Dax and Eva raised their hands in the air showing they have surrendered.

“She is not part of this allow her to go” Dax said standing in front of Eva

“One of the guys stepped forward with handcuff to cuff Dax but it was his biggest mistake as Dax quickly grab him by the neck and snapped his neck and at the same time brought out his gun. He fired three shots using the body as a shield. Eva also brought out her gun and also brought out her gun as gunshots also came from different directions and the bavlins started falling one after the other. Dax and Eva took advantage of it and also gunned down some of the men.


“Bleep you Dax!!!” Jerey cursed loudly crashing some of his tools on the floor

“How the f**k did you even interfere?” He added and decided to check how he did but decided against it as the harm have already been caused.


Jamal paced paced up and down in his independent cell thinking about what to do. He knew that it will land him in problem when Dax told him to always do that whenever that situation occurs. He stopped pacing as he remembered something. He layed on the bed as different set of thinking flooded his mind.

“What if they think we are on a mission”

“How will they even come to my rescue”

He thought about all these questions but got no answer.


Lord bavlin gathered all the bavlin agents both junior and seniors.

“Its now time. Dax, sniper, Jones and the young assassin are really causing alot of damages. They managed to destroy our branch in Africa and killed all the cexecutives and the chairman”

“Alot of our agents have been arrested by the foolish NIC that we use to control. I think they are now controlling the NIC so the NIC is making much progress in their missions”

“But that’s not my problem. My problem is that they have attacked our drug cartel in Kenya and have kidnapped Lucas” Lord bavlin explained to them

“Sir Lucas is a super agent just like Dax so I don’t think he will bend in pain in front of Dax” One senior agent put in

“Yes he won’t that’s why they just abducted his mother so they can intimidate him with her” Lord bavlin answered

“I have given him alot of baits but the Almighty Dax have never taken each of them. I even leaked our personal information to him through our branch in Ghana but he was intelligent enough to detect the bug in the information”

“And he doesn’t seem to be in a rush to attack us here. His plan and to destroy all our subordinates so we won’t have extra help when they attack so we have to interrupt their attack on our subordinates” Lord bavlin explained

“We have prepared an office in Ghana, a very large building twice as the size of this building, we will be moving there tomorrow” He added



“So now that we’ve gotten what we want from Lucas. What next?” Ben asked

“You seem to be in a rush kiddo we wait” Sniper answered

“I mean Lucas and his mother, we drop them or what?” Ben asked again

“We drop Lucas and leave the mother alone, she ain’t part of this” Sniper replied as Dax seem to be thinking about something

“So will we attack Jerry now or we wait?” Ben asked again

“Bro calm down, here ain’t the bavlin where we operate fast fast” Jonas replied Ben

“What’s wrong?” Sniper asked Dax getting closer to him

“I feel that we have taken a bait” Dax answered

“How? I don’t understand” sniper voiced out his misunderstanding

“I think Jeffery have planted something on the mother, and if that’s through they should be on their way here” Dax said

“I don’t think he planted something on her. So why did he give us a hot chase when he knew this is gonna end in his favour?” Sniper asked

“I think you are right here” Dax said

“But my instinct is telling me that they are on their way here” Dax added

“That’s why we have cameras at every junction leading into our house” Sniper replied him


The bavlins landed in their new building in Ghana hours ago and are busy arranging their security and different other tools.

“Lord bavlin” Jerry hailed bowing down

“Jerry, What’s up” The lord asked Jerry

“Sir Dax have fallen into my well planned trap” Jerry said feeling proud of himself

“Don’t be too proud kiddo it might also be a trap for you” The Lord said

“That’s the same way he entrapped Chairman brown and Jonas which helped him bring down our organization thet use to be here” He added

“Sir even our inside source have confirmed that he is just suspecting the trap but sniper gave him a good reason to forget about it” Jerry insisted

“So how did you do it?” The lord asked as they sat on the available seats

“The day I heard about their attack on Mr Brown and his agents, I knew we were next because we were the only subordinate remaining”

“So I planned with Lucas and used him as a bait so when they abducted him, I planted a mini recording chip inside her. I made her swallow it”

“Because they will be coming for her when Lucas didn’t talk and luckily Lucas didn’t talk”

“That’s how I got their location” Jerry explained to Lord bavlin

“That’s the best plan I’ve seen so far, there is no loophole in this plan but remember the group you are dealing with” Lord said to Jerry

“And our inside man said they have surveillance everywhere around the junction leading to their house”

“So I will need a hacker and agents to help attack them tonight” Jerry said to the Lord


“Good morning”Forlan walked towards stephen and greeted him

“Morning” Stephen replied

“Is there another call or text message?” Forlan asked

“Yes he have two messages from one number and the number is highly encrypted” He replied

“What’s the content of the messages” Forlan asked

“Hey buddy where are you, we’ve got her”

“Hey what’s up on your side. What the bleep is going on”

Stephen showed the messages to Forlan and he cursed.

“There is no suspicious message among them” Forlan cursed loudly again

“The sender is wise so he don’t wanna send the full details to him on phone” Stephen replied

“I think you have to reply the message” Forlan replied

“Why and how?” stephen asked

“Tell him that you have been assigned a mission and you don’t want to be distracted by the phone” Forlan suggested


Jamal wiped off the sweat with the towel in his hand as he made his way into the bathroom. He just completed 200 push ups.

Every independent cell in the NIC has it’s bathroom because it is only assign to rigid agents.



Jerry and six agents gathered all their tools and weapons for the mission and set off to the location



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