As he was about to exit the”INDEPENDENT CELL” Folder he saw a new video saved from their mainsystem. He clicked on the video and the independent cell section came on the screen. For 30seconds, everything was normal so he rewind the video for another 30seconds before three bavlin agents stormed the independent cell section and went straight to Agent Jamal’s cell.

“Now let’s annalyse something here” Mr kelvin said setting up the big projector. He finished setting it up and projected the video onto it. He rewind the video for 56seconds and decreased the speed of the video. Soon, The three bavlin agents came onto the screen. They went straight to Agent Jamal’s cell but couldn’t see him in so they separated themselves and searched everywhere in the cell but couldn’t find him so they left.

“Now you see, these people had their plans already but I think someone gave them the information that we are vulnerable now so they should attack” Mr kelvin analysed the video carefully.




Lord bavlin could be seen pacing up and down thinking deeply.

“How the f**k did Agent Dax knew we were gonna go after his brother in the cell?” He said to himself but it was loud enough for his hacker to hear.

“Sir from information that I’ve gathered, He works with his brother so I think he needs him that’s yy he saved him from the cell” The hacker by name Isssac said to the lord

“No that’s not the case here, Dax doesn’t need alot of hands to help him in a mission. He always did everything with sniper but now he have two different people on his side making them four which is too plenty for him so he don’t need Jamal now”

“And he know every rule of the NIC so if it wasn’t for our mission that a mole leaked to him, he would have left him there to our reach” The lord explained

“But him going out helped us capture sniper and Jones alive” Isaac put in

“You don’t understand how this thing work do you?” Lord bavlin asked Isaac

“forcus on your work an leave me the f**k alone!!” He braked at him

“Contact Jerry for me” He added in a cool voice



Dax dragged the laptop in front of him closer and started typing on it with speed. Je entered some commands into the laptop and a tracking software opened. The software loaded for some minutes before a white graph with the world map on it opened. He entered some commands before two red dots started blinking in a location. He zoomed that area but shockingly the dot was in portugal.

“What the f**k!!!” Dax exclaimed standing up. He sat back down and zoomed the other dot and it was also in Argentina.

“Wow Lord bavlin have stepped in this” He said again

“”What the f**k!!. Why and how?” Jonas asked entering into the control room

“How did it go?” Dax asked ignoring Jonas question. Lord bavlin is a dangerous man and almost everybody is afraid of him except him (Dax) so he didn’t want to put fear in his heart

“Yes, I met mad max on the mission and we completed it together” Jonas replied

“So many girls and boys did you get?” Dax asked

“Five girls and five boys, they are all good fighters but needs alot of training and intelligence” Jonas replied

“So we keep them underground so they can be training towards the mission at stake” Dax said

“How much is in my account?” Dax asked trying his best to make Jonas interested in the topic so he can forget the latar question.

“You 100million dollars in all the four accounts” Jonas replied

“It seem I saved alot during my days in the bavlin” Dax said and Jonas laughed lightly. He.didn’t laugh because of what Dax said but he laugh because of the way Dax was acting. Dax won’t be talking too much when there is a mission at stake but here is this dax talking too much.

“We will give each and everyone of them 1million dollars and will also feed them whiles they are undergoing training” Dax said to Jonas

“How far with the tracking?” Jonas asked

“To no avail, the locations I got are Argentina and Portugal” Dax expressed his pain

“That’s the job of Lord bavlin” Jonas answered but Dax kept quite

“This means he is in this country. That also means the bavlin are in this country” Jonas said

“The battle just began” Jonas said

“But sniper and Jones will be our biggest problem now” Dax said with alot of pain in his heart

“I know how to locate them” jonas said. Mad max entered into the room with Jeff.

“How?” Dax asked

“I think the country it’s a code” Jonas said

“Argentina and portugal” Dax said

“A and P doesn’t make any sense. So I don’t think it’s a co….” Dax was saying when an idea came into his mind

“Who is the popular person in Argentina?” He asked

“Messi” Jeff answered from where he was sitting playing soccer on a laptop.

“What about portugal?” He added

“Ronaldo” Jeff answered again

“M for madina and R for Ramziya junction, now between Madina and Ramziya junction there are three buildings” Dax said typing very fast on the keyboard.

“One building is a very big event center known as “DOOR EVENT” but it’s now sold to some unknown company. The other two are normal houses” He said still typing on the keyboard.

“There is no underground tunnel in all the two houses so there is no way Lord bavlin will work in those places” Dax explained everything to them.

“So that event center is their new operating center?” Jonas asked

“Yh, It has two different underground tunnels which lead in and out of the event center so I think that’s where he will operate” Dax said

“What if it’s not a code?” Mad max asked

“It’s a code and I’ve eavedropped on him plenty times communicating to Isaac about it and he never wanted us to know about it and how he does it” Jonas replied

“Now we send a proposal to them. They release Sniper and Jones for Ben” Dax said

“Do you think they will accept the proposal?” Jonas asked

“With speed, Ben is a senior agent and needed by the organization” Dax said

“But there is one thing that will help us” Dax added

“What’s that?” Jonas asked

“Ben is Jerry’s brother so we can easily win the proposal through Jerry” Dax said


Jerry rushed into Lord bavlin’s Room with a phone in his hand connected to a small device shaped like a phone but with a rectangular small screen with compass on it.

“Sir, am sorry for entering without knock I think you have to see something” Jerry said handing over the two devices to him. Lord bavlin looked into the small device first before directing his gaze to the phone. At first he couldn’t understand what was going on till he saw Agent Dax with an iron cane in his hand. It was a video call. The camera went to Ben’s face.

“What the f**k!!!” The Lord shouted standing up from his seat.





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