Hidden Pleasure episode 54


[Strictly professional]

✍️By authoress Mfoniso

Settings : Spanish / African romance

Tags :
Hot, Erotic, friendship, billionaire
Fake girlfriend.

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Meeting with Imani’s people wasn’t my favourite thing to do.

They were so intimidating, it makes me wonder if I’ll be this patient with her if I wasn’t so in love with her.

” I’m sorry ” Imani muttered under her breath in Embarrassment and I chuckled.

” It’s okay, at least, we have crossed that bridge. ” I said and she laughed.

” I swear,” she said hugging me sideways.

” Mom and Scar will be arriving by the weekend. The guys will be joining us during the wedding week ” I said and she smiled excitedly.

” Really? Awwwwwwwwn” she cooed sweetly.

” I can’t wait,” she said as we made our way inside.

For some odd reason, Tega didn’t say anything else about Pierre,  and neither did Pierre say anything else about Tega.

It just so happened that, the both of them acted like the face-off never happened.

The preparations for the wedding went on in full swing.

We were supposed to have a South African traditional wedding, which would run for one week and we are going to have the English wedding on Saturday.

These few days have been busy for both of us. Especially for Imani as she is fully involved in the wedding preparations.

I promised to work from home throughout the three weeks before our wedding.

I’ve been to Costa Rica once to get something important, after which I’ve stayed back with my woman.

” Hey babe can you help me with a towel? Imani asked from the bathroom.

” Sure. mi Riena ” I said and walked towards the closet.

She came out of the bathroom dressed in fresh sleeping wear.

” Have you given Tega your invitation list? She asked and I stared at her.

” Yeah,” I muttered under my breath softly.

” Is there something you’re not telling me about the invitation list you sent her? She asked as I typed in something on my laptop.

” Something like? I asked raising my eyebrows.

” Leonardo, you didn’t tell me you invited Layla, ” She asked and I bit my lower lip.

” Ohhhh” I trailed.

“Oooh” she repeated after me, and I noticed she was not smiling about it.

“I didn’t think it through, I just sent the invitations randomly, ” I said and she scoffed.

” To your ex? She asked frowning.

” You’re making it seem like, I committed a crime or something? It skipped my mind, I intended to tell you Layla and I settled our differences.

Although we are not friends, I thought inviting her to the wedding was the best closure we needed .”
I said with my focus on what I was doing on my laptop.

” Closure? ” She asked frowning.

” Hmmn” I gave a nod without thinking too much.

” Good one,” She said Calmly.

I looked up from laptop and sighed .

” Really Imani ? Are we gonna do this right now ” I asked and she stared at me with jaws dropped.

” Wait ,so you see no reason for me to be mad right now ? Are you for real right now ? She asked and i gave a nod .

” Imani not now please” i said knowing fully well that she was having one of her famous mood swings again .

I didn’t have the strength for any lovers quarell .

” Wow ,so now I’m the mad woman that’s trying to tempt you ? She asked getting up from the bed .

” Mad woman ? Where did that come from ? I asked in shock .

” Imani ” I called in suprise as she wore her room slippers.

” Where are you going ? I asked as she ignored me and made her way out of our room .

I took a deep breath in and out and went after her .

” Mi Cielo ” I called .

” Save it ,I shouldn’t have asked you about Layla . ” She said and I rubbed my forehead.

” Layla and I have nothing to do with each other ” I said calmly.

” And you didn’t think it was necessary to ask me ? This is my wedding too Leonardo . You can’t just go ahead and invite Layla to the wedding and sell me that bullshit about wanting a closure . Does this have anything to do with your family business ? She asked and I rubbed her forehead.

” Let’s not talk about this again. ” I said and she bit her lower lip.

” Goodnight ” she said and walked over to the guest room .

” Really ? I muttered under my breath in unbelieve.

The less she knows ,the safer we all become .

I’m not fully involved in the business ,but Erduardo made a sacrifice for me which makes me respect him to the core .

If he wants Layla to attend the wedding for reasons best known to him ,it’s my duty to make sure that happens.

I tucked my phone in my pocket and strolled towards the guest room then bolt the door .

” Get out of my room ” she said angrily.

” Your room is wherever Leonardo Delgado sleeps Baby girl ” I said teasingly.

She didn’t say anything,just glared daggers at my direction.

Whoever said women are easy to pacify ,must be high on cheap drugs .

She didn’t say anything even when I slept next to her on the bed .

I pulled her close and kissed her neck from behind .

She didn’t say a word and fell asleep in that position.

The next morning ,I heard her talking with her mom on the phone after which she got ready to leave the house .

” Join me breakfast ” I said when I noticed her setting the table without touching anything on it .

” I’m not hungry ” she said softly.

” Sit down mi Cielo” I said and she sat down obediently .

I stared her button nose and cute face .

” You are still mad at me Imani . I thought we trust each other ? I asked and she scoffed .

” Don’t even bring trust into this. Leonardo . Remember the scene you caused at my place back then because I had my Ex over at my place ?
” She asked and I decided not to argue .

” I’m sorry ” I said immediately and she stared at me .

” You’re hiding something Sweet . And I’m not going to ask anymore because if you wanted to tell me , you would have done that since .” She said and I bit my lower lip.

” You look so sexy when you’re angry ” I said and she stood up.

” Please” I muttered under my breath and she sat back down.

” Layla has to attend the wedding at Erduardo’s demand. He’s working on something and the closest he can get to Layla is if she attends the wedding. ” I said and her eyes softened in my direction.

” I was not buying that closure sh*t ” she said and I chuckled.

” You get angry easily,it doesn’t suit you ” i said and she chuckled.

” Mom wants me over at my Dad’s . My aunt Nandi is causing a scene about me not living with them when I’m gonna get married soon ‘” she said frowning.

” So you were moving to your parents without telling me ? I asked in shock .

” Not yet ,I was still gonna tell you anyways” she said and I chuckled.

“All because of jealousy ? I smell jealousy !” I teased .

” Then you must be sniffing yourself ” she said with a chuckle.

” You’re not leaving this house without having breakfast baby . So you better sit your backside on that chair ” I said and she blushed red .


” When should I pick you up ? Leonardo asked as he packed his car outside my parents house .

” My Aunt can be a drama queen Lee. I might end up staying over here till we get officially married ” I said and he frowned .

” Officially married, Imani ? How do you expect me to sleep at night ? He asked with a crying face .

” You can just dream sweet dreams about me ” i said teasingly and he pulled me into his arms with his hands grabbing my backside as I laughed at his naughtiness.

” Is this what your shameless mother has been teaching you Imani ? To fold bodies with a man who has not done the right things in regards to your Marital rights ? Aunt Nandi asked frowning her face.

” Good morning Aunt Nandi ” I greeted her .

” Good morning ma’am” Leonardo said besides me in embarrassment.

We weren’t expecting anyone to walk in on us like that anyways.

“What is good about this morning when you thought it was right to squeezed on my nieces butts like that ” she snapped at Leonardo who’s jaws dropped in embarrassment.

” Aunt it …” I tried to make an excuse on his behalf.

” Get inside the house Imani ” she said furiously.

” Sweet you should go home ” i whispered to Leonardo who kissed my forehead and made his way out of my father’s compound.

My aunt glared at me as I walked passed her and into the house .

” With the way he was touching you inappropriately I’m sure you see nothing wrong in spreading your legs in secret. ” She said and I turned to her in amusement.

” I enjoy it when he does bad things to me aunt Nandi . That doesn’t make me a wh*re . It makes me a woman ” I said and she started being all dramatic.

” I said it . Mandla has done nothing but spoil you girls rotten . And now you have decided to remain shameless! ” She raised her voice angrily.

I didn’t say a word knowing fully well that I riled her up on purpose.

” Spoilt brat ! She snapped angrily.

” What is wrong ? Dad asked walking into the sitting room .

Our voices must have attracted him , because he looked worried .

” Aunt Nandi was just making a mountain out of a molehill as usual ” i said softly.

” do you hear her mandla ? Is that how Yemi and yourself have trained your children to be such mannerless brats. I should’ve raised these girls myself. As if it’s not enough that she decided to marry a Spanish guy . She finds it necessary to rub bodies provocatively in public ! ” Aunt raised her voice angrily.

” We were just hugging Dad ” I said and Dad sighed softly.

” He was grabbing your big buttocks ,how Is that even hugging ? She asked shocked .

“Aunt it’s my buttocks not yours ,why is it choking you in the first place ? ” I asked frustratedly.

On a normal day I won’t talk to her ,but ever since I got pregnant I can’t control my Emotions.

” Imani ! That’s enough ” Dad said scolding me .

” I live my life in my own terms ,not because someone else wants me to live my life the way they please . I’m not a toy . I’m Imani ” i snapped angrily.

” And please don’t cause a scene throughout my wedding functions. ” I said and she gasped .

” That Spanish man has fvcked her brains out . She’s speaking to me as if I’m her mate ! ” Aunt screamed angrily.

I bit my lower lip to stop myself from laughing at her expense . It’s high time we show her ,where she belongs in this house.




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