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“As we were busy rescuing Jones and sniper, Lord bavlin was also targeting your parents” Dax said directing it to the twins


“Now he has your mother in his custody and he is calling for an exchange” Dax added


“Then what are we waiting for, let’s accept the exchange as quick as possible” Mad max put in


“And also lay down plans to attack them after the exchange” he added


“We ain’t doing that” Dax said shocking everyone


“The woman in question is not a security personnel, she is not trained as we are. And the exchange is not between we and some armature bavlin agents but the lord himself”


“So trying to attack after the exchange will only bring harm to the woman” Dax explained seeing the shocking look on their faces


“And they already know this so don’t you think they will lay an attack on us?” Jonas asked


“Yes, They will surely attack but in a way we won’t expect. Lord bavlin knows me very well, he already know that I won’t attack because of the woman so I will be expecting an attack”


“He won’t attack directly, in almost an unexpected way so we have to expect everything” Dax answered








Mr Kelvin walked into the office to meet everyone behind his table working. He couldn’t wake up early because he slept late working.


“Good morning sir” Almost all the junior agents he encountered greeted him


“Were you able to extract enough information from their devices?” Forlan asked after greeting Mr Kelvin


“yes but there is no message that connects to Richard” Mr Kelvin replied


“He is being careful with them, he only speak to them through protected channels and always advice them to delete the message after reading it” He added


“So we got nothing?” Forlan asked


“We got something but it gives us alot of work to do, We have three other contacts to meet and check out their operations” Mr Kelvin replied


“Why don’t we hack into their device and extract their profiles? Forlan asked again


“That would have been done long time if it was possible. Their numbers and devices are highly encrypted” Mr Kelvin added


“So we need to trail them physically” He added


By this time, they were at the entrance of the executives office.


“Catch up with you later” Mr Kelvin said handing over a bag to Forlan



“Good morning fellow executives” Mr Kelvin greeted as he sat behind his desk


“Morning, you are f****ng late what the f**k happened?” The chairman asked


“I overslept” He answered


“So can you start telling us why you arrested those agents without our consent” Mr Richard asked and Mr Kelvin turned to look at the chairman


“why should I let you know something am doing secretly” Mr Kelvin answered


“So you mean your chairman won’t even hear a word about it?” Mr Richard asked


“Remember I told you that the main mole is within us and is present here, so why should I let the chairman know. What if he is the mole?” Mr Kelvin joked and everyone fell for the joke including Mr James who is always quite


“Don’t tell me you mean it!” Mr James shouted


“Of course I don’t, but anything can happen” Mr Kelvin answered.









All thirty girls of the dragon girls cult gathered in a dark large room which source of light is the computer screen and the projector. They were all claded in a white crop top and a red mini shorts. The leader of the girls typed some commands on the laptop and variety of videos appeared on the projecting screen. She clicked on a particular video and enlarged it. A video of Mad max appeared large on the screen as he walked around the junction for a while.


“Look here” She started explaining


“He was walking around this junction aimlessly. That’s what everyone will say but is not true. He was walking aimlessly while looking for blindspots” She explained to them pausing at intervals to show them Mad max views. They watched as mad max walked into the crowd and disappeared. She switched to another video showing Dax coming out from a building. He disappeared minutes again and was finally seen with ten dragon girls members.


“So you see he wasn’t walking aimlessly as we presumed, he was just looking for the best blindspot to call the girls” The leader said after they watched the video


“So what do you think he want to do with them?” Amanda the second in command asked the leader (Belinda)


“The way he was going about his things I think he is a security personnel or maybe NIC agent” Belinda answered


“Then why will he arrest them secretly if he is truly a security personnel?” Another girl asked


“I think he want to nab us one after the other that’s why he is doing it secretly” Belinda said


“But he know this place why didn’t he come with his colleagues to nab us together?” Another girl asked


“But rather he went with the girls who are loyal to money” The same lady added. Belinda bowed her head trying to fathom the meaning of what mad max did but there was no reasonable answer to her questions.


“I think he is another cult and want a group of girls to join him” Belinda finally came up with an answer


“He want female members for his cult that’s why he came for those who are loyal to money” She added


“So what do you think we should do?” Amanda asked


“What if our assumption is wrong and he arrested them?” She added and another silence eluped the room. Belinda went through the videos for a while but still couldn’t find the part where mad max was leaving with the girls.


“Am damn confused here!!!” Belinda shouted


“we do nothing, they are grown up and trained girls. They should be able to take care of themselves but if we find out that is a betrayal, we go hard on them and anyone involved” Belinda added with a note of finality and walked out of the hall.






Mr Kelvin gathered all the agents at the assembly grounds. He walked through them in an inspection mode.


“Go and unlock the agents we locked up yesterday” Mr Kelvin said to two Marshalls. He walked around the agents for another 30minutes without saying a word. The two marshall returned with the agents who were imprisoned. They have taken their baths and have changed their shirt into their uniform.


“Yesterday I ordered Forlan to do something serious for me because of the moles in this organisation” He began five minutes after the agents Marshalls came back. He directed his gaze towards the agents and could see a little discomfort in their eyes


“And he also carried out the operation well” He added looking towards them in a stylish form


“But I think he overdid it and accused innocent agents who are proud of serving their country” He added and the agents exhaled deeply. He laughed inwardly at their foolishness


“So am very sorry for everything I made you go through yesternight” He said snapping his finger at the agent holding the bag. he walked towards them and hand over their phones to them. They stylishly turned off the phone to avoid being tracked.


“So guys, what do you want me to do to compensate you guys?” Mr Kelvin asked


“As for me I want a day off to heal the pain I felt in the cell” The strange looking agent said


“same here” The other two said in unison


“So be it” Mr Kelvin answered and dismissed the agents.


“Why the f**k did you release them?” Forlan asked a little furious


“Trust me and worry no more” Mr Kelvin answered taking out his phone from his pocket


“I’ve released them and they will soon be out of this building”


He typed into the phone and inserted it back into his pocket.





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