell for it” She said shuddering at the thought..


Well..Madam Persephone would not give her to a dangerous man.


She picked her bag and hurried out of the room without looking back.


She got downstairs where the bar was situated and sighted Madam Perse from afar.

She walked towards the pretty woman who was in her early fifties, her short curly hair was dyed gold and her face was all made up,her lips shone with the red lip gloss she applied.

Her tight gown was made of leather which has tiny sparkle all over it,her shoes blinked also.

She dresses that way every single day and if you don’t know her well enough, you’ll never know she’s a fifty plus woman.

She looks far younger than her age.


Every step she took brought attention to her and everyone drinking in the bar knew she was the owner of the bar and brothel.


With her appearance,one will think she’s a stern woman but she’s so nice and down to earth.

She treats her customers right which always make her bar full to the brim.


“Irene” She smiled widely as she saw Irene approaching her.


Among her sex workers, she has a special liking for Irene,she knows Irene doesn’t like the job but she needs all the financial help she can get and that’s why she only calls for Irene when there are influential people around.


“Madam Perse” Irene said.

“Do you need a drink?” Madam Perse asked.


” So..how was it?” She asked with a little smile, knowing the lady is always unhappy after the job.

If only she has the degree to get a more decent job.


“He gave me much more than my pay” Irene said.

“I knew it! Harold Marshall is an influential man and i felt so honored to have him in my bar last night. He also gave me more than we bargained” Madam Perse laughed happily.


“Harold Marshall?” Irene thought, knowing the name ring a bell but she shrugged it off .

“But, he’s kind of creepy” Irene thought.

“No he’s not. You only think so” Madam Perse assured Irene who still wore a worried look.


“Is anything wrong? Did he do something to you?” Madam Perse asked.

“No..but,” Irene was saying but was interrupted when Madam Perse was called.

“We’ll talk over the phone honey” Madam Perse said before hurrying away.


Irene sighed and started walking out of the bar ignoring the men hungry gaze on her body.




Irene alighted from the cab in front of her house and paid the cabman.

She opened the gate and walked into the compound.

She started heading to her apartment but stopped when she saw a teenage girl walk out of her door, slamming it hard.

She knew the girl is a student in her younger brother’s school.


The girl walked past her and it was then Irene noticed the pretty girl was in tears.


“Again!” Irene thought furiously knowing her younger brother was a Playboy.


“What the hell is wrong with Damien!” Irene thought furiously and turned to comfort the girl but she already walked out of the gate.

She rubbed her forehead and bit her lips angrily before walking into the house.


“Hey sis” Damien said bending to pick his sis on the cheeks.

“f**k off” Irene said walking to the kitchen to get a glass cup of water.

“Ouch” Damien groaned.


“Irene what was that huh?” He asked also walking to the kitchen.


Irene opened the fridge and brought out a chilled bottle of water.

“Irene!” Damien pout.

She grabbed a glass cup and poured herself some water still ignoring him.


She gulped it down her throat while Damien watched her.


He knew the job she was doing and knew she was doing it just for his sake and their stepmother’s.

Anytime she comes back looking tired, he pities her and feels pure rage for himself.

If it wasn’t for him, his sis wouldn’t engage in such job.


But she wouldn’t even allow him to work,even if it’s a part time job.

She insists on providing everything and he knows it’s not easy.

If only their parents aren’t dead.

If only their stepmother never had that accident while she was doing different jobs just to feed them.

Now everything is on Irene alone.


“Hey Dam!” Irene called.

“I thought you were ignoring me ” Damien said.

“I was until i saw you were lost in thought” Irene rolled her eyes.

“Ohh” Damien scratched his hair.

“Are you probably thinking about the girl that left here in tears?” Irene asked.

“Ohh…you mean reiya?” Damien asked.

“I don’t care what her name is. Dam! This will be the thirtieth time a girl will walk out of this apartment in tears!”


“Thirtieth? C’mon sis. You exaggerate so much. It’s not even up to twenty times. It should be the eighteenth time or so” Damien said.


“You think it’s a good thing to make a girl cry? Damien! I knew what you did to Harris when he made me cry. You almost killed him”

“Well that guy was a mother******” Damien said remembering the incidence which made him feel like punching Harris all over again.


“And you’re?” Irene asked.

“Okay sis, I’ll change” Damien said.

“You’re always saying that and you keep repeating the same thing”

“I also want to change! But they keep coming to me! And..i can’t resist” Damien said putting in place the strand of hair that fell on his forehead.


Irene stared at her younger brother and wished he wasn’t this good looking.

He’s right!

They keep coming to him.

Girls flock around Damien like flies,even those older than him.


His beautifully crafted face is just so perfect,he has a narrow straight nose and his huge eyes were so blue against his smooth chocolate skin,he has chiseled features and he’s tall and powerfully built for a seventeen years old high school student.

He always stood out among others.

And most of all he’s freaking intelligent, always getting a gold medal at the end of each term.

No one has been able to beat his intelligence and that brought more eyes on him.


Irene is determined he won’t drop out of school just like she did.

She made a promise to herself to make sure Damien completes his education and get his degree.

She loves her younger brother so much.


“Dam! You’re still young for all these” Irene said .

“I’m seventeen!”

“But still an high school student and you clocked seventeen two days ago”

“That doesn’t make me less seventeen. I’m seventeen Irene.”

“Whatever! Where’s mum?” Irene asked.

“She’s taking a nap”

“Okay” Irene picked her bag on the kitchen counter and also the half bottle of water before walking out of the kitchen.


“C’mon sis, are you pissed?” Damien called after her.

“Of course” Irene answered.

“Okay, i promise to change” Damien said.

“I’ve heard that more than a hundred times”

“I will this time. I promise”

“Whatever” Irene said opening the door to her room.


“I got you some chocolate chip cookies” Damien said.

“Really?” Irene asked.

“Yeah” Damien smiled knowing how much his sister likes them.

“Okay, I’m not pissed with you any longer, come into my room when you’re done putting the glass cup in place”




Irene walked into her room and dropped her bag on the bed before searching her drawer for contraceptive.

She took two pills and gulped it down with water.


“Don’t think you can keep making girls cry and then bribe me with chocolate chip cookies so i won’t reprimand you ” Irene said with her mouth full of the cookies.


Damien laughed.


“Irene no one can can bribe you into doing what you don’t want to. I know you that well”

“Good for you” Irene said still chewing her cookies with delight.

“So what did you got for me?” Damien said searching her bag.


“I wasn’t really in my right frame of mind when coming home” Irene said.

“Why? And what’s this? Who owns this?” Damien asked making Irene turn to him.

“What’s that?” She asked not clearly seeing what’s in his hand.


“It’s a card, i found it in your bag” Damien said.

“Card? Wait…you mean card?” Irene eyes widened as she grabbed the card from him.



That creepy man slipped the card in her bag.


What the hell!


Now he seems more creepy.


“What’s wrong?” Damien asked..

“T..his creepy man just asked me to be his daughter’s nanny out of the blue” Irene said reading the information on the card.

Just his name and contact with email address.


” A nanny? Who is he? I don’t really understand”

“Well…i spent the night with him”

“Ohh but being a nanny is more decent than…”

“I know” Irene interrupted him.

“So why don’t you opt for it or is the pay little?”

“No but who would want a..who would want me as their daughter’s nanny?”


“Is that why you said he’s creepy?”

“Well..yes and slipping the card in my bag when i clearly rejected his offer made him more creepy”

“You should gather information first about whomever you want to be spending the night with. What’s his name”

“It’s here, didn’t you see it?” Irene said stretching the card back to Damien.


“You grabbed the card from me before i could comprehend what’s on it.” Damien said taking the card from Irene.


“Harold Marshall!!” He suddenly screamed, startling Irene who immediately got on her feet.

“Is he a serial killer?” She asked starting to tremble in fear while Damien started laughing hard.


“This guy is a billionaire and a great philanthropist. He’s my role model.” Damien finally said after much laughter.

“What!” Irene exclaimed .

“Yes, don’t you know him?” Damien asked.

“I also thought the name rang a bell” Irene said, breathing out in relief.

She sat back on the bed.


“Like, he’s the one you spent the night with?”

“Yes ”

“Wow! You’re so lucky nowadays. Didn’t you spent the night with Ethan Weston two days ago?” Damien asked.


Ethan Weston is another billionaire but she knew him immediately she saw him cause he’s always on the papers flaunting his money and doing things that attract attention.

Almost everyone knows Ethan Weston.


He had treated her like a mere sex worker.

Well… isn’t that was she is?


But Harold Marshall had treated her so differently.



“Harold Marshall asked you to be his daughter’s nanny and you refused. Well..I’m sure you don’t know him well enough. Where’s your laptop?”

“On the drawer” Irene said.






NAME~~Harold Marshall…

CITY~~San Francisco.

AGE~~ 29.

PARENTS~~Harold, Caroline.

~~Harold, Travis (retired business mogul)


DEGREE~~Bachelor of science in finance accounting, Washington University.

JOB~~CEO in all Marshall companies.

HOBBIES~~Working, reading beside the fireplace.



“Ohh..he’s divorced and that’s why he wants a nanny for his daughter” Irene said aloud staring at the hot pics of Harold beneath the personal information.


He’s incredibly dashing.


“Of course,so i guess you’ll consider his offer. You’re really lucky Irene. So many people are looking for this opportunity” Damien said.

” And that’s exactly why I’ll turn down the offer. He’s a billionaire who can get whatever he wants, he can get the best nanny in the country yet he chose me. A sex worker? Why? Don’t you think there’s a motive behind it”

“He just wants to help you Irene”

“Help me? He already helped me by paying thrice my normal pay”


“C’mon Irene just go for it”



“I’ll not! Now go thrash the card” Irene said putting off her laptop.


“No further argument!” Irene half yelled.

“Okay” Damien said slowly before walking out of the room with the card in his hand.


Irene pulled the blanket over her body and sighed.


____?Next morning ?____


It’s a Saturday!


Irene and Damien move about the house cleaning and washing after serving their stepmother breakfast.

Irene cleaned the living room while Damien cleaned the kitchen.


The doorbell rang twice and Irene quickly walked to the door to get it, thinking it was one of their neighbors.

She opened the door and was a bit surprised to see two huge men putting on a well tailored suit with black eye glass.

They looked scary.


“Good morning” Their thick voices echoed.

Irene shifted back a bit.

“Wrong address” She said about closing the door.

“Are you Miss Irene Noris?” One of the guys asked.

“Y..yes” She replied.

“Okay, are you ready to leave now?”

“Leave? To where” Irene asked puzzled.


“Mr Harold Marshall’s building, you called yesterday to accept the job offer and said you’ll be ready before 10am in the morning. This is 10:01am already” one of the guys said and the second guy also spoke up before Irene could comprehend what the first guy had said.

” And you gave Mr Harold your home address”


“What the hell are you saying? I never called! I never said I’ll be ready before any freaking 10am in the morning! I never gave Mr Harold my home address! I never did any of that, i even thrashed the ca…” Irene was yelling when she realised she didn’t thrash the card herself.


Could Damien…


“Damien!!!” She yelled so loud that her throat hurt before rushing back into the house.




How was the start???



  1. Very interesting and breathtaking… I'm sure Damien did all of that.
    The death of a loved one ( s ) is an inevitable event that leaves such a painful scars behind.

    1. Can I use this story for movie play please I need a reply cuz I wanna script it as a movie script and get it acted

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