ENTANGLED by Goddy Francis

Entangled – Episode 1

Entangled – Episode 1 A Story By Goddy Francis Well life isn’t the way it seems to be. Most times it’s unfair to others and often times it’s fair to others . Most people are perfect while most times some people aren’t perfect at all, they wished to be perfect. I’m Angelino, a broke guy […]


Adopted – Episode 46

ADOPTED – Episode 46 © Happy William EPILOGUE . Anne . Bright white light….. Was this the end? Has my wish been granted —to go to that place of illumination… of no pains, tears or heartbreak? Was this that place? Everywhere was just white. I blinked to allow my eyes adjust to the vision, and […]

On Trial

On Trial – Episode 15

On Trial – Episode 15 © Onyinyechukwu Mbeledogu Koje’s fingers were clenched into a fist on each side of the arm chair as he wrestled with the anger burning within. ‘Any re-examination,’ Kaira continued, rising to her feet and crossing her desk to approach him. ‘The Prosecution objects to all re-examination questions as there were […]


Restless – Episode 108

Restless – Episode 108 ® 18+ SNVL © Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel FOX Corporation, Bexford, Bethanna. 16:45PM Four executives and three other agents were in the large white room. The executives except for Mark were sitting behind the large table – Agent Sylvanus sitting at the center while Paul and Mensah were sitting each at the […]