5 Things That Chases Your Crush Away

For most people and most times, the reason they develop a crush on another person is the beauty or handsomeness of that person but sometimes, it could just be the way the person speaks, walks, or acts. For example, a colleague may have a crush on another colleague at work because of the effectiveness or excellency with which the other colleague carries out his job.

Now when we have a crush on someone, the next thing is that we begin to long to get closer to the person. Even though some of us try to hide our desire for the person, there are still some signs which will be visible when we’re observed.

Now even though we long to get closer to the person we have a crush on, there are some things we might be doing or that we might do that will drive the person farther away from us.  I explained some of them below.

1. Being Unfriendly to others.

Nobody wants to become friends with someone who doesn’t value friendship. If your crush sees that you do not treat others well or that you easily fall out with others, it might make the person want to stay away from you. Even if you try hard to be friendly to the person individually, he or she will still not find it easy to be friends with you because they will feel you will treat them as you treat the others one day. So treat everybody well and be friendly to everyone.

2. Being hostile in your attempt to play hard to get.

This is quite particular to ladies. When you become hostile to them in your attempt to make them feel you’re not easy to get or cheap, it may drive them away easily. Especially those who value their feelings and always try to protect themselves from being hurt, they might never even come back to you. But when you notice a person coming to you persistently even after you’re being very hostile, be careful of that person; he may just be desperate to have a taste of you to satisfy his lust.

3. When you’re always flirting with the opposite sex.

When the person you crush on always sees you around the opposite sex flirting around them or allowing them to touch you at sensitive parts or you touching them, it will make him or her want to stay distant from you. Some people don’t like competition and may feel like they don’t stand a chance amongst your several friends or they may even take you as cheap or lose interest in you.

4. Your lifestyle

You might not really be able to change this just to please someone who is your crush but I’ve just listed it because it’s also one of the factors. Your lifestyle definitely cannot match everybody else’s. You might just be someone who likes partying, clubbing, drinking, or whatever but your crush may just be the opposite of this. You might find it hard to be close friends with the person because your interests may never be the same.

5. Your personality/ character

There might just be some things in your character or behavior that will stop your crush from wanting to come close to you. Examples of such behaviors include; pride, snobbishness, manner of speech, restlessness etc. Just imagine this; you meet a person who likes to use insultive words a lot, would you like for him or her to use abusive words while talking to you or someone else when you’re with your friends?

So, make the necessary changes today it’s not only for your crush, but it’ll help you make and keep important friends.





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