Creative Expression

Growing up I was an avid dreamer. I remember loving to imagine and create in my mind. In fact I had such a deep internal world that I could be in a place and be oblivious of what was said or done around me thus many will label me “non-observant.” I was also very fidgety […]


Bruised – Episode 7

BRUISED (INJUSTICE RULES THE JUNGLE) CHAPTER 7 BY ONYEBUENYI FAVOUR Security Camera’s Regulatory Commission (SCRN), Abuja 8.15am The environment and surrounding portrayed the air of a busy people. The disguised Miss. Bose walked into the building and slotted in a registered staff identity card. The recognition system immediately granted her access after authenticating the card. […]

My Heart Desire

MY HEART DESIRE – Episode 13

©Oscar Mokua Ogwaro. MY HEART DESIRE -Episode 13 “Hello, mom, meet me at the usual place, i have something to show you,” she dropped the call. Angela swerved to the untarred road after hurriedly checking her sorrounding.  She felt so uneasy, she had vowed never to be involved in her mother’s deals but in one […]