The Young Assassin – Episode 1

The Young Assassin�

Written by: Adam Sumaila

Episode 1

Jonas and Jones landed at the KOTOKA international airport holding their luggages in their hands and looking around as if they are in a zombie land. Jonas brought out his phone and checked the time and it was 3pm Ghana time,they adjusted their face cap to cover their faces well before entering the cab waiting for them.

“Ashaiman lorry park” Jones said to the cab driver looking into the Samsung tablet in his hand

“it’s 50Ghana cedis” The cab driver told them.

“Don’t worry we will pay you” The twins said



“hello mom” Jonas said into the mouthpiece of the phone in this hands

“hello jonas” their mom recognized the voice immediately.” what’s this country code I’m seeing” she added

“mom is a long story we are at the Ashaiman lorry park please come and take us home” Jonas said

“explain to me “she replied in a typical Ghanaian habit. reluctant to go and pick them unless she gets an explanation.

“Then I guess we will stay here till forever” Jonas replied stubbornly

“Wait for me there am coming to pick you guys up” she replied them calmly when she was suppose to be angry

30 minutes later

A woman cladded in all white dress walked up to the twins from their left side.

“Jonas and Jones,what are you guys doing in this country when you are supposed to be in the United States”their mom asked with a worried look on her face

“hmmm mom it’s a long story,I guess we should reach home first” Jonas replied


40 minutes later

After eating,they all gathered at the center table.

“Now talk to me,why are you guys here”their mom asked

“mom the united states ain’t easy oo”Jones started”especially in their education sector.They will treat you ruthless when you are black”Jones explained

“there is this of boys in our school who used to bully us because we are black,it went on till last month.last month we decided to fight them back and we won,it made them angrier and they started threatening us.just last week,they game to our house with a lot of peole carrying guns our only saviour is the exit behind our house” They lied to the woman making sure she believed the lie at all cost.

“this is real bad,then I guess you will have to stay here till you think is safe then u go back”their mom replied and got up

In the twins room

“she bought the lie real quick”Jonas laughed

“offcourse hecause am the master planner behind it”Jones praised himself



Jonas and Jones are unidentical twins,you can’t identify them individually.They have the same height,the same body size but Jonas pink lip is more vibrant than Jones and Jonas fair colour is more lighter than Jones making people pick Jones as the handsome one. Jonas is known for his pride and ego,he is too proud of himself whiles Jones always praised himself when he does something good.



“And i contributited to the story”Jonas frowned playfully

“But i wrote all the story line and if i could remember i said am the master planner behind it I didn’t say i did alone”Jones replied laughing

“bleep you i knew you will win”jonas laughed walking towards his briefcase which contains their ammunitions.

“brother,i think the Bavlin organization want to burry us with this mission”Jones said after disconnecting the Bavlin organization from watching them

“why are you saying this”Jonas asked his brother sitting well. Because how brother’s advice is not to be taken for granted

“How can the Bavlin organization give us a mission without giving us a tip,and you know the last time they did that we lost agent dax and Agent sniper.Since then their bodies have not been found and Lord Bavlin has ended the search for their bodies.If agent dax and Agent sniper, were killed by mere drug lords,how the do we expect to ki*ll a whole president of the Ghana with this number of security around him.

“I have also considered that but I think Agent dax and Agent sniper were too confident that they can pull off the mission which made them die”Jonas replied

“And will you believe that the Bavlin board has a what’s app group encrypted with a heavy code created by Russians,anyone who tries to break it will die in the process” Jones said

“And how the f**k did you know”Jonas asked

“agent dax gave it to me and told me to work on it with a public network in other to be caught”Jones replied

They continued to conserve about the mission till they all fell asleep.



Agent dax and Agent sniper, are the best group the Bavlin organization has produced over the years. Agent dax was the mercenary while sniper was a hacker but as time goes on,dax thought sniper how to handle guns and martial arts.Sniper became perfect in the use of sniper rifle and hand to hand combat but not as dax.They always step in the field together and dax does full combat whiles sniper fight and also check surveillance at the same time. This made them the face of the Bavlin organization,but they died in a mission to stop 3 drug lords in Kenya.



Next 3weeks,The twins got enrolled in a private university ANGEL UNIVERSITY at kokomlemle in Accra. They completed their registration process and were assigned to a room with a room member Jeffery but Jeff for short.

“bros so how was the states”Jeff asked the twins. They were at the school’s entertainment center,where people were having fun,couples were dancing together whiles the singles dances alone or take a drink for themselves.

“for short I will say the states is a heaven on earth”Jonas laughed

“you will have to be there one day”Jones added laughing more

“maybe when all is said and done at will take u there”Jonas added

“so how do you see the Ghana girls”Jeff asked them

“They are just thicker than the girls in the state but as for facial beauty, f**k it” Jonas replied meaning the states girls are more beautiful facially than the Ghana girls

“This one catches my attention”Jones pointed toward’s a girl dancing alone

“what the bleep,this is Laura’s replica”Jonas said

“who is Laura”Jeff asked

“the only girl I love” Jones said

“so u love”Jeff asked and Jonas laughed

Jones ignored them and walk towards the girl.

“hi i’m Jones can I dance with you”Jones said

“cool”the girl accepted and they started dancing,the dance intense to a point that Jones started rocking the girl whiles the girl also twerk hard on his cucumber

Few minutes into the dancing,a group of people entered the hall and peole started hailing them and while making hand gestures towards them. The girl tried to walk away but Jones held get to himself. The guy who look like their leader walked up to Jones and the lady.

“so you are the courageous guy rocking my only source of entertainment”McCarthy said to Jones

“Please who are you because am already having a good time so excuse me”Jones replied but before he could turn back to hold the girl,a heavy blow landed on this face and he staggered back,Jonas on seeing quickly rushed towards McCarthy and held his hand before his blow could touch Jones and delivered a kick to his face. McCarthy staggered back due to the impact of the kick. Nine boys quickly surrounded Jones and Jonas except McCarthy who is yet to recover from the kick.

soon blows and groans could be heard among them and Jones and Jonas were the deliverers whiles McCarthy’s boy’s received.The twins were using their skills acquired from Bavlin more.

In 3 minutes time,McCarthy’s boy’s were scattered on the floor with broken arms

“we are sparing you because you are their leader in order for you to change your mind” Jonas warned and they walked towards Jeff

“why didn’t you follow the running crowd”Jones aked

“do you want me to run and leave you behind”Jeff asked

“but your stay added added nothing to our fight” Jonas said

“guys i will meet you in our room am going to urinate down there”Jeff said and walked away

The twins walked carelessly and tiredly into their room without suspicion but immediately they could take off their shirt,i plank hit their head and they passed out together







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