Never Been Kissed chapter 2

Never Been Kissed by Daisie Sam

Chapter 2

The following days were a whirlwind for Amelia. The sonnet project, usually a source of anxiety, became an excuse for extended library sessions with Ethan. They delved deeper into Shakespeare’s sonnets, dissecting metaphors and analyzing rhyme schemes, but there was a subtle shift in their interactions. Gone was the initial awkwardness, replaced by a comfortable banter filled with playful teasing and shared laughter.

Ethan, Amelia discovered, was far more than just a football star. He held a surprising fascination with classic literature, a fact he kept hidden beneath his cool exterior. He confided in her a secret desire to write, a dream he was too afraid to pursue. Amelia, emboldened by his vulnerability, shared her own hidden passion for writing poetry.

One afternoon, during a particularly heated debate on the true meaning of Sonnet 18, Ethan suddenly leaned closer, his blue eyes sparkling with amusement. “You know,” he said, his voice a husky whisper, “you’re a lot more interesting than I expected, Shakespeare.”

Amelia’s breath hitched. The air crackled with an unexpected tension. Ethan’s gaze lingered on her lips for a beat too long, sending a shiver down her spine. Before she could react further, a loud knock on the library door shattered the moment. Ms. Thompson, the stern librarian, stood at the entrance, her disapproval evident.

“Mr. Walker, Ms. Bennet,” she announced, her voice laced with ice, “personal conversations are not permitted in the library. Please remember this is a place for study, not socializing.”

Ethan straightened in his chair, a sheepish grin breaking out on his face. “Of course, Ms. Thompson, our apologies.”

The rest of the afternoon unfolded in a stilted silence. The unspoken tension remained, yet Amelia couldn’t deny a secret thrill at the near-kiss that had been interrupted.

Later that week, Ethan surprised her again. As they walked out of school, he casually slipped a small, wrapped package into her hand. “Consider it inspiration for your next poem,” he said with a wink.

Inside, nestled in tissue paper, was a beautiful silver locket engraved with a single word: “Dream.” A warmth bloomed in Amelia’s chest. Ethan wasn’t just interested in Shakespeare; he saw her, the writer hiding within the quiet bookworm.

That night, Amelia wrote a poem inspired by the locket, pouring her emotions onto the page. Words flowed more easily than ever before, fueled by a newfound hope and the unexpected connection with Ethan. The next day, she slipped the poem into the sonnet folder, a silent message waiting to be discovered.

As the week progressed, a nervous excitement simmered beneath the surface. The coffee date loomed large, a constant source of both anticipation and trepidation. Was Ethan asking her out as a friend, or was there something more?

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