Creative Expression

Growing up I was an avid dreamer. I remember loving to imagine and create in my mind. In fact I had such a deep internal world that I could be in a place and be oblivious of what was said or done around me thus many will label me “non-observant.” I was also very fidgety […]


Corruption – Episode 21

Corruption – Episode 21 © Akoto Alexander Mrs Nortey: Gosh it is my husband, don’t make a sound. Hon. Nii Nortey: Rebecca where the hell are you? Why haven’t you gone for the kids in school? Mrs Nortey: Since when did getting the kids from school become my responsibility? Isn’t it the work of the […]


Restless – Episode 99

Sorry for lack of update guys, I’ve been so busy with work. Restless – Episode 99 ® 18+ SNVL © Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel Ten minutes after 11:16AM Henry had his earpiece plugged in his left ear and a mouthpiece attached to his collar. He was ready to step out of the car even as he […]


Corruption – Episode 16

Corruption – Episode 16 © Akoto Alexander Tv Anchor: Good afternoon to our cherished viewers in the comfort of your homes and offices, sorry for cutting in on the lovely Ghanaian movie you are enjoying. We just had an information that one of the kidnappers behind the kidnapping of some three girls in the Western […]