People say life is harsh, many others believe it isn’t a bed of roses; mine is quite different. Being a 25 years old lady in a country where job opportunity is scarce, leaving the unemployed to roam around the street with CVs, or go about menial jobs is really devastating.

As a freelancer, my life depends on the stipends I earn from the online jobs I do, mainly graphic designing/photography for clients, which isn’t enough to fend for my needs, or that of my ageing mother. Getting a client to work and earning a contract is more like a difficult job to do, not to talk off getting one with a good pay.

Most times, I feel like I’m trapped in a whirlwind of commitment; caught in the web of my job and caring for my mum. I do feel exhausted, having a sense of hopelessness or anxiety of making mistakes whenever I take up a job. As an aspiring Photographer, many people barely value my works, badmouthing it as bad quality , which is devastating. I love photography as a career, but it seems to be taking a backseat.

On an unfortunate day, I got a call from my mum’s neighbor, claiming that my mum got involved in an accident which result to broken hips, due to a serious fall and is being hospitalized.

Over the weeks, i juggled my mother’s care with my career, feeling like I was being pulled in a million different directions. I barely had time to sleep, let alone create art. I was beginning to feel the urge to give up, but stumbled upon an article made by a renowned artist known for making portraits relating to lives of people. I got inspired, read more about his works, which gave me an insight of taking my career towards a new dimension.

First, I was invited to exhibit my work at a local gallery, which was a huge success, as people began to recognize my work. But the biggest reward was the feeling of fulfillment that came with using my art to make positive impact in people’s lives, and make something out of challenging circumstances.


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