“Dax so why do you cut the plan short whenever we are all together and later explain everyone’s role further to him in chambers” Sniper asked dax

“you know in this game no one can be trusted, although they have proved to us that they can be trusted but trust me everything can happen anytime and make them change their mind. So incase they tried to sell us out with the mission plan, they will rather trap themselves with it” Dax explained

“And they can even be capture one day in a mission and be forced to give out onformat

“Don’t you think all these will make matters worst later” Sniper asked again

“But it’s the best thing to do now” Dax answered


Jonas looked outside but the black car was still following them. He loaded his gun in readiness for an action. He brought out two granade bomb from his waste porch.

“Take left now” He shouted at the driver and he obeyed and he threw the grenades on the ground. Due to the darkness the black car trailing them couldn’t see it and tyre front tyres touched the granades. It propelled the car up and it went up in flames with a loud sound vibrating the ground.

“Take right now” Jonas said again to the driver this time calmly and inserted the gun into it’s sheadth.

“Did you do that” Mrs Juliet asked her son

“No mom how can I do something like that” Jonas replied

“Mom please we talk later and do this now” Jonas added shutting his mom up.

“Stop here” He ordered the driver and tapped on his earpiece (a tiny one)

“Am here” He said to someone and came down from the cub. He scanned the vicinity with his eyes for any suspicious movement but he got none.

“Look left beside the blue kiosk” the reply came into his ears and he looked around again before looking left. Someone made a hand gesture for him to come. He went to the cub driver’s side and handed him a device

“once this device beeps please drive her to somewhere you think is safe but it should be far from here before dialing the number on it and tell the reciever anything that happened” He said to the driver and added 300dollars to it.

He turned back and walked away to meet the person. He gently removed his gun from it’s sheadth and cocked it while walking towards the anonymous person.


Soon three different cars with the same picture of a dragon Embossed on it parked beside the three black cars with tinted glasses.


Dax and mad max also arrived at the scene also at a reasonable distance from the house and the opponents car.

“Now that Jonas have taken his mom out why don’t we abort everything and leave” Mad max replied

“Just like that?, so that they can go back and train and come back stronger. Since we are against them, the little opportunity we get we use it to reduce their number,this fight will even give us the upperhand in the fight” Dax explained to mad max

“Now back to business” he added

“Hey get the granades ready they will soon attack.” Dax said to Jones through the earpiece

“Roger that” Jones answered

Soon the dragons assembled themselves with their guns and marched towards the house. Dax and mad max quickly drove to the back gate of the house and entered inside the house.

“clear our heatmap and enable it” Dax said to sniper through the earpiece.

“Done” sniper replied

“Gracia” Dax appreciated



“Chairman I’ve located heatmap of two people behind the house” Jason said to Mr Brown showing him from the computer screen.

“Hey Ben, they are already moving with behind the house” Mr Brown said to Ben

“Do you have eyes there?” Ben asked

“No we are using their heat map” Mr Brown replied



“ok right away” Ben said and stood up with a pistol in his hands with three other pistol in his waist porch. He tapped the ear piece in his left ear and it beeped.

“They’ve located two people behind the house with their heatmap, who are they? Ben asked

“We are the one” The other person reply

Ben quickly rushed towards the back door with a mixture of running and walking.

“Sniper do you copy” Dax asked

“Loud and clear” Sniper replied

“Erase the heatmap and disable it now” Dax ordered

“The almighty bavlin have taken this simple bait. They are trying to override the system” Sniper said to Dax

“What!! Hope you can retrieve their credentials without the hacker knowing” Dax asked happily

“yes but if I disable the heatmap they will know is a trap and will know we tried to get1their credentials” Sniper explained


Ben entered into the house carefully and slowly pointing his gun at different corners of the house. He entered into the main room to meet the team preparing.


The dragons got to the entrance of the house. The first man pushed the door lightly but it didn’t give way, he pushed again but a bit harder it still didn’t give way.

“Chairman the door is an electronic one and its closed” The leader said into his earpiece

“We will soon open it for you just wait a little” The chairman assured the leader.



“Are you sure you can override a system that sniper is behind it and won’t put us in a trap” The chairman asked Jason

“Yes although I don’t know this sniper guy but am sure I can. And beside no one is controlling the system, they are all out on the field” Jason replied the chairman

“Done I’ve overrode the system” Jason announced happily.

“Open the door for them quickly” The chairman ordered


“They have overrode the system so the door will be opened soon” Sniper announced to them.

“How the f**k did they hack the system when you are behind it” Jones expressed his disappointment.

“We do this now, and talk later” Dax said to Jones and brought out a granade gas and they all put on their treated mask. The door opened immediately and Dax released the granade gas. Those who entered quickly dropped down unconscious. He threw the grenades outside too before the team matched outside.


Jonas got back to the house but stayed behind the bavlin cars on his powerbike with an helmet on. underneath the helmet is a treated mask. With a high speed he drove pass the cars carrying the bavlin agents and threw three granade bombs towards their cars. It hit the ground and rolled till it got under their car.

“Grenades !!!” One of the agents shouted and they tried to run but it was too late as the bomb went off propelling the cars in the air and setting them into flames.


Dax and the team came back into the house after taking out all of the dragons.

“You have to crawl out through the back door” Dax explained everything to Ben and he picked Jeff up on his shoulder.


“What the f**k is happening!! how the heck did they get to know where our car was parked?” The chairman exclaimed feeling restless

“Now all the agents are dead” he added restlessly

“Sir I think there is a mole..

“Sir look at these” Jason twisted his speech

“It look like someone is crawling out” the chairman guessed out

“Yes sir and I think I know who it is” Jason answered

“who is that?” the chairman questioned suspiciously and Jason could feel the suspicion in the question. He paused and zoomed the heat map a bit

“watch carefully whose pose is that?” Jason asked but the chairman looked confused

“He rewind the footage slowly and paused at where the image did a sign language with it’s hand to the camera.

“Look at his hand well” Jason said

“What the f**k! that’s Ben” The chairman exclaimed. And summoned five agents and gave them the location.


“Call Jamal right away we are leaving to Ashaiman now an explosion and a gun battle just happened there we are moving there now” Forlan instructed his Secretary while loading his guns and weapons.






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