After Dusk

My fallen angel

(My fallen angel)

By, Ariel Mirabel




Brittany Rodriguez..

That name is popular all around Mexico. Brittany Rodriguez is a well known model, number one in their country with a pretty face, killer body. Her face is almost on every magazine, ever news paper.

People adore her, they literally worship her.. She’s their idol, their favorite.

All these popularity was supposed to get into her head but no, Brittany isn’t like that. She’s sweet, adorable and kind.. maybe too kind

Unfortunately Brittany’s mother ded in a car accident when Brittany was just 6 so her father, Oliver got married to his mistress with whom he had a daughter with, same age as Brittany but younger.

Valerie is Brittany’s step sister, few months younger than Brittany. She’s an epitome of beauty too but she’s a pest and also very rude and arrogant.

Brittany has a fiance, they both love each other just so much but little did she know that all what she had was vanity.

How will Brittany react when she loses everything she held dear. Her family, her career, the love of her life… All that just within a blink of an eye.

Wanna know what actually happened? Then follow up for this enticing story I bet you won’t wanna miss out!!

Tags: Office romance, jealousy, hatred, love triangle, s*x, action, billionaire romance, marriage




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