Dax went out out of the vehicle and walked around the targetted house to check all the doors and windows the house has.

“Guys we all have to get dress in the NIC office and wait for them here, immediately they barge into the house we will also get to action” Dax started explaining the details to them.

“You all will have to join the NIC agents but do not get close to them for a long time,they might be able to recognise you. I will stay behind incase they try to escape with the president through a different exit, then I take care of them” Dax explained more

“but why are you so sure that the NIC will come” Mad max asked in a distrust tone

“Trust me if Forlan truely heard the interrogation,he will be here soon” Dax replied and started dressing as everybody was also dressing.


“They are here already” Dax said waking up from the little slumber he had.

“how did you know and beside they are not here” Jones asked

“long distance hearing and instinct” Dax replied

Few minutes later, the NIC van entered the vicinity and was parked at a distance from the and they all jumped out of the vehicle.

“go,go,go ” Forlan shouted in low tones directing everybody to his position. Within a second the whole building was surrounded in a seconds. Forlan together with ten other agents barged into the room immediately.

Dax’s team also joined the NIC agents surrounding the house, Mad max quickly walked out of the queue and also barged into the house facing his gun at every corner of the house and listening carefully for any unsual sound. The house was damn quite like there was no one in the house.

“sir take your left they are in an underground bunker at the far end” Stephen said to Forlan through the earphone in his ear

“Gracia” he appreciated walking slowly and listening carefully to any unsual sound.

“open the bunker now” Forlan ordered stephen and the bunker opened almost immediately.

They entered into the bunker slowly in order not to alert anybody about their arrival.

“Sir please get out of the bunker now, they are watching you and are probably gonna sabotage the syst….” Stephen couldn’t complete his statement as the connection went dead and the bunker got locked automatically. for twenty Bavlin agents quickly came out with guns surrounding the agents.

“Sir, They have truely sabotaged the connections in this bunker am only being able to talk to you through the bug sniper created for us” Mad max said in low tones to Dax

“I knew this sh*t will happen, The Bavlin ain’t got alot of strategies. Just plant the micro bug( a small bug which has video and audio recorder) anywhere I will let sniper take over soon am coming inside now” Dax said and switch the bug telecom to Sniper.

“Blood,they’ve successfully sabotaged the services and connections in the underground bunker and max have planted the bug,come and take over lemme go inside” Dax said to sniper

“Right away” sniper replied and walked towards the gate of the house as if he is checking something, he went to the left side again. With the fake survey he run out of the scene without being noticed. All the NIC agents were waiting for a permission from Forlan to be able to act.

“Hey guys there is a big problem, Forlan and the first team have been stranded in the bunker, so you have to go into the house now ajd survey the whole room till I find a way to open the bunker” Stephen said to the NIC agents who quickly rushed inside the house.

Agent dax also entered into the house with his berret riffle and four different pistols in his waist porch.

“Hoq many minutes will it take you to open the bunker from there” Dax asked sniper

“Two to three minutes but since the bunker gate was jammed, it will reclose in 30 seconds” sniper explained

“hope you can reopen it when its time to come out of the bunker” Dax asked

“The position of the bug isn’t even good so plant a different one but at the left side of the bunker so that I can open it when you are about to come out” Sniper said to Dax

“Drop all your weapons here” Dax heard from mad max end.

“Obey him am on my way now” Dax assured mad max

You all should lie down face flat” Dax heard again

“Jerry bring the handcuffs” The same voice said again

“It will be open in 5seconds time” sniper said to Dax through the bug telecom.

Dax on hearing this quickly rushed towards the bunker.


“Hey Stephen, you and your boss Forlan are stubborn as sh*t. I warned you not to interfere but here you are with your boss being locked in the bunker. Listen well, send your best agents towards the bunker now. I will open it in few seconds and it will reclose by itself. Do it now” Sniper said to stephen with the cloned mad max voice.


Dax rushed to the bunker to meet five NIC agents there.

“now” sniper said through the bug telecom.

Dax quickly pushed the bunker door slightly but fast and entered with the NIC agents before it got closed.

“hey listen here. We are going to save the guys stuck here and apprehend the bad guys, make sure you sh00t accurately in order not to sh00t any hostage here. And don’t try anything stupid with me else you won’t leave here alive” Dax threatened and they all took different directions.

Dax quickly fixed a silencer on his gun and shot the first guard in view, he rushed and hid behind the guards wall and shot another guard.

“Where is mad max located” Dax said in a low tone to sniper

“opposite end of your position now” sniper answered.

Dax quickly check all the corners around him with his eyes and caught glimpse of where the Bavlin agents are hiding. He came out from behind the wall but fired three quick shots and the three agents dropped down dead with the bullet in their foreheads. He swiftly dashed forward as he heard the sound of footsteps approaching his direction, he hid behind a wall and peep to survey the place. He saw five Bavlin agents at his previous place,he quickly fired three quick shots towards them but they swiftly bend down and dodged the bullet.

“Hey we are the NIC agents” Jamal,the most intelligent and strongest among them said to the hearing of Dax but in a low tones.

Dax came out of his hiding position walking towards them while pointing his gun at them. He got to them and checked them out before talking to them.

“Now let’s go rescue the guys” Dax said to them

“so who are you” Jamal asked

“that’s not necessary now let’s save them and get outta here now” Dax replied Jamal and walked forward with them following him attentively. Here all their senses were working very well.

They got to where the Bavlin have handcuffed the guys and had forced them to lie down flat with their faces on the floor.

“Chairman, ain’t this the guy who was once spotted with Dax and sniper on several occasions” Ben asked the chairman pointing to max.

Twenty Bavlin agents surrounded the cuffed guys with the chairman of the Bavlin organization in Ghana and banabas one of his executives sitting in front of them. Far end left side was a cage with their hostages in it.

“This guy looks familiar” banabas said to the chairman

“yes he worked with the president. He is the presidents head of security” the chairman replied

“I know that one but it’s like I know him somewhere else” Banabass said again

“Gentleman raised your head” the chairman said but Ben rather raised his head. The president stared intently at his face for a while.

“isn’t he the guy that use to work for toxic and poison in kenya” the chairman asked

“so you saved those motherfuckers right” the chairman asked Mad max

“You are the real mother fucker here, how can you betray someone who have been serving your organisation for years” Mad max shouted back at the chairman

“You commited a sin with only death as a punishment” the chairman replied him and ordered Ben to strap him against the wall.

Ben raised mad max up and dragged him towards the strap board, as he was about to put the shackles on mad max hand, a bullet lodged in to his arm making him wince in pain. Mad max quickly kicked him in the face and took Ben’s gun out of it’s sheadth.

“I like you, u don’t deserve this organization because at last you will be betrayed just like Sniper and dax. I also used to work with the Bavlin drug lords in kenya but they also betrayed me. It was just like this. Dax told me what I am telling you now but I thought it was a lie. I saved them and in return they also saved me from the Bavlin. So think about it and reach out to me if you want to talk to me” Mad max said to Ben giving him a code.

“that’s my number” Mad max said and walked away.

Mad max fired three quick shots at the bavlin agents taking them by surprise. The chairman fired a shot to his direction but he swiftly rolled over to a different swerving the stray bullet that followed the shot.

Banabas also directed a shot towards Dax but he took cover and release a shot swiftly, it was too sudden for Banabass to dodged completely as the bullet meant to lodge in his belly lodged into his arm, he losed grip of his gun and another entered his leg, he fell down on his but.

Mad max shot three bavlin boys simultaneously while changing position. Forlan on seeing the shootout drugged himself behind a wall for cover.

Mad max fired a different set of shots at the chairman and followed it with another shot. The chairman was lucky to dodge the first three shot but unlucky as the last shot entered into his belly making him fall on his butt with a cry. Mad max rushed him with a handcuff and cuffed him and Bananass. He picked their guns and handed it over to Forlan after locking his hand cuff.

By this time all the Bavlin agents were down dead except the chairman and banabass. Mad max helped Forlan and the other guys unlock the cuffed NIC agents handcuff.

“Sniper open the bunker door for me now” Dax said to sniper

“right away” sniper replied

“Let Jones and Jonas execute the escape plan” Dax said to sniper

“why” sniper asked

“we will talk later” Dax replied

“It’s open” sniper informed and Dax pushed it open and came out of the bunker.

“where is the president” Forlan asked

“here” Ben replied pointing a gun at his head. Forlan on seeing this swiftly dragged the chairman up and pointed a gun at his head too

“stop this act because it’s not funny. Why are you acting like a pu$$y man” Ben said

“you know if we are to ki*ll them Now you will be under pressure for the presidents death” Ben laughed. All the NIC agents pointed their guns at Ben and the president.

“Mr president say your last wish” Ben said to the president and there came a loud bang. Someone was shot.




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