Betrayal – Episode 7

Betrayal – Episode 7 A Story by Jennipher Duru Michael sat down on his bed in the cell, put his face in his palms and stooped down. His heart was filled with all sorts of emotions: fear, anger, frustration and pain. He kept quiet and put his hands in his pocket. He felt something like […]


Betrayal – Episode 5

Betrayal – Episode 5 A Story by Jennipher Duru Michael found it hard to sleep that night. He couldn’t imagine that he had just fought with his childhood best friend. He has never punched anyone in his life. Why did it have to be his best friend and not an enemy? Why couldn’t he control […]


Betrayal – Episode 4

Betrayal – Episode 4 A story by Jennipher Duru Michael was enjoying his relationship with Judith. The two had been seeing each other for close to six months. Michael was gaining more interest in his lover. Judith was also enjoying the love and affection from him. They were spending more time together. Michael was in […]


Betrayal – Episode 3

Betrayal – Episode 3 A story by Jennipher Duru Michael and Judith had ended up becoming very good friends. His 35th birthday was fast approaching and he decided to organize a small party at his house to celebrate the event. He invited Judith, James, Esther and Donald, a new Junior Account that had recently joined […]


Betrayal – Episode 2

Betrayal – Episode 2 A Story By Jennipher Duru It was Monday morning. Michael was getting ready to go for work. “Oh gosh, I hate Monday mornings” he sighed. He sat on his favorite chair as he took his breakfast. At the same time, he was scrolling through his phone on Facebook. Alice, his former […]


Betrayal – Episode 1

Betrayal – Episode 1 A story by Jennipher Duru “9,7,6,5,4,3,2,1…………Hurraaay!! Happy new year” the whole crowd shouted as it clocked midnight. Men and women hugged each other, some popped their champagnes while others opened their bottles of beer and drunk like there was no tomorrow. Ladies on the dancefloor jumped and danced with their miniskirts […]


Restless – Episode 21

Restless – Episode 21 (Helpless Night) ® 18+ SNVL © Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel Location: Bexford City , Bethanna. Date: 28-03-2015 “Kellar, would you stop running around the house?” Sarah shouted for the umpteenth time. It was a Saturday and the little four year old kid was running around and rejoicing after finding out that he […]

I want a home - episode 16
I Want A Home

I Want A Home – Episode 24

I Want A Home – Episode 24 ®18+ SNVL © IRETI ADEDIPE ×××× “No one is here, this building has been evacuated. We search everywhere but found nothing” “Are you sure you did what I told you to do officer?” “Yes sir, all the officers has surrounded the whole building and we even searched the […]