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✍️By authoress Mfoniso

Settings : Spanish / African Romance

Tags ☠️: Office romance, love , Hot , Erotic , friendship , billionaire , Fake girlfriend .

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Hidden Pleasure


Sinfully handsome Spanish Billionaire .

Leonardo Delgado , Calm , Confident ,Rich and classy. Listed as the one of the most successful young billionaires in the world, Leo has the world’s attention.

Everything seems fine in his own little world but what happens when he is constantly pushed to get married by his mother who has sworn to tie him down before his 30th birthday?

Walking in on his girlfriend of two years naked in bed with his Step brother, Leo wants nothing to do with commitments and relationships.

What happens when he’s put in a situation where he might need the help of someone he never noticed?


Twenty five years old sweet beautiful South African Nigerian Lady .

Born to a South African father and Nigerian mother Imani is raised to meet the standards of the African society , go to school , get a job be successful and of course get married .

Things go wrong when she’s almost 26 and there’s no chances of her getting married anytime soon.

With the pressure of marriage coming crazily from her mother who seems to leave no stone unturned , Imani is put in a situation … When her Boss who has never noticed her puts forth a crazy enticing proposal which she can’t seem to ignore .


” Sir ?”

” What don’t you understand miss lerato ? I want you to be my fake girlfriend for a few months ” He said his Spanish accent dripping from each word .

She stared at the tall handsome blue eyed Dev*l in front of her like he suddenly grew horns .

Was this a new tiktok trend or what ? Yeah this is definitely a tiktok trend .

But his next words proved it was far from a tiktok trend .

” I’m willing to pay any amount” he said and her jaws literally dropped.

” Sweet baby Jesus ” she cursed under her breath .





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