Tarasha Season Two

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Tarasha Season 2 : The Return For Revenge
Tarasha returns to get the blood of all those involved in her brother’s death but she is unaware of Rex’s presence, the assassin from the Villary Clan.
Her mum’s diary reveals more secrets but blood stains from Jefa’s murder covers some names. She tries to link some cases but with Rex tailing her, it becomes a difficult job. 
She then comes in direct battle with Rex who is as trained as she is. It is the greatest battle of her life, the country is thrown into confusion as these assassins come against each other, spilling the blood of several other top government officials.  
With Rex coming for her life and Henry trying to make her stop the death toll, how will she win this battle? 

Ebook contains the complete Season Tarasha of Tarasha by Oluwatosin Oyinloye (Oyin Young).

Number of pages – 2054

This is the official release of the unedited copy. If you find any other copy elsewhere, its illegal. You can report to

3 reviews for Tarasha Season Two

  1. Dan favourer

    Nice one

  2. why me


  3. Rare diamond

    One of the best stories ever

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