Forever Mine

Hooked On Your Love

(Hooked On Your Love…)

By, Ariel Mirabel
Genre: Romance


Tags: High school romance, musical, suspense thriller, jealousy, love at first sight, sx, mystery, love triangle, arranged marriage, office romance and many more…


STAR BRIGHT ACADEMY. One of the most prestigious schools in California. Most of the important personalities in California have their children schooling there, making it a school mostly for the rich.

The poor also are given a chance to attend this school through scholarships and that makes them an easy target for richer kids to bully.

Among those bullies is Arianna.

Arianna Brauns is none other than the only daughter of governor Brauns.

Petite figure, long inky black hair, and a cute adorable face but don’t let her physique deceive you.

She’s rude, proud, arrogant, petty, short-tempered…just name it. She rules the school with an iron fist.

What will happen when he gets into the school and shockingly is the only person who isn’t scared of her.

It’s instead the contrary.

Who’s this he??

A little bit of romance in it won’t hurt right??

Join me on this fun and crzy ride!!

Don’t miss out…

Starts 25/03/2023


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