Betrothed to my Lover’s Brother

He's heartless, she's stubborn


{ He’s heartless, she’s stubborn}


By Chidimma M.



Male leads
Louis Bernardo: Second son to the Bernardo family.

Derek Bernardo: First son to the Bernardo family, and the heir to the family.

Female lead
Sapphire Valdez: A doctor and psychiatrist. Background, unknown.


Other characters
You’ll know as the story progresses.


In life, what you want isn’t what you get

This phrase, Sapphire knows best what it means…

Sapphire Valdez is a young lady of 23, with long brown hairs and blue eyes, just like the sapphire. She’s a doctor and also a psychiatrist and also comes from a average background.

She’s brave, well endowed with shapes and also very, I mean very stubborn!

Her father is a worker in B-investment which is the richest and most famous company in the US and her mom, well she’s a housewife. Of course, it should be noted that they are not her biological parents. Sapphire was adopted and her background remains unknown since she lost her memories.

Many doctors have tried helping her out in regaining her memories but it’s fruitless and Sapphire has one fear in this world and that is staying in the dark.

Her path will meet with Louis, the second son of Mr. Santiago Bernardo who is the founder of the B-investment.

Louis is a calm, kind and such a gentleman. Not to forget that he’s so handsome and has that kind of charisma that will make a lady trip!

They instantly became close and gradually began falling in love with each other. They confessed their love and a relationship started at full swing.

Louis loves Sapphire so much, more than his life even! Same as Sapphire. Their love could be viewed as an ‘Unbreakable bond’. But as they say, good things never last long.

On one faithful day, Sapphire’s father came back home and made an announcement to the whole family.

“Good news! Sapphire, you’re getting married”

Ladies, how will you react when you wake up one day just to discover that you’re getting married to someone you’ve never met. You don’t even know if he’s young or old, rich or poor, handsome or ugly, kind or not!!

How will Sapphire feel when she’ll be forced to break up with the love of your life!!

Now let’s forget about all those and focus on the main one, how will you react when you find out you’re getting married to your boyfriend’s brother?

Derek Bernardo is the eldest son of Santiago Bernardo and also the current CEO of B-investment. He’s filthy rich, arrogant, doesn’t care a damn about women’s feelings. To him, they’re just sex toys and that’s all.

He’s drop dead handsome with his dimples that can make any lady weak in the knees but too bad he rarely smiles. Let’s not forget the fact that he’s a sex god, master of $eduction!!

They’re two people he hates the most in this world. His dad and Raquel. He has his reasons for that…

“Listen old man, you can’t live your life and then live mine too. I chose who to get married to. Stop meddling into my life” Derek said calmly.

“You get married to her and that’s final. I don’t care about your damn opinion. I’m your father and I’m the one who made you who you are today. Ungrateful son!” Santiago spatted.

Forced into marriage, Derek will turn to a heartless being. How will Sapphire cope with his arrogant attitude? How will Derek cope with her stubborn attitude?

They are just like cats and dogs right?…

Will Louis let go of the undying love he has for Sapphire??

Will Derek ever learn to love Sapphire??

Will Sapphire ever be free from that prison she calls marriage??

“Please, just let me go. Let’s sign the divorce papers and go our separate ways. I can’t continue living with a monster like you!! I hate you and your brother is the one I love!!” Sapphire said in tears.

Derek chuckled and began laughing like he heard a really funny joke. His face then crumpled and he looked at Sapphire, just like the devil that he is.

Will this arranged marriage create enmity between the brothers who love each other dearly??

Who’s Raquel and why does Derek hates her that much??

Most importantly, who is Sapphire??

So many questions that need to be answered. So many dramas!!

Come and feed your curiosity with this suspense-filled novel!!



Tags:- Arranged marriage, romance, sex, betrayal, hatred, action, thriller, mystery and many more!


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