Never Been Kissed 4

Never Been Kissed by Daisie Sam

Chapter 4

The disappointment lingered on Amelia’s walk home. The near- kiss, the stolen moment of connection, all evaporated with the arrival of Ethan’s friends. Back in her room, she stared at the silver locket, its inscription now a cruel reminder of the unfulfilled promise of the day.

Monday arrived, shrouded in a cloud of awkwardness. Avoiding Ethan in the crowded hallways proved difficult. When their eyes met, there was a flicker of something unspoken, a shared memory of the interrupted moment. He attempted a smile, but it faltered under her hesitant response.

English class felt like an eternity. Partnered for the sonnet presentation, they sat in a tense silence. Ethan seemed distracted, his usual playful demeanor replaced by a furrowed brow. Amelia couldn’t tell if he was embarrassed, annoyed, or simply mirroring her own disappointment.

Finally, it was their turn to present. Standing in front of the class, their voices stumbled over the familiar lines of Sonnet 116. The passion that had colored their previous discussions seemed to have vanished.

Mr. Davies, perceptive as ever, cleared his throat after they finished. “A good effort,” he said, “but something seems lacking. Perhaps a deeper understanding of the emotional core of the sonnet would elevate your interpretation.”

Amelia felt a prickle of heat rise to her cheeks. Mr. Davies was right. Their presentation lacked the spark of genuine connection, the very element they had discovered during their library sessions.

After class, Ethan lingered by her desk. “Hey,” he began, his voice hesitant. “About Saturday…”

Amelia braced herself. Was he apologizing? Offering an explanation for the abrupt ending?

“I, uh,” Ethan stammered, “I’m really sorry about my friends showing up. It wasn’t the way I wanted the day to end.”

Relief washed over Amelia. At least he wasn’t completely oblivious to how the interruption had affected her. “It’s okay,” she mumbled, unsure of what else to say.

Ethan seemed to read her hesitation. “Look,” he continued, his voice gaining confidence, “how about we try this again? No interruptions, just you and me. Maybe we can grab some pizza after school on Friday? We could even discuss Shakespeare, if that’s what makes Mr. Davies happy.”

A genuine smile spread across Amelia’s face. “Pizza sounds good,” she admitted. “No Shakespeare required.”

Ethan grinned back, a familiar spark returning to his eyes. “Great,” he said, a hint of relief in his voice. “See you then, Shakespeare.”

As he walked away, Amelia couldn’t help but feel a flicker of hope rekindle in her chest. Maybe, just maybe, this near miss wasn’t the end of the story. Perhaps it was just a chapter break, leading to a much more interesting second act. The rest of the week flew by in a flurry of anticipation. Amelia found herself paying more attention in English class, her focus shifting from the characters in Shakespeare’s plays to the one sitting across from her.

Friday finally arrived, and with it, a nervous excitement that bubbled in Amelia’s stomach. She spent extra time getting ready, opting for a vibrant sundress that felt both comfortable and stylish. As the final bell rang, her heart pounded a frantic rhythm against her ribs.

There, by the school entrance, leaning against his motorcycle, was Ethan. He wore a casual t-shirt and jeans, but his smile held the same intensity that sent shivers down her spine. “Ready for some pizza, Shakespeare?” he asked, his voice laced with a playful challenge.

Amelia took a deep breath, a newfound confidence blooming within her. “Ready,” she replied, a genuine smile mirrored on her own face. As they rode off on Ethan’s motorcycle, the wind whipping through her hair, Amelia couldn’t help but think that maybe, just maybe, this Friday night held the promise of something more than just pizza.

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