One And Only Kiss – Episode 50

One And Only Kiss – Episode 50 © Oyebamiji Samuel Story Continues Theme: Did Bella kiss Owen? Josh’s father welcomed Owen and friends. They all sat down tiredly Josh went inside his room to drop his school bag, he went to the kitchen and prepared drinks for everyone. He served them all respectively “Thanks”Many of […]

ENTANGLED by Goddy Francis

Entangled – Episode 15

Entangled – Episode 15 A Story By Goddy Francis ” Lino isn’t picking my calls.” Skyler lamented. ” What’s up with this lino ?” Bibi asked. ” You won’t understand okay.” Skyler said sitting down. ” Skyler you’re in love ?” Bibi asked. ” We are supposed to be meeting two days ago, what did […]


Restless – Episode 114

Restless – Episode 114 ® 18+ SNVL © Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel FLASHBACK Vincil, Bethanna. The FOX vehicle stopped by the fence of the house. The engine was killed and the head and tail lights went off shortly after. Only the light in the car was left on. Three people were sitting in the vehicle – […]

Left Behind

Left Behind – Episode 5

Left Behind – Episode 5 © Happy William . #Amazon . Harriet’s POV . He was staring at me, with eyes as red as fire. His expression wasn’t pleasant, he was furious at me. ‹What do you want from me?› I asked him with my mind. We were communicating telepathically, without moving our lips. I […]

Left Behind

Left Behind – Episode 4

Left Behind – Episode 4 © Happy William I could see that Jean had began to shake very badly, and that any moment she would scream, drawing the attention of who ever was out there to us. If they haven’t seen us already. “Jean,” I whispered, “We gotta lay low, OK?” She nodded rapidly, still […]