“sir, we have a call from the main office in the United States” Jason said to the on the phone immediately it was answered.

“Direct the call signals to my phone right away” The chairman requested

“Lord bavlin have warned me against that, because your line is not that encrypted. Someone might tap into the call”Jason replied

“Damn it and use” the chairman paused remembering something. “am coming” He finally answered.

“Lord bavlin” The chairman said placing the phone on his left ear

“you need to flee that building now it’s….” Lord bavlin was saying when a loud voice enveloped the building.

” you are surrounded already, and we’ve got eyes on the inside. Try any silly move and we explode the whole building and leave” came the voice

“What the f**k!!” The chairman exclaimed

That’s what I wanted to tell you” Lord bavlin said ending the call.

“Bleep you Jason, you sent us into a trap” The chairman cursed Jason

“I knew it was a trap from sniper because no one can override his system” He added frustratingly

“Move out one after the other by the count of three or we explode this building in the count of five” The voice threatened again

“1, 2, 3, 4 and finally” He couldn’t complete as a group of junior agents started stepping out with their hands on their heads


Dax and the team also arrived few minutes after the NIC arrived. And have been surveying the whole building for an extra exit but got none.

“What the bleep!! they are escaping through a tunnel here” Sniper shouted showing the team something on the laptop screen.

“And the tunnel leads to this place” Hr pointed to another area.

“That location is a forest right” Dax asked and Jones nodded instead of sniper

“We go there now” Dax ordered mad max, Jonas and Jamal.

“What the f**k!!!, this people are damn playing mind games here” Sniper shouted again and everybody bent to look into the laptop screen

“I think they have an idea that we are watching them, so they sent their signals there to direct us there so they can take out the NIC easily” Sniper suggested

“No they won’t want to do that, they know we are lesser than the NIC so they will want to us on rather” Jonas suggested

“If we keep going back and forth, they will succeed in what they want” Dax said tucking the pistols into their sheadths.

“What’s their aim” Jonas asked

“To confuse us and waste our time till the superiors and some senior agents escape. They devided themselves into two to deceive us” Dax explained and beckoned on them to leave.

“I will have to Step on the field soon, so you will take control of the whole system” Sniper said to Jones and stood up to arrange his weapons.


“Don’t fight them, just surrender yourselves we will come back for you guys trust me. We are going to join forces with the main branch in the United States and come for you guys” The chairman said to the agents and walked away to the tunnel. Together with Ben and ten other agents, they entered the tunnel.


Forlan and the NIC agents cuffed all the bavlin agents and put them into the NIC vehicle. Forlan and Stephen with three other agents entered into the bavlin building and walked straight to the computer room only to meet it in ashes.

“what!!!!, they uses self destruction here. This building might collapse now lets…” Stephen couldn’t complete as the building started shaking and scrumbling. They started running towards the gate but was unlucky as the whole area at the door side collapsed.

“Fool there is an underground tunnel on the other end, take that route” a voice sounded in Stephens earphone.

“Here” He directed Forlan and the other agents and they aldo
run through the tunnel.


The chairman and his agents stepped out of the and he scanned the whole scene got a while before he moved a step a forward and stopped again.

“Is there anyway someone can detect the tunnel” The chairman asked Jason

“Yes but it will take the person alot of time to scan the house for hidden passages” Jason replied

“Leave the door opened, you and you stay around here and keep the intruders company to buy time for us escape” The chairman pointed at three agents and said to them.

They took few steps before they all came to a halt as they heard a rustling of the dry leaves in the Bush.

“I think we’ve got company” Ben said

“I think so too” The chairman replied

“I never thought I will get you all soo easy and quick” Dax said coming out from his hiding spot with his guns facing the chairman and Jason.

“Wow I guess you badly need this revenge. so it have affected your sense of thinking” The chairman laughed

“So do you think you can collapse the bavlin with this number of people. Although you are all professionals but trust me you aint winning this fight” He added laughing more loudly

“And who the f**k told you that am competing with you guys” Dax asked but before the chairman could reply different gunshots sounds eloped the environment dropping the remaining bavlin agents to the ground dead except Ben.

“What the bleep!!” the chairman cursed

“Now turn and place your hands on your head” Dax said to the chairman and he obeyed quickly. Dax handcuffed him and they walked him into where their vehicle was parked and zoomed off with the chairman.


Forlan and his agents came out of the tunnel. Forlan paused and scanned the vicinity just like the chairman did but Forlan did it much more than the chairman. Forlan shot three different shots and three agents quickly changed their position to dodge the shot released. The NIC agents also took cover just like Forlan did. Forlan brought out his head and scan the position the agents were but they weren’t there anymore. He quickly turned 360 and checked all around him but still didn’t see their position. He stepped out of his cover only to be welcomed with a stray bullets. He quickly went back to cover but was unlucky as the1bullet scratched his arm. He scanned the direction of the bullet again but no one was there. The bavlins were acting like ghost. Forlan sigh frustratingly as he couldn’t find the agents and was loosing blood. He sat down and unzipped his shirt and took it off. He removed his singlet and tore it into two and used one to tie the bullet wound. Another sniper shot scratched his different arm because his cover was blockin all his body parts except his arms. Another three shots were heard and three bodies dropped from three different trees.



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