The Lycan’s Reincarnated Mate

(In Search Of His Mate For 2,000 Years)

The Lycan’s Reincarnated Mate

(In Search Of His Mate For 2,000 Years)

Written By Uche Lawrence
Youngicee stories


999 years ago

The Lycan king knelt down beside his mate and carried her up gently. He growled and howled like a wounded wolf. His mate has been killed by wolf hunters. He looked behind him and saw the bones and flesh of the humans he tore apart.

Humans, gods, goddesses, elves, and other non-humans live together peacefully but some humans choose to be bad hunters. The king ruled them all.

He buried his mate at the festival of Mahan, a big celebration for everyone to ask for a wish and it will be granted. And he asked for a wish which was granted. A god told him he will be shocked but be patient.

The lycan king was to live long and young till he see his reincarnated mate and after three months when he finally sees his mate by the wolf mark on her neck, he will die.

Present Day,

Two soldiers came down from their car and walked straight into the palace.

“My king, I brought a soldier to be your bodyguard. I hope you will be satisfied?” Henry from the U.S.A army said, on one knee and bowed.

King Lucien raised his head up and looked at the boy Henry brought. “This small boy?” He tilted his head, dropping the magazine he was reading and got up. “Are you a wolf? And you look girlish.” He told the boy.

“No, my king. I’m a human and….a boy”

The king already got close to them in a swift. He didn’t know why but he found himself turning his eyes to the boy’s neck and saw…….. the mark?!

King Lucien’s eyes glowed and his heart began to ache all of a sudden. His mate. He found her. He did be searching for her for 2000 years and now, she reincarnated as a man?

He was confused and shocked. His mate is to be his bodyguard. How will he cope with the boy and somehow, his mind told him, this boy is going to be weird and crazy. Not just a soldier. Now, that what he wished for has finally come to pass, he will die in three months’ time. He needs to start preparing for his burial.


Uche Lawrence is back with her mind-blowing thriller after she left for ages.

Anticipate this new book, every word here is worth a read.
Officially starts on 01-02-2022


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