Hidden pleasure episode 56


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✍️By authoress mfoniso

Settings: Spanish / African romance

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Hot, Erotic, friendship, billionaire
Fake girlfriend.

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Imani is trying to get me into trouble, I mean why does she want to see me at this time of the night?

” Boss, is everything okay?” Josh asked.

” You’re still awake? I asked in surprise and his cheeks heated in a blush.

My eyes moved from his face to his hand, and I noticed his phone.

Oh, I think he came out to talk to his woman.

” I’m going over to Imani’s place, she called me a while ago,” I said calmly.

” Is it an emergency sir? Do you want me to drive you over to her place? He asked immediately.

” No, it’s okay. I can go on my own” I said calmly and made my way towards my car.

I was feeling sleepy already and the thought of bumping into her dad or strict aunt came through my mind.


My phone rang immediately after I got to her place.

” Hey babe,” I said calmly.

” I’m outside your house ” I said and she smiled excitedly.

” I’m outside already ” she said and I can imagine the broad smile on her face.

I got out of the car and she waved her hands at me.

” Are you okay baby? I asked checking if she was alright.

“Hmm I’m fine, can you sleep over? I’ve been missing you so much ” she said kissing my lips Sweetly.

What’s with the excess sweetness tonight? I wondered.

” I don’t think that’s a good idea, it’s pretty late and remember your dad and aunt are not a fan of me,” I said and she poured cutely.

” But I and the baby have been missing you a lot .” She said staring at me.

” I can’t go into your family house, not with your aunt in there. I can melt under that woman’s gaze ” I said and she burst out laughing.

” You’re scared of Aunt Nandi? She asked teasingly.

” It’s not like I’m scared or something …” I trailed and she chuckled.

” Awwwwwwwwn ” she cooed and I rolled my eyes.

” What’s funny? I asked as I leaned on my car.

” C’mon let’s go inside, I’ll handle my family members,” she said lacing her hand with mine.

My heart beat crazily against my chest. I hope this woman doesn’t get me into trouble.

The whole place was already quiet. I guess everyone might be sleeping by now.

” Are you sure this is a good idea? I asked again and she glared in my direction.

” Are you trying to abandon the baby and me? Don’t you love me again? Is it because I’m pregnant now? She asked frowning.

” Jesus ”

Is this a trap or something?

” Mi Luz { my light } I called softly.

” Stop speaking to me in Spanish first. Why do you wanna go home? ” She asked as her eyes stung with tears.

” Because your Dad is strict. We can go over to my place, God forbid it that your brief aunt sees me here right now ” I said in horror.

” Brief? You just made a mockery of Aunt Nandi’s height.

” Well she’s short,” I said biting my lower lip to stop myself from laughing.

“Seriously she’s the shortest person in my family,” Imani said and that did it. I threw my head backwards and burst out laughing.

” Imani you need Jesus ” I said and she raised her eyebrows in amusement.

” Oh, so after knocking me up you believe I need Jesus now? My brother in Christ” I said teasingly.

” I don’t even know what Sex means, I’m a virgin you see ” I said and she burst out laughing.

” I’m Mary the mother of Jesus ” Imani answered sarcastically.

” Hallelujah ” I muttered under my breath and we all burst out laughing.

” Shhhhhhhh,” I said and she smiled.

” Come on let’s go to my room ” she said and led me upstairs to her room.

” You’re being too romantic for my liking tonight,” I said suspiciously.

” It’s because I’m h*rny. But I don’t want to sleep with you ” she said smiling.

” Wait, I don’t understand. You are h**ny, but you do not wanna sleep with me? but me you invited me to your father’s house? I asked in confusion.

” Hmmn I want us to cuddle and you know …do stuff” she said and I could see the lust in her eyes.

” But you do not want to sleep with me? I asked in amusement.

” Take off your shirt ” she said leading me towards the bed.

” You look so yummy tonight,” she said Sweetly.

This woman is something else. We lay on the bed together and before I knew she iswasithin my legs.

” I missed you ” she said kissing my lips softly.

” Mi Cielo, you said you do not wanna sleep with me ” I reminded her.

” I can decide to change my mind ” she said kissing my forehead.

She sneaked her hands into my sweatpants naughtily.

” This pregnancy has made you feel naughty I said with my voice strained.

” No matter what you do, we ain’t having sex in your father’s house, you’re only doing this because of your hormones. We are not married it’s disrespectful ” I said and she frowned.

” Why do you have to be so right? She asked snuggling into me.

” I love you carino{ Darling} she muttered under her breath and I chuckled.

” You’ve been learning Spanish? I asked teasingly.

” I wanted to call you something in your language. It’s so sexy when you talk to me in Spanish .” She said and I smiled.

” Can I kiss you? She asked sweetly.

” Since when did you start asking for permission? ” I asked teasingly.

” You just told me I should not do bad things to you, ’cause we here in my father’s house ” she slurred out her words as if she was high on drugs or something.

” Are you sure you’re okay? I asked in concern.

” I want to fvck, that’s what is wrong with me,” she said with a crying voice.

My jaws dropped.

” What has this baby done to you? I asked in amusement and she glared at me.

” I was an innocent girl, you bent me over and started spoiling me naughty with your love ” She said and my cheeks heated in a blush.

” My man is blushing ”

” You’re so fresh like fine wine s he said biting her lower lip.

Immediately our lips met in a kiss, it felt like a spark happened as we kissed hungrily.

” Leon …let’s take the risk,” she said convincing me.

My eyes roamed her seductive nightwear.

” Sweet ” she called.

” I won’t make noise ” she said and I burst into laughter.

” Let me cuddle you to bed ” I volunteered and gasped when I felt her hold me down there.

” Maybe I’ll need to seduce you then.

” Do you realise I’m not wearing anything underneath this thin fabric? She asked and that did it.

I flipped us over and sent my fingers down.

” We should be as quiet as possible, ” I said getting out of my sweatpants.

Imani will not be the death of me.

” Leo…. in” she gasped immediately I drove into her.

” Fvck I missed this ” I cursed under my breath.

” Aahhn ” she moaned sweetly.


” You tempted me like a devil,” Leon said as we cuddled into each other.

” You will explain yourself tomorrow morning,” I said laughing.

” I’m dead,” He said and lay on my bed.

” Go to sleep, you must be so tired, I can’t believe I made you drive from your house, this late at night,” I said feeling guilty.

” You’re so shameless” he said teasingly and my jaws dropped.

” So now I’m shameless? I asked and he burst into laughter.

” Calling me from my house to your father’s house just to fvck me. Innocent me !” He said dramatically.

” You think you are innocent? Then my name is innocencia” I said and he chuckled in my direction.

” Innocencia,” he said teasingly.

” Don’t call me that “I snapped at him.

” Innocencia,” he said again as he pulled me into his arms and I fell asleep in his arms.

We were still asleep the next morning when I heard a knock on the door.

” Mi Cielo {my heaven } Leon called.

” I’m still sleepy,” he said slowly.

The knock became louder I got down from the bed and went to check who was at the door.

” Good Morning Aunt Nandi,” I said immediately as I tried to set my Nightwear.

I turned back and Leonardo got down from the bed in a hurry.

I turned back to my aunt
” Why do you scent like a man? She asked frowning.

” I use my boyfriend’s perfume, ” I said calmly.

She tried to go in and I blocked the door.

” My things are not in order Aunt” I said as my heart beat against my chest.

It’s not like I was scared of her, I was scared of the fact that my parents could find out, I brought my boyfriend home to fvck him.


I’ll just enter the ground in embarrassment.

” Why don’t you want to let me into your room ? she asked suspiciously.

” You said it yourself, my room. So it’s my business, not yours ” I said getting irritated with her poking nose.

God I’m done.

” What’s going on? Dad asked walking towards my room.

Our voices must have attracted him.

” Mandla, your daughter has a man in her room. I can feel it ” she said and Dad raised his eyebrows in my direction.

” Leonardo is in his house I’ve told her it’s just his perfume Dad,” I said already feeling anxious.

Dad might call off this wedding out of anger if he finds Leonardo in my room.

” Leave the door Imani ” Dad said and I made a crying face as I moved away from the door.

Dad got in and my heart beat crazily against my chest.

I’m dead. I froze in shock when we could not find Leonardo on my bed.

Where is he? I wondered too. Maybe in the bathroom. I closed my eyes tight as Dad moved over to the bathroom.

” Nandi I think you should be careful about the things you say, ” Dad said and made his way out of my room.

Aunt Nandi joined him and I froze in shock.

Wait if he’s not here, Where is my boyfriend? 😮


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  1. Where is Leonardo???🤔🤔🤔
    I must admit,this Spanish guy is smart 🤣🤣😂😂
    But this woman u have as an aunt??? Hmmmmm!!!

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