Tied to Fate

Tied to Fate

Written by Princess Juliet



Tied to Fate is the story of Dumebi, a brown-skinned girl who lives in the suburbs of North-Western Nigeria with her mother.

Born as a slave, she was popularly known as the ‘goat girl’ and had only one wish— To leave the tiny village, its blood-sucking king and settle down in the big city with her mother which seemed almost impossible.

Fate clicked, and luck seemingly came out of nowhere when her beloved mother snuck her out of the village and into the awaiting arms of her asian- american father who lives over the seas in the hope that she gets a better education.

Dumebi was confused. A father? She never even knew that she had one. With her eyes wide open, she watched her life take a different turn as she joined her new family, took up their last name and became the easy target and a pawn in ‘his’ game.


Tied to Fate is an action romance story you don’t want to miss

Keep tabs, STARTS SOON


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