Eruka – Episode 21

ERUKA – Episode 21 (FINALE) By Amah “Come…hurry… hurry up… He rushed up at me. ” here..place your hand here…no…I mean right here.. Can you feel it…can you feel the kick… “No…i can’t feel anything ” oh…she kicked again just before I called you…ooow…another kick… Just now…place your hand right here… “Yeah…oh mine..yea…yea…I can feel […]


Eruka – Episode 19

ERUKA – Episode 19 By Amah Julio called me that afternoon “Ruka I’m back to the house, done and dusted, confirmed and certified Nurse Julio…hahahaha, all thanks to God and to you for making my dream to come true, it was a big task…others pulled out but I pulled through…. “Congratulation Julio, I’m so happy […]


Eruka – Episode 18

ERUKA – Episode 18 By Amah It was a long journey, while I was still inside the bus I started thinking of the whole thing again, I know Mara has always wanted to win by all means, and having a son for Dave which he never mentioned to me was very shocking. Dave was angry […]


Eruka – Episode 17

ERUKA – Episode 17 By Amah I got a call from home, mother was sick, so I needed to travel since Julio was rounding up with school. Dave came back and gave me money to restock the empty slot that Kuma emptied up, i didn’t bother to tell him who was behind it all. I […]


Eruka – Episode 16

ERUKA – Episode 16 By Amah Dave called that evening as usual and with my cold response he could dictate that something was wrong, he asked me if I was alright and I told him I was fine, I wanted to find away to handle this without involving him but I just needed to talk […]

Uncle Rufus

UNCLE RUFUS – Episode 6 (21+)

UNCLE RUFUS 21+ Episode 6 Rufus looked around him at first to see if their are children around him, but the crippled beggar started laughing like someone that is insane “hahaha, fool…!” The beggar cursed Rufus, Rufus Shaked his head and left without looking back to check if the beggar is still in that position. […]


Adopted – Episode 8

ADOPTED – Episode 8 © Happy William . #Casa_del_Salvatore #Italy . Emilio’s POV . Sunset was a perfect view from my window, especially with the palm trees framing it like some ethereal picture. I held a goblet of wine in one hand, while the other was folded across my chest. I took a sip rolling […]