( Addicted To You... )

( Addicted To You… )

THEME: Love’s Sweet Melody

GENRE: Romance

Tags: College Romance, Musical, Love Triangles, Playboys, S£x, Mysteries, Deep Secrets, Unrequited Love, Heartbreak, Comedy, Families, Crimes, Suspense.

By, Ariel Mirabel


ANGELO RODRIGUEZ… Just like his name depicts has an angel-like feature. Long silky hair, perfectly sculpted nose, sharp jawline, s*xy pink lips, tall and an athletic body but mostly importantly he’s a playboy, yes.. A big time playboy.

He’s the only child to the Rodriguez, a wealthy family who owns a very big conglomerate with various branches located in different parts of the world.

Girls would literally do anything to be the owner of his heart but he doesn’t do love, he’ll rather f*ck all the p**sies in the world than to have anything to do with love..

Then everything took a huge turn when Harmony arrived.

Harmony is a very cute girl of 19 who grew up in an orphanage managed by nuns. It being a religious orphanage, she grew up to being a devoted christian who doesn’t know any bad thing about the world.

Then one day her dream came true and she got adopted into a loving family.

What will happen when she starts attending SUNNYSIDE COLLEGE, one of the most popular college in the town.

What will happen when the beginning of her new life will reveal so many secret about her life, secrets she didn’t knew existed.

Most importantly, what will happen when playboy meets innocent, two people from opposite world and perspective

Sounds intriguing and a little bit crazy right? 😏

Hop on board as we sail through this sweet and fun ride 😍✨


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