“They are 1minute drive from you so increase your speed please, save my kids for me and I will do anything” Nadia pleaded through the earphone

“We do this today, and sob tomorrow you hear me?? So watch every movement for me with clear sight and mind” Kamaldeen said focusing on the ride.


“Are you sure you have them in sight?” Kamaldeen asked as he couldn’t process why they were in secluded area

“f**k!!!, Is a trap. Three different vehicles are coming from behind and others from both side. Step out and run else you wii….”

She couldn’t complete her words as six cars came from all directions blocking Kamaldeen in the middle. Kamaldeen quickly wounded up his tinted glasses and brought out his guns and two grenade bomb. He came down from the car with his hands behind his head.

“That’s a good idea. Surrendering your self peacefully but first remove remove that revolver and grenades from your back pocket” James said in a megaphone still in his car. His agents came down from the car and surrounded Kamaldeen. He threw his revolver towards one of the agents. He brought out the granade and stylishly open the cap, He threw it to two different directions towards the agents and swiftly climbed his car and landed behind it using the car as a cover. One of the agents threw a grenade at the car and Kamaldeen quickly made a run off the car but couldn’t go far as he was exposed and three bullets entered his body, the granade exploded busting his brain opened. They entered their cars and zoomed off leaving Kamaldeen and their agents dead bodies behind.



“So your real name is James?” Jerry asked

“Yes am the James that used to look after you guys when you were kids” The Lord replied emotionally

“So what happened to my mom?” Jerry asked

“Am very sorry son but I terminated her” The Lord replied

“Bleep you, how could you ki*ll someone you claim that you loved?” Jerry said bluntly

“No matter how much I love you, the moment you switch on me you have to go” The Lord said in a strong tone

“She should have died long ago but kamaldeen the father of Dax, was protecting her so we just killed him before gaining access to her” He added

“That’s the reason why Dax joined our organization. He joined to seek for vengeance but he never knew that I had his profile before he joined us” He concluded

“So how are we saving my brother, I don’t care whether Dax is his brother or not, all I want is to save my brother. Aside being my brother he is also a good help to the organization” Jerry said

“I already have a plan, sit down” The Lord said to Jerry



“So guys, Lord bavlin is Jerry’s Father and Jerry is Ben’s brother. This same Ben is my brother and Lord bavlin knows that. He also know that I’m aware so he will be thinking I can’t do anything bad to my own brother” Dax started

“Which is true” He added burrying his face in his palm

“So you mean Lord bavlin won’t accept the exchange now” Mad max asked

“Yh, he won’t. The only person who would have accepted it quickly is Jerry, but he don’t have Jones and sniper at his territory” Dax answered

“So what do we do now?” Mad max asked

“we Release him without getting Jones and sniper back?” He added

“Yes” Dax answered bluntly

“What the f**k!!, Dont tell me that you mean you this?” Jeff put in. All these while Jonas was quite thinking about something

“What if we attack the location we decoded tonight that they don’t expect an attack?” Jonas put in

“You are the only person making use of your sense here” Dax accoladed

“I don’t mean to insult you guys but I have to say the truth”

“One thing about this life is that don’t let the quest for something lead you”

“We will be attacking them tonight at that location we decoded, but…

“What if it’s a trap?” Mad max interrupted

“That’s why we’ve got the girls underground, we are sending them first to survey that location. But we will do it like it’s a test for them” Dax put in

“We will contact Mr Kelvin he will give us surveillance and also negotiate for us” Dax explained but they didn’t understand and he saw it but decided to let it slide.



“The mole in this organization is not among the agen..” Mr kelvin paused

“There might be a mole in almost all the department in this building but the one who influenced them is within us right now”

“All the mission that you underwent when I was away were all ssbotaged by the mole. But I don’t plan on exposing him in our mist” He added stealing glances at Mr Richard.

“Am off to my house, If anything comes up just call me” He concluded getting up with his Laptop

“Where the heck are you going? It’s about time you give me the necessary respect as your chairman” The chairman said standing up

“Now man I sit back down let’s analyse something together” The chairman added pushing Mr kelvin back into his chair

“Is it about the bavlin’s? Mr kelvin asked

“Yes, we’ve gotten a link from an anonymous person and the link have been connected together to every movement they made after rescuing their team” The chairman answered

“Am doing this alone and I will select the people I want on my group” Mr kelvin said

“Am sorry but we can’t give you that” The chairman said

“f**k you, why the f**k did you think we will hand over the mission to u”

“so you can inform Agent karim and who ever you work with” Mr Richard said

“So where were you when the attack happened?” Kelvin asked

“Which type of questions is that one?” Mr Richard answered with question panicking under his breath

“I mean didn’t the bavlins see you, They would have shot you because of your Ugly face” Kelvin laughed changing the issue. Mr Richard exhaled deeply

Mr kelvin stole a glance at forlan and their eye met. Kelvin blinked twice nodding his head. Forlan stood up immdediately.

“Please sir I want to excuse my self ” He said while standing up

“We are about to start the planning about we trailing the bavlins movement the day they attacked” The chairman said

“I think we have to listen to Agent kelvin and hand over the mission to him because he is the most experienced agent among us all and qe can’t afford to let the have an idea about how we are going about this” Forlan said

“What the f**k is happening, so you want us to hand over a mission to one person when we are all agents in one organization”

“Wowww” Mr Richard said

“Naaa we are you doing this as a group” The chairman said

“Then I guess am not a part of it so I will be going” Mr kelvin said standing up from the chair for the second time. He walked out ignoring the chairman’s outburst.


“Mr kelvin A K A Madela Montana” Dax hailed on the call

“Dax my boss, I hail you” Mr kelvin hailed from the other end

“Are you out of that building?” Dax asked

“Yh yh, Will you go on the mossion?” Mr kelvin asked

“Yes and I will want you to be proposing the exchange deal with them while you give us surveillance” Dax answered

“Roger that boss, I might add another person to help me with the surveillance, you know am not too good with it” Mr kelvin said

“Then please call a trusted person let him or her be operating from home and be giving us feeds and links” Dax said

“So can the four of you pull this off?” Mr kelvin asked

“Yes but it mostly depends on the surveillance man” Dax said

“We are preparing our weapons so please make contact to the person right away” Dax pleaded

“Right away boss” Mr kelvin replied

“What’s up with the boss man” Dax complained

“Hurry up with the preparation kiddo” Mr kelvin said hunging up the call

Dax and the remaining team started selecting their weapons. Dax selected two fast pistols and two knives with three greanade bomb and a granade gas. Every other person selected his weapon.

“Mad max you can now send the girls to the location for their assignment” Dax said




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