Trapped in love

(Trapped in love…) 

GENRE; College Romance

Tags; Bets, love, dramas, romance, s£x,hatreds, college

THEME; Strong desire

By, Mide L.


June Miller.

Let me introduce her to you.

She’s the last daughter of the richest man in Texas, she ain’t a spoilt brat and believe me when I say she’s humble to the core

She’s very beautiful and has a lot of admirers but she ain’t get time for those sh*t,she’s really the type that plays hard to get

Ryder Garcia.

A handsome young guy who happens to attend the same college as June,he’s part of her admirers and he so badly wanna have her on his bed and hear her scream his name

One day, he went to meet her to profess his feelings to her but June being June rejected him and he felt really embarrassed since almost everyone was watching

He then vowed to himself that he’s going to make her fall in love with him and then crush her heart afterwards,he told his friends about this but they told him it’s not possible and that was what made him to make a BET

Will he succeed in making her fall for him?

Or will he fail?

What if he falls in love with her along the line?

How do you think June will feel when she found that it’s just a bet?

Why don’t you come with me on this fun ride to know?😏

Grab your popcorn and enjoy 😎


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