Dax walked around the room for a while thinking about the mission at hand, everyone was present in the room was wondering what was going on in his mind as he kept pacing around the room.

“I know you all are wondering why I called you here” He stopped abruptly

“I want to tell you guys that we have come to the end of the mission and I want everyone to decide for himself what he want to do now” Dax started explaining

“First of all I will want to apologize for what I’ve done to you guys. I shouldn’t have Brought you into this”

“This mission is for me and me alone, there is nothing like the bavlin betrayed me. I formed that story to make you join my team so I could seek revenge for my late father”

“Am the NIC agent Kamaldeen Karim, and my father is the late colonel Kamaldeen Kassim. Jamal here is my own blood brother. Lord bavlin killed my father so I joined the bavlin in quest for a revenge and they found out someway. Ben is my own blood brother that’s why I couldn’t torture him when we found out he was f****ng us from……

“This your story no clear explain am well make I see wetin you won insinuate!!” Mad max said in Nigerian pidgin

“I know you guys are not comfortable working for a bad cause so¬† I gave him an idea to recruit you guys to our team to help us fight for the revenge and at the same time save humanity from the bavlins because what they are planning is bigger than the world” Sniper came to the emotional Dax’s aid

“Everything about the story we told you is true but what we left out is the revenge part”

“So guys kindly forgive us, we are ready to compensate you with any amount you want” Sniper added

“Do you also know about this?” Jonas directed his question to Jamal and he nodded affirmatively

Jonas, Jones, Jeff and mad Max kept mute for some minutes before they found their voices

“So what did you say the bavlins are planning that is bigger than this world?” Jonas asked sniper

“They are planning to wipe everyone off the earth, except some few selected people. They will create a special mark for every child born so the world can be controlled by them”

“Every satellite and devices will be from them and they will control it usage” Sniper explained

“How do you expect them to wipe off everybody and still leave others behind, this story seem unbelievable” Jonas replied

“I think that’s true, I once heard Lucas and Jerry talking about something like controlling humanity” Mad max put in

“Wowwww, that’s why no one is able to access the bavlin database, they are hiding something bigger from us” Jones also added and Jonas seemed confused. Dax was still deep in thinking. Jeff also seemed confused so he averted his gaze to the news showing on the television.

“I think the plan is being delayed because lord bavlin is the only one alive who has full details about the plan” Sniper added

“U think you have to see this” Jeff increased the volume of the television distracting the conversation

“We are still trying to know the cause of it as everyone around this perimeter is dead” The news reporter said focusing the camera on the dead people on the floor. They all died with blood oozing out of their noses.

“We have already contacted the NIC and they are on their way here” the reporter added

“What the f**k!!, Your story was f****ng true” Jonas exclaimed

“This is why I have been thinking all day, they truly started the plan as I predicted” Dax said

“We are not opting out of this mission, we joined you without hesitation because we already wanted to be out of the bavlin organisation but were afraid because there is no escaping from them” Jonas said

“So what do we do about what’s happening?” Jeff asked worried

“You have to join the bavlin for the investigation there so we will know our way forward” Dax said to Jamal as he turned on his laptop

“Sniper and Jones please help me catch signals from there, we have to watch the livestream from here in other to know how it will go with Jamal, Mad max and Jonas will serve as a backup plan for Jamal incase things go south and Jeff will be the driver” Dax explained everyone’s role to him as we waited for the laptop to boot completely.


“That’s was a good job done, did you follow the full plan?” lord bavlin asked Jerry and Ben and they nodded affirmatively

“Now we target a new busy place and hit there hard with explosion this time around” Lord bavlin explained

“But lord, you know you can do all these from the state, and seek my help from Kenya where I was with Lucas so why did you come down to Ghana to do this” Jerry asked Lord bavlin as he couldn’t think about it alone anymore

“Thats very true, I can do all that from the state but not when Dax and sniper is alive. And not when the young assassin and his twin brother are alive” Lord bavlin replied but Ben and Jerry seemed confused

“Dax and his team would have brought the fight to us in the state where they would have gotten the upper hand because the FBI and the CAI would have been willing to work with them. And you can’t afford to joke with the American surveillance. That’s why I came down here” Lord bavlin explained to them.

“Now let’s get back to business” He added as he sensed they understood everything

“By now Dax and his team will join the NIC in the investigation, these attacks will help us avert their plans towards saving humanity while we plan taking them out” Lord bavlin said

“Did you call Belinda?” Lord bavlin asked Ben and he nodded affirmatively

“She agreed to the price and the girls will be available by tomorrow”

“We will be using them for the attacks while we plan the main attack on Dax and his team” Lord bavlin added

“What about the main motive” Jerry asked


“I never wanted to tell you about this mole because he had alot of excuses to defend himself but now I’ve gathered all the evidence needed for ……”

“What the bleep!!!” Mr Kelvin exclaimed

“Go gather ten investigation agents and join them to a location I will send to your GPS navigator” Mr Kelvin said to Forlan averting his gaze to Mr Richard

“What’s going on Kelvin?” The chairman Asked

“someone has released a dangerous gas at an area and everyone present at that time is dead. We have to investigate this sh*t as fast as possible” Mr Kelvin said bringing out his revolver. He arranged the bullets in it well before closing back his laptop and casted a last warning look at Mr Richard before he walked out.


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