The Perfect One

Lovestruck with you

( Lovestruck
with you…)

By, Bloom H.

Warning ⚠️ : DON’T PLAGIARIZE!

Genre: Romance and Comedy

Tags: CEO/Billionaire, Drama, Friendship, S£X, Unrequited Love, Hate, Jealousy, Family, Suspense, Foul Language


Meet best friends; Sierra Davies, Presley Martinez, and Chloe Flair. They’re so tight with each other that people think they’re somehow related.

Each with different personalities; While Sierra is the naughty, carefree and sarcastic one, Presley is sassy, she’s always ready for a fight. Chloe is the softie amongst them though she has quite a temper

Attached to that, they’re breathtakingly gorgeous and can easily attract a lot of sexy and hot guys.

They’re working class ladies living a fair life, they can afford almost anything they want.

Most ladies envy them while others wish to be like them..

But, luck is far when it comes to their romantic relationships. It’s either they get cheated on or dumped for virtually no reason


All they want is PERFECT partners, and a relationship that wouldn’t end for anything. It’s a simple wish…

But will these fun loving ladies be able to find their Mr. Perfect?


Will their theory of perfection in a man be what they get in the end?

Find out 💋

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