Four girls drrssed in a white crop top with a mini skirt alighted from the uber. The first girl to Step dad down quickly scan the location before placing her hand on her right ear.

“We have arrived” she said into the communicator

“Now you girls should just walk towards the event center and knock on it. If the person that comes out is wearing black shirt and trouser with a Dragon on his right brea$t pocket, just make an excuse and infrom me right away”

“So keep your communicators on and set it to instant voice transmission” Mad max said to the leader

“Roger that” She replied as they made their way towards the event center

The four girls marched towards the event center like twins, they got the attention of a lot of passerby but ignored them and walked towards their target.

The leader ringed the door bell and waited for a minute but no one came out. She rang it got four consecutive times before she heard the door opening from.

“Emmanuella why will you!!!!…” She shouted but couldn’t complete it as a man came out. Dressed in a black shirt with a Dragon on his right brea$t pocket. But he was on a blue jeans.

“Please is Emmanuella inside?” The lady asked

“No we don’t have any Emmanuella here what’s the problem” The guy answered

“We are all going to a party but she we were not around when they were setting the venue and time, so she gave us the venue and the time” she answered

“And she said this is the venue?” The guy asked

“Exactly” The girl nodded affirmatively

“And you don’t know that this event center have been sold to an American business man?” The guy said

“When?!!” The four girls shouted in unison

“Wow so you want to say you didn’t hear it on the news?”

“Or you don’t have television?” The guy asked

“We are from Nigeria, We came to Ghana just yesterday and lodged in Afabof hotel in Kumasi” The leader replied bringing out an Afabof receipt

“Okay bye then” He answered them and closed the door



The men that Lord bavlin called from his center arrived 1hour after the call.

“We have a mission right now, I didn’t tell you earlier because I don’t want someone to leak the information outside”

“Do you remember the young assasin?” The Lord asked and they all nodded affirmatively

“We have his brother at our custody in madina, but they don’t know and by now he is busy finding ways to rescue his twin brother”

“Same time his mother is in cape coast,and but the father is in a remote environment which is difficult to be tracked, so I guess he is in Europe”

“So we are going for the mother right away without delays” The Lord concluded the explanation

“Are you going with us?” The head of the group asked

“Yes, I hate betrayals. And anything can happen so I have to follow you in case I see him there, i will have to put a bullet in his skull by myself” The Lord answered


Dax and his team alighted from the Uber dressed in a birthday party attire they created. They walked around the junction for a while before they directed their way towards the event center. They were all on disguise with a thick make up’s and light beard. Dax knocked on the door when the door bell seem useless to him. He was about knocking when the security opened the door nearly falling Dax.

“What can I do for you?” The gateman asked

“We are here for the birthday party that’s happening tonight” Dax answered in an old man’s voice

“Old men like you won’t get their lazy a$$ down a bit, always looking for a way to impress these young girls with money” The old gateman joked

Dax made a funny move distracting the gate man and Jonas quickly injected him on his neck making fall into slumber. Dax dragged him inside and hid him behind his post. They devided themselves into four different directions.

“Which position is the bug?” Dax asked Mr kelvin through the communicator

“More within the portugal angle” He replied 2minutes later

“Join mad max direction, sniper and Jones are more closer to his position” Dax informed Jeff after switching the communicator to him

He fixed back his gun into its sheath and dashed into the window. He scanned the room immediately he landed before he got up from his lying position. He entered into the main hall and hid behind one of the pillars. Three bavlin agents were sitting comfortably on the sofa watching a football match between Arsenal and Liverpool oblivious of what was going on. Each agent had on the jersey of the team he supports. Another agent entered putting on an Liverpool Jersey shouting “You can never walk alone!!!!!”.

Dax removed a silencer from his waist porch and fixed it to the guns mouth. He came out of the pillar firing four shots successively and they all fell to floor dead. He started searching everywhere room.




Jerry and six agents alighted from a white Mercedes Benz bus. They surveyed the vicinty for 3minutes before they crossed the main role to Jones parents house. Jerry knocked on the door and the old woman opened in 30seconds. All the other agents surrounded the house with a little space between them and the house.

“Good evening mom” Jerry said

“How can I help you young man?” She asked

“At least respond to my greetings” Jerry complained

“Evening, now tell me what you want” the woman asked

“Your sons sent me here” Jerry said

“My sons!! Why will they send you without telling me” The woman asked

“Because they are on a serious mission and the enemies have been able to locate you so he told us to come and take you to safety

“Am not going till I hear my sons voice” The woman said



Forlan walked around the agents assembled. He selected three agents. Two field agents and an IT agent.

“Drop your phones into that box” He said shocking them to the bone

“What does that mean” The IT agent asked

“It means put your phone in that box” Forlan pressed on

They reluctantly dropped it in to the box. He looked into the queue from one line to the other till his eye fell on an agent. Their eye locked up for 30seconds before he averted his gaze but kept watching the agent with his side eye. The agent exhaled deeply which gave him out.

“March forward you!!” Forlan pointed to the agent

“What the f**k” He cursed under his breath

He walked up to Forlan.

“WE ARE THE NATIONAL INVESTIGATION CENTER!!” Forlan shouted but the agent kept quite

“GUNS AND WEAPONS WILL ONLY BREAK MY BONES BUT” Forlan said again but the imposter kept quite

“strip him off his uniform and lock him up in the underground cell. And as for this people detain them and don’t give them access to any device” Forlan said to the prison agents and they led all of them to their separate cells. The assembly was dismissed.

“Am done with it and I actually got some people” Forlan said onto the phone with an anonymous person

“………….” The anonymous man replied from the other end

“I was even planning to bring the phones over to your place” Forlan said

“…………….” The man replied again

“I will bring him along” He replied




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