Hidden Pleasure Episode 50


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Fake girlfriend .

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” If you’re planning on telling your mom the truth shouldn’t I be a part of it? Leonardo asked me anxiously as I helped him knot his tie.

” I won’t lie, by saying my parents are not gonna be mad, they will be angry. Especially my Dad …but then it’s a bridge I have to cross ” I said calmly.

” A bridge we have to cross together Imani. I’m responsible for this, I should be there when you tell your parents ” he said and I chuckled.

” Hey, look at me ” I said pulling his face close. Our eyes met intimately.

” They’re my parents, no matter how mad and disappointed they feel, they are not going to ki*ll me, so breathe,” I said and he gave a nod.

” Go to Costa Rica and handle the emergency with the guys and your parents,” I said kissing his lips softly.

He reciprocated immediately and sent his hands around my waist.

” You’re so beautiful ” he said and I burst out laughing.

” You keep chanting that like a mantra, you should run along. We don’t want your father killing Erduardo before you get there ” I said and he laughed.

“Eduardo knew what he was getting himself into before he Married Camila, I warned him though ” he explained as we walked out of his place together.

Immediately he got into his car, I blew him a kiss and waved him bye.

My phone rang and I froze when I noticed it was mom.

” Good morning Iya,” I said nervously.

” Good morning Ayomi, where are you? She asked softly.

” I’m at Leonardo’s place. ” I said and she paused for a while.

” He is in Capetown? She asked…

” Was in Capetown, he had to leave because of an emergency ” I Explained softly.

” Join your father and me for dinner today, no excuses, we miss you so much ” she said and I rubbed my arms nervously.

” Sure iya” I muttered under my breath and she cut the call.

Getting into his place, I called Zuri to inform her of the recent developments.

” Mom invited you for dinner? She asked at the top of her voice.

” Why are you screaming? I asked biting my lower lip nervously.

” You think I shouldn’t be shouting? Mom would bury you six feet under the ground, know this and know peace, your mom does not have joy .” Zuri said and I burst into laughter.

” Na fvck I fvck, I no ki*ll person { I had sex, I did not ki*ll someone } ” I said in pidgin.

” Say that in the family dinner today .” She said and I sighed softly.

Throughout the day, I kept myself busy with other stuff.

This past week with Lee was beautiful.

He’s always there to pamper me, he said he didn’t want me to work or stress myself, so he’s gonna pay me my salary while I work from home.

I miss him already. After freshening up, I cooked something for lunch and it wasn’t long before the girls burst into my house.

” Fvck I’m starving, pregnant lady hope you cooked? Avy asked strolling into the house in a dress that looked rebellious.

” What kind of dress is that? I asked in shock.

” All these daughters of Jezebel that go around decieving the sons of men, Jesus have mercy ” Tega said shaking her head dramatically.

‘” She’s only saying that because she’s wearing something decent today. Allow me to flex my Ashewo vibes. How is your Spanish man? She asked waving her long nails dramatically.

” He’s gone to Costa Rica, he has an emergency,” I said sitting down, parting my legs softly as I munched from the sliced apple on my plate.

” Emergency? Hope everything is good. Tega asked in concern.

” Yeah, his Dad is very troublesome and doesn’t approve of me. He wanted him to marry the daughter of his business partner, unfortunately, Leon’s younger brother went behind the Dad’s plan and offered the man a better plan and married the daughter. It’s a big drama ” I said calmly.

” I thought it was supposed to be the mothers-in-law who had that kind of intentions, what time of man is his Dad? Very frustrating” Avy said pulling off her heels.

My eyes went over to her beautiful legs.

She raised her hands to her curly hair, tying it in a bun.

She looked so beautiful and sexy.

” My mom invited me for a family dinner today, ” I said calmly.

” What? Tega asked in shock.

” Why is it shocking that she invited her over for dinner? Avy asked cluelessly .

” Well because her mom is African. One look and she will get a hint of the pregnancy. ” Tegs said in frustration.

” Wait just one look and she’d know? Avy asked rubbing her forehead.

” Nigerian mothers should not be underestimated ” Tega said making me laugh.

” I’m tired of hiding, my breasts have added and I eat for two now. I can’t hide for long ” I said and they both gave nods in understanding.

” May the Lord go with you bestie ” Avy said dramatically and we all burst into laughter.

I’m nervous about the whole thing, but it’s now or never.

After my time with the girls in the afternoon, they left for work cause it was passed lunch hours and they had clients to attend to.

It was 6 p.m. when I checked out my outfit in the mirror.

I was wearing a long beautiful dress and fancy sandals.

I Couldn’t wear heels cause I didn’t want to stress my legs.

” Zico ”

” Zico ” I called one of his drivers, who gave a nod and moved over to the garage to get a car.

Throughout the ride to my parents, different thoughts graced my mind.

How are they gonna react?

Is mom going to slap me?

Will Dad be disappointed?

What about Omari?

Zuri was gonna be on my side for sure but the fear of the unknown ate me up.

Immediately the car parked outside the house, I got down and asked the driver to hang around.

“Good evening Mom and Dad ” I greeted sweetly.

” Imani dear,” Mom said in excitement as she walked over to me and hugged me sweetly.

“Good evening bro, hey Zuri ” I said and they smiled.

” Look who we have here, kiddo,” Om said smiling.

” When were you planning on visiting? Dad asked but by his tone, I knew he was mad at me.

” I was busy pa ” I muttered under my breath.

” With the Spanish guy? He asked and my jaws dropped.

” His name is Leon,” I said immediately.

” Imani dear, you seem to have gained a lot of weight ” Mom said with a soft chuckle.

My heart froze and Zuri shifted positions on her seat anxiously.

Om raised his eyebrows questioning.

“Oh, I didn’t notice ” I said waving it off.

We had dinner, admits small talks here and there.

After dinner, the table was cleared.

” IYA, Pa, I have something to tell you, ” I said counting my words.

” I’m …” I trailed, but the words failed to come out of my mouth.

” Are you pregnant Imani?” Mom asked suspiciously.

I opened my mouth to say something but the tension in the room grew ten times worse.

” Your mother is talking to you Imani, answer her,” Dad said fixing his glasses properly.

” I’m pregnant,” I said and watched them freeze in shock.

” you’re pregnant, Imani? Mom asked again even if she knew her suspicions were correct.

” Yes,” I said softly and Dad cursed under his breath.

” Ah ….ahhhhhhh ” Mom screamed dramatically.

On a normal note, this would look normal and funny.

But I knew she was reacting out of disappointment and pain.

If I was married and came to her with this type of news, it’s going to be a different situation.

But I was carrying the pregnancy of a man I’m not yet married to.

The society will frown at it. Mom is a strong believer and the church…

“Imani has killed me, Imani …Imani has killed me! ” She said over and over again and my heart squeezed with hurt.

” Who is the father? Dad asked calmly.

He seemed to be in shock and though he wasn’t fuming in anger, I knew he was disappointed.

I’ve always been the child that never gave them any issues while growing up.

Yet I broke their trust with this.

” Leonardo Dad, I haven’t known any man except Leon ” I said and Mom raised both hands akimbo.

” Imani has killed me. Although I wanted you to get married, although I allowed you to date from another race, I didn’t say you should get pregnant before marriage ”

” What kind of shame is this one Ayomide? Ayo…mide …..ah aha ha oluwa o ” she said hugging herself close.

I tried to say something and ended up crying.

” I’m sorry. I was careful the whole time, but this happened and I don’t regret it. I love Leon, he loves me too and we’re going to be here for this child ” I said crying and seeing me in tears seemed to break my mom the more.

” I know you both love each other, but your name and dignity as a woman will be shamed, Imani. People will talk !” Mom raised her voice at me.

” I didn’t expect this from you Imani. But you are old enough to make your own decisions ” Dad said and left the sitting room.

Watching him Walk away like that broke me further.

” Iya…” I tried to go close to Mom.

” I’m sleepy,” she said softly before leaving for their room.

” Come here munchking” Omari said pulling me into his arms.

I burst into tears as Zuri rubbed my back.

” Hey shhhhhhhh” she cooed.

” I disappointed our parents. I …I…” I said in between hiccups.

” It’s normal for them to be mad, they’ll come around. ” Zuri said kissing my forehead.

” I can’t be mad at you, you tried Imani. Besides Leonardo is a good man and I’m sure he’ll keep you and the little one Happy ” Omari said and I gave a nod.

They stayed with me for a while before we all decided to leave.

I couldn’t stop myself from crying.

Throughout the ride to his place, my mind kept reflecting on the look of disappointment in their eyes.

I thought I was ready for this, but I guess one is never really ready to disappoint one’s parents.

I love my parents, they brought me to this world and instilled good attributes in me, one of which was not giving birth outside wedlock.

But it was better than abortion, I can’t bring myself to ki*ll a life I did not create.

It’s not like I was judging those who have had to make such decisions, but I just didn’t have the will to.

After Freshening up, I tried to sleep, but it wasn’t long before I started burning up.

My phone rang and it was Leonardo.

” Sweet ” I muttered softly.

” Fvck. I guess it didn’t end well. He asked, I could hear the guilt in his voice.

” They were furious, I don’t think I can ever face my parents again,” I said crying.

” I should have been more careful ” he sighed.

” It’s not your fault Lee, it was bound to happen and we do not regret our little one ” I said and there was silence at the other end.

” I’ll finish up everything and try to come back on time okay? Hold on till I arrive. I’ll set everything straight .” He said and a smile graced my lips.

” Love you ”

” Love you more ”



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