“So you truly planted him on me knowing very well that I will detect him easily” Dax said

“Bleep you Dax!!” The Lord shouted

“Is that what you are supposed to say?” Dax said with confidence

“Of course, I know you detected him because of them but trust me, if you touch him they are also gone” The Lord said

“f**k you Lord bla bla bla, So you mean you have forgotten me so soon?” Dax asked

“You ain’t part of the bavlin so why should I still remember you and your bullshits?” The Lord quizzed

“Well am given you guys an opportunity to redeem him your self” Dax said making a mocking gesture with his hand

“bring back my boys for him” He added ending

“What the bleep!!” The Lord shouted

“So he hunged up on me?” He added

Jerry stood fix waiting the lords word about the exchange but it seemed nothing was coming up so he decided to speak up

“Sir, please…”

“Am thinking” The Lord interrupted him keeping him quite

“I don’t think we will accept to the proposal” The Lord said shocking Jerry

“We have to use his friends against him rather than Releasing them to him” The Lord said

“Sir please my brother is in danger here, and you are saying we should hurt his friends whom he don’t care about one bit?” Jerry said

“Well, Thanks I will do this my way” He added

“Jerry don’t be a fool!! You are not the only person wishing to get Ben back. But Agent Dax is trying hard to hide the pain he feels about his friends, so we have to use them against him to get Ben back” The Lord said

“I think I will have to do this my way” Jerry said walking away

“Don’t put yourself in trouble my son!!” The Lord shouted when Jerry was about to open the door. He paused a bit and turned back.

“What did you just say?” Jerry asked

“Who is your son?” He added

“You are both my sons. I gave birth to you both” The Lord answered

“no no no, this can’t be true, You can’t be my father” Jerry said

“Your mom knew everything about me and I loved her but she never allowed me to see you when you were a child” The Lord said.



“James please understand that I can’t let you see the boy talk Bless of touching him” Nadia said to James

“At least let me know the name you gave to him. Am begging of you” James pleaded on the phone

“His name is Jerry and don’t try to trace this call because am using a public phone and the baby is not with me” Nadia replied James

“Trust me I won’t add him to the organization, do you think it was my will to join this organization?, I was forced to join it” James replied

“James please it’s enough I don’t want you to see the boy and I don’t want to even see you myself” Nadia said and hunged up the call.

“What the f**k!!!” James exclaimed typing on the laptop very fast.

“Bleep you Nadia, I will find and take my son” James said to himself getting.



“Sir I have seen a figure like her in kenya” James hacker said to him typing on the keyboard

“Let me see” James said trying to lean over the hacker’s shoulder

“I’ve sent it to your laptop” The hacker said to James

“That’s her, we go there tomorrow”


“Hey, where did you go?” Mr kamaldeen asked Nadia

“I went to a children’s home” She replied

“What for?” He asked again

“I sent Jerry and our new born child there”Nadia replied

“Why the hell did you do that?” Kamaldeen exclaimed

“Why the f**k will you send my son there?” He added completely losing his cool

“You told me the first time we met that you are a security personnel from Ghana and you are here on a mission but you ended up impregnating. Do you want me to keep that child?”

“The guilt is too much for me anytime I see the kids” Nadia answered

“There is no guilt in this, that your husband doesn’t love you he only want to put you in troubles. But the little days we’ve spent made me fall in love with you”

“Because of you I haven’t returned back to Ghana since I completed the mission”

“Now your going out have blown off our cover, By now they are on their way here” Kamaldeen said

“Who and how did I blow off my cover

“Your husband and his boys. They saw you when you at the junction but they wont know where you went from there unless they do alot of digging. So …” He paused to think

“They are on their way to the children’s home” Kamaldeen said standing up.

He opened his laptop which was on the dinning table. He opened the Surveillance app on his laptop and waited for some seconds for it to boot.

“you need to create an account before you can surf this app”
This text showed up on the screen after booting

“My account have been frozen, I think they are on the move tell me the location so I can go there now and save the kids” Kamaldeen said but Nadia seem reluctant for a while

He opened the street cameras and checked all the footages but there was none looking suspicious, He turned the laptop to her face

“Look into it and..”

“Here, that’s one of his cars. Please help me he will turn my kids to cold killers” Nadia pleaded crying

Kamaldeen quickly got up and searched through his weapons, He selected his best weapons and stormed out.



Three vehicles landed at the vicinity and all the agents in the vehicles came out of it strapped up with guns and weapons. They rushed into the children’s room and the leader walked to the attendant.

“Good morning madam, Yesterday someone brought two boys here, one is four years and the other was just born. They are my kids give them to me peacefully or we do it by force. The choice is yours to make” The leader said to her. He intentionally pull out his gun and cleaned the edge with a white handkerchief. The woman started shaking at the sight of the gun.

“Th the they a ar are ca cal called je je..”

“Stop stammering the gun will not touch you if you comply and I can see you are complying”

“But mind you the alarm is not functioning, I took care of it before coming here” He added pressing the alarm but nothing sounded.

She walked over to where the kids were and showed them the kids.

“Hurry up kamaldeen is fast approaching, we need to lure him to a secured place and deal with him” James voice sounded through the leaders ear.

“Guys hurry let’s move!!” He shouted instead of answering the voice.

They picked the the kids and stormed out with them. The leader sat Ben into the babies scot and James sat Jerry beside him in a different car and zoomed off.


Kamaldeen arrived at the vicinity in his car and rushed into the children’s room. He rushed over to the attendant.

“Did a group of boys come here for the kids who were…

“They are on their way out out, with the kids in the car” Nadia’s voice sounded in his ear.

With Full speed, he rushed out to his car and zoomed off



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