Hidden Pleasure Episode 51


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✍️By authoress mfoniso

Settings:Spanish /African Romance

Fake girlfriend .

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” Is everything okay you look disturbed?” Erduardo said as he rubbed the back of his neck.

” I don’t know man. Her parents found out about the pregnancy and she faced the brunt of their anger alone ” I said and sighed in frustration.

I did not like the fact that she had to go through all of that on her own. knowing Imani and how fragile she can be, I’m sure she’s already feeling sick.

” Pregnancy? You fvcking got Imani pregnant such a sharpshooter you are ” Vincenzo said from the other end as he raised his eyebrows in amusement.

” Why am I hearing about pregnancy? Are we in the right house? Pierre asked as he moved backwards dramatically and then turned to Adonis who shook his head at his drama.

” If you think we are not in the right house, you can go ahead and find out where the right house is located. I’m tired .” He said strolling in sluggishly.

” Did we hear correctly? Pierre asked and I chuckled.

” You’re crazy has anyone told you that? I asked and he chuckled.

” Imani’s pregnant ” I said and he sniffed dramatically.

” My baby is all grown up and impregnating womennnnnn” he said blowing into his handkerchief.

” Pierre” Adonis called.

” What? He asked laughing.

” So we’re going to be attending an African wedding,” He said walking over to the opposite chair.

” You were saying something about Imani’s parents? Adonis asked.

” They’re mad at her, ” I said explaining everything to them.

” I think it’s normal for her parents to be angry, where they come from, pregnancy outside marriage is frowned upon,” Erduardo said and I sighed.

” After the meeting with Padre and the familia I’ll try my best to make sure I go back on time,” I said and Vincenzo gave a nod in agreement.

” They will come around ” he muttered under his breath.

We talked about random stuff and had some drinks before I and my brothers decided to attend the meeting.

I hated attending stuff related to the familia, but Erduardo was in this because of this so I needed to be a part of it, for peace to reign.

” Welcome Boss ” The men guarding the entrance bowed to each of us as we walked in.

My head was already banging with headache.

Dad and Uncle Roberto were sitting opposite each other, with other distant relatives, every Delgado who was connected to the familia was present.

” Padre ” Erduardo called as they bowed. I controlled the anger I felt at that point and greeted him too.

” Vincenzo ” he Called my cousin who stood up in respect.

” I see you have not talked to your cousin, about how dangerous this stupid attitude of his truly is to him. He asked in anger.

” Godfather, I’m sure Leon understands and that’s why he is here
” Vincenzo said in respect.

Penelope was the only female in the big room.

She sat at the opposite end calmly like everyone in the room was irritating her.

I knew just how dirty and bl**dy the mafia truly is, that’s the reason why I don’t want to get in my father’s bad books.

” You’re my first son, and I’m sure you know what your stubbornness has done. He fired at me angrily.

Everyone in the room fell silent as he cursed at me in Spanish.

No one had the right to talk when the Godfather spoke, I might have confronted my father back at his mansion, but I’m not stupid enough to do it in the underground meeting.

My Dad is the Godfather and the godfather is known as the Boss of all bosses in the mafia.

He is the overall King, who holds great influence in matters concerning the mafia.

If anything was to happen to my Dad it would be passed on to either Erduardo or Vincenzo.

Or the most powerful Boss of another family under the Spanish mafia.

Vincenzo is the Boss of the familia While Erduardo is the under Boss and the heir, trained to take over the familia after his father dies or retires.

The consigliere is the third in command in the familia and I don’t even know who holds that position for now because I have not been coming to any of these meetings for a very long time.

I knew women were not allowed to hold top positions like the ones I just thought of.

“Eduardo has disappointed me, by going behind my back to get Engaged to Camila in a blood oath, which is the utmost disrespect to my position as the godfather! ” Dad bursted Angrily.

Erduardo bowed his head without saying a word.

I thought he and Camila got married. I sighed in relief when realized they weren’t married yet, but he opened his mouth and proved me wrong.

” I already got married to Camila Padre,” he said to everyone’s dismay.

” I Know the game I was playing when I wanted Leonardo for Camila. You are supposed to take over the business not play games with that man and his family. I don’t understand why you and Leonardo have decided to be useless” he busted Angrily”

” I’m sorry,” I said immediately. At this point, I knew getting angry and fighting with Dad would do nothing to help, it might further put Imani and her family in trouble, and apologising is the best thing to do.

” I’m sorry Padre, but the girl is pregnant, I had a responsibility towards her, ” I said knowing fully well that he would never allow the Delgado blood to stay illegitimate.

Dad can be evil and manipulative, but he is a smart man.

” Have you asked for her hand in Marriage? He asked sitting down calmly.

” Yes Father,” I said gently and he stared at me and then at Erduardo.

” Both of you have decided to play smart with me. You knew I did not want your union with the African girl Leonardo so you decided to get her pregnant, knowing I would let you have your way .”

” And you Erduardo, went behind my back and married Camila ” he said drinking from his glass.

” Fine Erduardo You will take over the reign, and you know the repercussions of the stunt you just pulled right? He asked frowning.

” I understand Padre ” Erduardo said as he bit his lower lip.

I turned to Vincenzo in confusion and he signaled me not to ask any questions.

The meeting continued until Padre called it off.

Everyone started to leave one after the other and as I stood up to leave Padre called me.

” Leonardo ” he said and I stopped.

” Padre ” I said and he gestured for me to sit down.

We sat in silence for a while, he signalled me to serve him some wine.

I stood up, walked over to him and picked up the wine bottle to serve him.

He drank in silence. “Eduardo would be sworn in as Don soon,” he said calmly.

” I thought it was until you retired? I asked and he chuckled darkly.

” He knew the boundaries before he decided to do what he did for you, the mafia is no place for cheap emotions ”

” Feelings and Emotions will only ruin a man. In this place the heart should be at the back ” he said and I stared at him as he drank.

” Have you ever been in love Padre? I asked out of the blue.

And he stared at me with his hazel eyes as he leaned on the chair and loosened his tie a bit.

” In love? ” He asked as he drummed with his fingers on the conference table.

” I’ve only ever felt something for one woman ”

” And then all I did was hurt her until she broke down. I brought her hopes up then dashed them into a million pieces, I had my walls up the entire time even when she tried to heal my heart continually, I was far too gone and starting a relationship with someone else was the straw in the last back ” he said pinching the bridge of his nose.

” Mom ” I muttered under my breath.

“Your mother is a strong woman, Leonardo, she did the right thing by bringing you and your sister up, Away from the lifestyle of your sinful father.

” You have none of my similarities …none of them. When I look at you I see her pure heart ” he said smirking.

I never knew there was this side to my father, hearing about it now shocked me to the core.

” When I look at Erduardo, I see myself. He might have a weakness which is the emotional feeling he has for you, but that aside, the familia is in safe hands ” he said calmly.

” I have a son, Leonardo,” he said after some minutes of silence and I froze.

” What? Where when how? ” I asked in shock.

He grinned like a devil. What does he mean by he has a son?

Is this some kind of sick joke or he was being realistic?

” One day you’ll all find out when I’m no more,” He said and lit a cigar.

” One day? Padre? If you have a son shouldn’t we be aware of him now? Why does it have to be one day? I asked in frustration.

” You may leave,” he said calmly.

I knew better than to start Arguing with him.

Sebastiano Delgado wasn’t a man to argue with.

I stood up and picked up my car keys and phone.

” Send me an invitation to the wedding, if you care to see this old man present there ” he said and I left his office without a word.

Everything about my father is so confusing, I’m beginning to feel the amount of pain he must have caused my mother.

There was nothing more than relief in my mind at that point, after all, I knew he now approved of Imani and me due to the pregnancy.

Throughout the drive to my place, I felt exhausted.

” Hey Son” I heard Mom’s sweet voice as I made my way into my mansion.

‘” Mom” I said pulling her into my arms.

” I missed you figlio” she said kissing my forehead.

” Hey little bro ” Scarlett said sweetly and I chuckled at the apron around her waist.

” You made Imani sick ” she teased.

” Imani sick? I asked in confusion.

” Fever sick, Imani sick ” she said giving me the logic sign and I laughed at her crazy logic.

” That’s new ” I muttered under my breath in amusement.

I went upstairs Freshened up and changed into something comfortable before joining them downstairs.

After dinner, we sat down together to have small conversations.

” Mom I proposed to Imani ” I said and she kissed my forehead happily.

” Imani has brought such fresh air into your life Leonardo, she’s a blessing to us ” she said sweetly.

” What do you think about a grandchild from me? I asked and she smiled in my direction.

” Awwwwwwwwn little bro is planning the family already ” Scarlett teased.

” I don’t have to plan when I already have it now ” I said and it took some seconds for it to sink in for them and they screamed in excitement.

” Oh my goodness” Mom gasped and burst out crying tears of Joy.

Scarlet wiped the tears that rolled out of her eyes as she joined me to console our mother.

” I’m so happy son, I’m so happy you’re happy,” she said kissing my forehead making me Emotional.




Splashing water on my face, I stared at my face in the mirror and sighed softly.

My nose was a bit swollen from crying and I was already hungry.

Sighing softly, I made my to the sitting room.

The fresh smell of my mother’s signature pancakes hit my nostrils and I bit my lower lip as my eyes stung with tears.

She walked out of my kitchen with an apron around her waist.

” Iya …” I called in shock.

” Stop standing there like a toothpick and come here,ehn. When did you get this lazy? Small pregnancy and you’re sleeping till 10 am ..”

” You are going to ki*ll all of us when this pregnancy increases then ” she said and stopped talking immediately I ran into her arms.

” I’m so sorry Iya …Ma binu,” I said in Yoruba as I choked in-between.

” Stop crying Ayomide, you are too emotional ” she scolded and I chuckled when I noticed a few drops of tears from her eyes.

” My little princess,” she said and suddenly started crying as she pulled me in her arms.

” How’s papa? I asked staring at her face.

” He’s still grumpy about it, but he’ll come around. You know how much he loves you ” she said rubbing my arms.

” I wanted to be mad at you Imani, but then I was pressurizing you to get married because of what the society will say about you being single. And now again I felt terrible for putting pressure on you due to what society will say .”

” As your parent, I should think about what is good for you and your health before what society will say. Children are gifts from God ” she said sadly.

” Have you told the father? She asked.

” He knows Mom, we were planning to break the news together but he had an emergency ” I explained and she smiled softly.

” Eat up, you know you’re eating for two now ” she said and immediately I raised my hand to eat she noticed the ring on my fingers.

” Is this what I think it is? She asked in surprise and I gave a nod with a smile on my face.

She smiled in excitement and someone knocked on my door.

Mom walked over to the door and opened it for Zuri.

” Ah iron lady, I thought you were mad at your daughter? She teased Mom whilst laughing.

” She’s my daughter I can choose when my anger ends “Mom defended herself.

” African parents should stop acting like you guys didn’t fvck before marriage, ” Zuri said and Mom blushed red.

I burst into laughter at their banter.



  1. Wow… this episode made me emotional. If all parents could be this supportive of their children, the society would be fun and sweet to live in
    Thumbs up

  2. Zurich is definitely right,our parents should give us a break,biko……
    Things are gradually falling into place!!!

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