A shot was released from a BERRET M25 sniper riffle straight into the skull of the Bavlin guy who stepped forward to collect Dax’s and his men weapons. Dax on seeing this swiftly sprung to action firing three shot at a time to three directions and killed three people at the same time. Jones,mad max and sniper quickly run for cover leaving Dax at the mercy of the Bavlin boys shot but Dax was swift to dodge the bullet that was to lodge into his forward. Another sniper shot was released and the bullet lodged straight into a bavlin guy beside Ben forehead. Ben on seeing this quickly took cover behind a big tree and crawl out of the scene without being noticed since everyone was in action.

Five minutes into the fight twenty Bavlin men were dead and five with bullet lodged in their arms and legs Whiles on Dax team Jones alone had a bullet at the side of his belly so took cover behind a tree to catch his breath.

“Mad max,take him to the hospital. with your ID u can get him treated easily. Stay and look after him, immediately they complete his treatment for today, take him out of the hospital and clear all the footages in the hospital CCTV junk card” Dax said to mad max.

“one more thing,don’t leave any trace behind especially where you are going from the clinic” Dax added while shooting at the Bavlin guys.


Over fifty Bavlin men are on the ground, majority dead while the less needed treatment in other to stay alive.

“we can’t wipe off our fingerprints from the house with ninhydrin because the police will catch up with us when we try that. so so sniper throw three granade gas containing ninhydrin into the house” Dax said to sniper who quickly rush to carry out the operation.

“That’s a good shot” Dax praised Jonas who has a sniper riffle in his hand and he blushed

FLASH BACK (after Dax took Jonas from the school infirmiry)

“Hope you are good today” Dax asked Jonas

“Yes am feeling better,due to your drugs” Jones appreciated

“How did you make that drug” he added

“That’s the topic for now” Dax lashed at Jonas

“Jonas what’s the progress u have made on the presidents case, since you started and whats did the Bavlin gave you the brief introduction about the mission?” Dax asked Jonas

“They didn’t give me any information concerning the mission and am Damn behind in this mission” Jonas started

“since the first attempt that failed, we’ve never made an headway and the NIC are on trail” he further explained

“I know,that’s why I formed that explosion to distract the Bavlin and the NIC and take you away” Dax said to him

“The Bavlin ain’t what you think they are,they gave us a mission in kenya not knowing they were the people we were going to fight. They setted us up and we nearly lost our life in burning fire” Dax said showing him the kelloids formed from the fire on his body.

“how did you escape the Bavlin’s trap” Jones asked

“That’s a story for another day,right now they will go after your brother since the bug is off your body. Because they knew you have gone rogue immediately the bug was off your body” Dax explained to Jonas

“So how do we locate Jones?”Jonas asked

“Sniper has been able to find a loophole in the bug and has been able to create a link with it for us we can watch him anytime from here” Dax said bringing out his iPad.

“holy sh*t,He is being followed already. you have to rescues your brother from them” Dax said to Jonas

“what’s the plan” Jonas asked

“You will have to stay somewhere around sowutuom and watch them.Immediately he takes a lonely road with them on his tail,ambush him and let mad max carry to a hideout where he can work on his bug” Dax explained the rescue mission in detail to Jonas and also same to max on the phone.


“Jonas the Bavlins will be on their way here soon so you have to transport our weapons,dedence tools,computers and everything to the new house. Immediately Jones and max comes here we will drop the bug and leave here after setting explosives here,but they can catch up with us here sooner than we think so I will want you to return fast and hide on top of the neighbor and set up the sniper berret M26.


“I always learn from you, I’ve always want to be like you especially the way you handle weapons”Jonas said as they walked to the Mercedes AMG Benz. Soon Sniper joined them and they zoomed off after setting up an explosive device in the building.


The whole thing gathered around in the control room to have a discussion about their mission of beinging down the Bavlin organization. Mad max, Jonas, Jones, Dax and sniper were all seated for the discussion.

“So the floor is opened for anyone with a plan,everybody with a plan will narrate his plan and we will add all the plans up and bring up a good plan” Dax said but got interrupted by a phone call.

“I have to take it” Max said and answered the call

“what!!, how did that happen and where the f**k are the gurads in the house? okay am coming there now” Max said and ended the call.

“We’ve got a very big problem, The president have been abducted from his safe house and all the guards are dead” Max said to them in a frustrated voice

“What the f**k, how the hell did the Bavlin got to know about the house” asked Jonas

“there is a mole among the guards there”Dax replied

“so how do we confirm if there was a mole” Max asked

“hope you know all the guards since you are the head of security for the president” Dax asked max

“yes I selected them all so I know them all” max replied

“go there and verify if all the men died there, if it’s only one person who didn’t die then there was truely and mole but if they are more than one, call us an inform us” Dax said to max and dismissed the meeting


“Two of the guards are missing from here” Max said to Dax on the phone

“Thats sounds cool,send their current name and picture to the NIC for them to pull out details about them. Immediately you get the details, forward it to me.

“okay boss” he said and hunged up.



“Sir I’ve got the profile of the guys” The head of hackers said to Forlan

“That’s cool, Forward it to my device right away” Forlan requested while going the files in front of him.

“sir check your phone” The head of hackers said again

“Gracia” Forlan appreciated and forwarded it straight to mad max

“Stephen have you been able to connect all the footages” Forlan asked moving towards the surveillance room.

“Yes sir but it seem meaningless” Stephen the head of surveillance said to Forlan

“Here, see he was walking into our ambush but suddenly turn to left. This means he was talking to someone on the phone who was also watching the livestream and I don’t know how he or she did it” Stephen explained the first part to Forlan

“Immediately he turned left, two powerbikes caught up with him and threw him two grenade gases, here” He paused on the picture of the granade gas and rewind the video to when they threw the gas.

“And they abducted him and also left a granade gas which contain ninhydrin behind to inform us that they’ve wiped off the prints” Stephen further explained.

“This sh*t is damn confusing. First off all if he was truely talking to someone on the phone, the will the person direct him into another ambush. And if those ambushing him were his partners why will they use a granade gas on him. And why will they erase his finger prints if he wasnt part of them” Forlan explained expressing his confusion.

“Maybe they don’t want us to interfere in their case that’s why they erased the prints” Forlan further explained understanding.

“so after the abduction or let me say saving their member, They went separate places and the one carrying the criminal passed a blind spot making we lose track on him for a second only for the powerbike to appear again with only one person on it” Stephen explained

“The other guy also left his powerbike at a parking space in kasoa and flee the scene immediately. And we tracked the other powerbike only to meet an old man with a fake bomb fixed on his first to terrify him” Stephen explained everything to forlan

“so we f****ng losed them all, damn it” Forlan cursed


“guy’s we are going to Kumasi this evening to be able to able to beat surveillance. The guys that we made the NIC pulled out their profile ( james and michael ) works for the Bavlin and I trained them during their training so abducting them will be easy and when we abduct them, they will give us the information we need without stress” Dax said to the team

“So whats the plan” Jonas asked

“For now we will go lodge in a hotel in Kumasi, tommorrow afternoon we can go over the plan then in the evening we strike” Dax replied Jonas

The whole team arranged the goods and tools they will be needing into a travelling bag and left the house to board a bus to kumasi


The chairman of bavlin branch in Ghana and his executives summoned all the agents for a piece of information.

“Agent james and michael, we have s reason to believe that you guys will have visitors at your house in Kumasi tommorrow, so we want you two to go to Kumasi right away. you are not going alone,you will have to go alongside fifty agents to undertake this mission. Further instructions will be added to you” The chairman said to them

“Thank you Chairman Bavlin” They chorused and dispersed.

“Hey take care in this mission, dont take things too easy” Ben warned them and walked away without listening to their reply

James and michael together with the fifty Bavlin agents they set off to Kumasi.









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