The three bavlin agents dropped from three different position off the tree. Forlan peeped again but couldn’t see the interferer, he stood up holding the spot he was shot to prevent excess flow of the blood. With one hand, he pointed the gun to every corner to spot the interferer but couldn’t find him. Jamal came out from his hiding spot when he realised the bavlin agents ain’t around anymore.

“Thanks” Forlan appreciated Jamal but he walked pass him and the agents.



“it’s been three weeks now, no one is willing to talk to us about their chairman or even their associates” Forlan said in the meeting

It was a meeting between the NIC executives and the top agents.

“Even if you toture them they will never say a word to you” Jamal put in

“I don’t think so. Every human being bends to pain, so when we inflict more pains in to their bodies they will surely talk” Mr Obama rebutted Jamal’s statement

“Sir, I did a lot of investigations about the bavlin organisation and trust me that we even arresting them alive is a great luck” Jamal stood his ground

“Stop speaking in parables and explain in details to us” The chairman said to Jamal

“The bavlin organisation is a very powerful organization, more powerful than this our agency” Jamal paused to look at their expressions

“Their main branch is in the united states where they have trained army men in the United States as their agents. They have the navy, air force and other united states forces working for them” He paused to look at their reactions again

“And their organization is based on trust, once you get compromised they take you out either by themselves or send you into a trapped mission. They have eyes on all the family members of their agents and have ears everywhere. I won’t be surprise if their agent is here with us” He paused again

“Once you betray them, they go for your family and will also come for your head. That’s why this agents ain’t talking” Jamal explained to them

“When did you do all these investigations” The chairman asked suspiciously

“Immediately our case got link to them, I set up my own secret investigation” Jamal answered

“Then you might have a plan to make them talk” The chairman asked again

“No I don’t have any plan yet but will try to bring one later” Jamal replied

“What if we reach for the parents of two of them and use the family to black mail them” Forlan put in

“Thats a brilliant plan” The chairman said

“I don’t think so” Jamal answered the chairman

“What do you mean?” The chairman asked

“The bavlin are too powerful as I said…

“Cut the cheese and go on because we’ve heard this over and over” Mr James interrupted Jamal and that was his first statement

“They are already aware that we will come for their parents because that’s the only way. so if we go ahead, we are falling into their trap” Jamal answered

“what bleeping trap are you talking about. And how the bleep will they lay a trap for us when they don’t know the plan we are coming with?” Mr James said

“In fact that’s the only way and we are moving forward in this case and won’t stay behind” He added

” if you support Mr James plan show by hand” the chairman asked and Everyone present raised their hands except the chairman and Jamal.

“I think we have to go ahead with the plan, they’ve won” The chairman said to Jamal

“Trust me you guys have made the wrong decision and are walking in to a wide trap”Jamal said and excused himself from the meeting.


The door opened wide and Dax stepped in with Jonas flanging him. The bavlin chairman opened his eye to the light sound of the door.

“Good morning mr chairman” Dax laughed

“bleep you Dax, you ain’t winning this battle. The bavlin are way stronger than you knew” The chairman blurted

” I don’t f****ng care about winning, all I want is to stop the organization” Dax said

“Trust me its over you Dax, step aside and let the bavlin do their thing” The chairman said to dax

“Naa am in it already and I must finish or die in it” Dax answered

“Now tell me all I need to know about the bavlin organisation in the united states” Dax changed his tone to a tough one

“You know am not saying sh*t to you, you better ki*ll and end all” The chairman said in the same tone as Dax

“Yes I will surely do but after I show you the body of your family members” Dax added

“You don’t bluff so what’s up with this bluffing. Dax I said this sh*t is over you” The chairman said but Dax snapped his finger and Jonas stepped forward with the tablet in his hand and turned the screen to the chairman. The chairman squinted at the screen for 30seconds but he couldn’t notice the people tied to the chair. Jonas adjusted the brightness up and the chairman shouted

“What the bleep!!”

“Thanks for reminding me that I don’t bluff. You think the bavlin can stop me from reaching your parents” Dax laughed

“Now tell me everything I need to know fast fast” Dax requested


Mr Lucas and Mr Jerry walked into the chemist room.

“How many packs can you wrap today?” Mr Lucas asked the guys wrapping the cocaine

“As much as they will produce” The leader answered

“So far1how many have you packaged?” Mr Lucas asked again

“10 thousand pieces” The leader answered

“Someone will be coming for it so hurry up with the one’s you are package and design ten thousand for them” Mr Lucas said to him and walked into the production room where Mr Jerry have entered. He checked the cocaine and eveything around to see if they are in order before they got out.

“Do you think these people can afford the cocaine?” Mr Jerry asked Lucas as they2made their way out of the chemist room.

“Is their own problem, if they come and joke with us. we just lock them up in the cage for three months” Mr Lucas answered

“Let’s pray they can afford that amount” Mr Jerry wished as they entered their car and zoomed off


Dax and the team arrived late in the evening. They were all claded in the kenyan native wear to avoid suspicion.

“Striking today would have been better” Jamal suggested as they lodged in the hotel

“Yh that’s true but we have to be familiar with the routes more before attacking” Dax replied

“So we go tomorrow morning” Dax added

“That mean no sleeping today?” Jamal said lazily and jumped on to the bed jokingly

“Young man come back here, no one called you here you followed us yourself” Mad max said

“Why did you even follow us here, won’t you go to work tomorrow?” Jonas asked

“They are walking into a trap and am telling them but they didn’t mind me. so there is no need going there tomorrow” Jamal said

“You have to go there and serve as a back up for them you can’t allow them die just like that. They can even be abducted and it will cause a lot of difficulty for us in the mission” Dax explained

“You have to go back with Ben now” Dax said to him

“So who will go and do the transaction with the drug lords?” Jamal asked the most senseless question and the realised it after asking

“Let’s move buddy” Ben said to Jamal as he walked to their bags and stapped his own at his. Jamal also picked his bag and they went out.




“Have you been able able to pull out the location of their parents?” Forlan asked Stephen

“Yes but not all of them. Some of them don’t have their real profile out and guess they are the senior agents” Stephen answered

“We abduct the parents of five of them and use them against them to speak now” Forlan said as he walked away to gather agents for the mission.



“Hey buddy, you get any NIC agent that is on leave or won’t follow them to the mission?” Ben asked Jamal

“Why are you asking?” Jamal asked

“you know we can’t pull this over alone” Ben answered

“yes I will contact them right away” Jamal answered

“And a hacker” Ben added

“Jones will serve as our eye from there” Jamal said to Ben and brought out his phone.



Three young men could be seen walking through the road towards the catel and all the people on the road wondered where are going but no one bothered to warn them in other not to put themselves in trouble. They entered the catel and sat on the visitors chair waiting for them.

“Young men can we offer you water?” One of the workers asked them

“Naaa let’s go straight to business, we are here for ten thousand packages” One of the young men replied

“Hope you have the money ready” The worker asked

“Yes” the same person replied

“Your package is ready so let’s go do the exchange” The worker said

“Naaa we ain’t doing such a huge transaction with you workers we want your Lords” The young man said

“How the hell did you know am not their lord” The worker asked suspiciously

“Your dressing and the inscription in your shirt”The young man replied again

“okay right away” He said and walked away to call the lords.


“Sorry for keeping you guys waiting” Lord Lucas said stretching his hand for a handshake

“Am Lucas” He said and dax received the handshake making sure his smartwatch camera fall on his face.

“Louiz here” Dax replied

“That’s the Lucas” Dax heard in his ear

“Now let’s get straight to business” Dax said and stood up

“Yes” Lucas said leading the way but dax held him by the neck and pressed the tip of his pistol to his brain.

“Follow us and make sure your fools don’t follow us” Dax said to Lucas as they walked out.



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