Melting Him

His personal maid

(His personal maid)

Genre: Romance

Tags: Dramas, hatred, love triangles, jealousy, love, Romance, revenge, unrequited love, deaths, rivalry, betrayal

By: Ayomide Lawal. F



Skylar Greene lived a comfortable life with her parent’s elder brother, Cotton.

They came from a rich family and their father owns a company which has been going smoothly until when an unfortunate event took place.

Skylar lost her parents in a plane crash at the age of 13 and to make things worse, everything that is owned by their parents was taken away from them by their wicked uncle and even the company leaving them with nothing and making them live in abject poverty since no help from anyone.

Cotton then developed cancer and because there was no money to treat it, he died leaving Skylar alone to look after herself.

Ryan Reyes, that’s the name.

The only son of Mr&Mrs Reyes and heir to Reyes Group of the company(RGC).

He is very rude and arrogant but that was overlooked because he is cute and attractive and girls drool over him.

He is also a bad boy who drinks and smokes much to his parent’s dismay.

There is no one to control him since his parents are very busy people.

They then decided to get him a personal maid, find out more as you read…



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