“Where is the bas***d” Dax asked after taking his bath

“But you did well oo, I never knew you had this ability” Sniper laughed and everybody joined the laughter excluding Jamal and Ben who are oblivious of what they are talking about

“Don’t f****ng tell me that you were watching the fight” Dax said expressionless

“Am afraid I did” Sniper answered laughing more and distancing himself from Dax
“Why are you running come near me?” Dax joked

“The way I would have given you superman, you will never wake” He added

“But don’t you think it’s time to train us more like yourself” Jonas put in

“What I did back there wasn’t from training it was ability” Dax explained

“We have to deal with the fool first before we go to that” Dax added looking at sniper

“we are done” Sniper answered understanding the stare.

“I think we have to visit some couple in tamale” Dax said

“But I think this is not the real profile” Sniper doubted

“Why are you saying soo” Dax asked

“Why is his family members at tamale when he haven’t been there before and his root can’t be traced there either” Sniper voiced out

“The possibility that this is real is high” Dax said

“Everybody knows what he does in Kenya right?, So he have to keep his family from him so that they wont see him” Dax explained

“And when he send them abroad, every one can easily pull out their whereabouts from his profile. So he have to bring them where no one will suspect. So I think we should try this”.Dax said and turned to every other person but they all nodded in affirmaty.


“What the f**k did you say happened back there” The NIC chairman asked Forlan who is soaked in blood

“I think all the other agents are dead too, we walked right into a trap and I was damn lucky to escape and the scaly bulletproof also helped me” Forlan explained

“What f****ng trap are you talking about” The chairman asked

“They were watching us right from when we got out from our vehicle at a blind spot” Forlan started explaining

“So if that place was a blind spot how the f**k did they get eyes there” The chairman intercepted

“Stephen discovered it but couldn’t tell us because the service in all the houses were sabotaged.

“Woww this is beginning to sound like there is a mole in this organization” The chairman said

“Go treat yourself we will have to fish out the mole Tomorrow” The chairman said resting his back on the chair


“I guess it’s time you start telling me everything about the NIC organization” An unknown person said to the NIC agent tied to the chair

“you know am not saying sh*t to you, so you better safe the stress and ki*ll me fast” the NIC agent said to the unknown man

“For the last time, …”

“Am not saying sh*t. Bleep yourself” the NIC agent interrupted. The unknown man made a sign language to one of his boys and he went out of the room. Three minutes later, he returned with a syringe and a drug in a container and handed it over to the Boss. The unknown man opened the container and withdraw some of it’s content into the syringe and injected the NIC agent with it.

“Now tell me what I want to know?” He asked the dizzy looking agent.




Dax and the team sat on the king size bed with two laptops on it operated by sniper and Jones.

“Are you guys still wondering why we have Jeff with us today” Dax asked but everybody kept mute

“You all know that we only got Lucas meaning Jerry is still out there and probably putting down measures against us”

“Lucas and Jerry are highly trained bavlin agents and not mere drug lords so by now Jerry already knows our next move” Dax said

“How” Jonas interrupted with a question

“Between the duo, Jerry is the intelligent one so he will probably link everything together. Maybe by now he is done linking them” Dax answered with more confusion and he saw it on their faces

“We are the only rogue bavlin agents alive. And probably the only people who could pull off that operation”

“Although we were disguised but our pattern of the operation is similar to the bavlins and he was watching us”

“By this time he has eyes on the house and cameras inside and outside the house waiting for us” Dax said

“Why will he go for that house?” Jeff who have been in the dark for a long time asked

“Lucas is a tough guy and won’t bend to pain even when we try that. And Jerry already knows that so he will search for Lucas vulnerability which is his mother” Dax replied but Jeff was still in the dark.

“Why will he search for Lucas vulnerability?” Jeff asked

“Don’t be dumb!! When he cannot bend to pain what do you think will make him weak?” Dax asked Jeff

“I think someone close to him” Jeff answered

“it’s not what you think that’s the truth. So he knows qe will go for someone close to Lucas that’s why he has eyes on that house” Dax explained to the satisfaction of all of them. Including Jonas and Jones who were just pretending that they understand

“Lucas has a company that always deliver foodstuff in bunch to his mother and tomorrow is the day she will receive her stuffs” Dax started the mission plan

“Your mission here is to disguise as a representative of the company and send those stuffs to her” Dax explained it to him

“So what next?” Jeff asked

“It will be forwarded to you later” Dax said to him



The chairman and his executives gathered all the agents including their head Forlan.

“Where is Agent Kamaldeen Jamal?” The chairman asked

“Right here!!” Jamal answered from the door entering inside

“Now too all should bring out your phones and drop it on this table” The chairman said pointing at a table beside Stephens table. And they all brought out their phones and placed it on the large table.

“You are all going to wait here till we access all your devices once your device is accessed, you start work today” The chairman said


A young looking man with franaj company t-shirt on a black pair of jeans and a white air force shoe with a well fitted cap on it covering his face. He knocked on the ash painted giant door. Few minutes later, The gate man opened the gate and the young man walked in.

“”Am a representative of the franaj company, your madam’s usual customer is not feeling well so I have been chosen to represent her” The young man said to the gate man

“She is inside” The gate man said

Jeff walked into the room with the foodstuffs in his hand.

“Good morning madam” Jeff greeted still with the foodstuffs in his hand.

“Morning, where is my client” She asked

“He is not feeling well so I have been chosen to represent him” Jeff answered and touched his right ear activating the communicator in his ear

“Okay so is my son aware of it” She asked

“Yes mom you can call him to verify” Jeff said

“Am in” he said under his breath

“No need offload…” She couldn’t complete her statement when her phone started ringing

“Hey Lucas how are you?” The woman asked

“Am cool what about you” The reply came from the other end

“Have you seen the new delivery guy?” The person on the other end asked

“Yes he is right in front of me” she answered

“Please follow him right after he deliver the stuffs to you, he will send you to my commander in ghana’s house” The person.said to her on the phone

“Why son, I love this house” She protested

“Some bad guys are after me and they have traced me to you” The person replied

“so hurry up and follow him” The person instructed and ended the call

“My son….”

” I already know so stand up let’s go” Jeff said standing up and feeling the gun behind him with his hand

Jeff and Lucas mom walked to the gate the climbed on top of Jeff’s bike and zoomed off towards where his car was parked and they entered inside. Few minutes into the ride Jeff realised someone is trailing them.

“Commander we are being trailed” Jeff said into the communicator.

“Now we switch to the escape plan” Dax replied Jeff



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