Jonas and mad max arrived before the NIC got there. Mad max and Jonas has already sprayed hairs with thick wet grey powders and attached artificial beared sprayed grey. Their old men disguise were perfectly done. They were sitting on a chair at the eatery of the airport scanning the vicinity with their their eyes as fast as a cheetah. In 12minutes time, jonas located the NIC agents in coming out of their vehicle parked a little bit far from the airport.

“They are already here” Jonas said to mad max handing over the iPad to him

“We wait till they are going back then we strike them” Mad max replied Jonas

“Exactly” Jonas added

The NIC agents entered into the airport vicinity and started searching everywhere.

“Jamal entered their computer room now and insert that drive into one of their computers” Stephen said to Jamal into the earphone.

Jamal marched straight into the computer room.

“Done” Jamal answered stephen


Stephen overrode the airport computers through the the drive Jamal insert into the computer. He gained access to the cctv and selected all their forward and sent it into his computer.


“I’ve sent a picture of two old men your device arrest them and bring them here now” Stephen said to Jamal

Jonas and mad max on seeing the NIC agents coming to their direction, quickly stood up and also started walking away. The NIC agents increased their pace and mad max and Jonas also increased theirs. They hopped on their double jenching motor and zoomed out of the airport. Jamal on seeing this quickly hijacked someone’s motor and followed the duo on their double jenching motor.

The other NIC agents went into their vehicle and also joined the chase. The chase was very fierce for the NIC agents but mad max and Jonas was deliberately wasting time for the other NIC agents to come close before they attack. Jamal saw their plan and quickly turned on his communicator.

“Hey guys they have a plan so you guys should switch to the plan I had with you now” Jamal said and increased his speed.

The NIC vehicle to the surprise of mad max and Jonas branched to the left while Jonas and mad max took right.

“Hey what’s happening” Mad max asked Jonas through the communicator

“I think they’ve got a plan B, we have to also create a plan” Jonas said

“Naa any plan we create now will be full of loopholes and mistakes” Mad max disagreed and increased his speed again.

“I know but we have to…..” He couldn’t complete his statement as a voice came to their aid

“The vehicle is coming in front of you so devide yourselves and yield” Jones said to them through the communicator

Mad max quickly brought his bike to a halt and came down from it. He quickly brought out his gun and fired a shot toward Jamal as he sensed his motor coming closer. Jamal was swift as he threw himself off the motor into the bush dodging the bullet. He also brought out his gun and pointed it to where the bullet came from.

Jonas fired a shot to the windscreen of the NIC vehicle but the vehicle was bullet proof so the bullet didn’t enter. He fired three consecutive shots towards the same spot inflicting a crack on the windscreen. He tried to sh00t again but a stray bullet started raining from behind the vehicle directed towards Jonas but he was very swift as he jumped off the moving motor into the bush. The bullets followed him as he run deep into the bush. He changed direction and took the direction leading to where the bullets rained from.

Jamal listened to the footsteps approaching and calculated the remaining steps for the person to show up, he quickly fired two shots at the last count but mad max halted and the bullet went wide he quickly fired a shot towards Jamal before showing up to see Jamal getting up the bullet he bent down to swerve.

Jonas quickly a shot at the back tyres of the NIC vehicle prohibiting the vehicle from moving, he quickly hid himself in the bush again. Four agents came down with guns in their hand aiming at different directions anticipating a sh00t out. A swift bullet entered into the fore head of the agent holding a bazooka and he dropped dead. He released another shot and switched position quickly as bullet started hitting his previous position. He released two different shots and the last two agents fell to the ground dead. we a fast speed, he changed position again.

“who are you” Jamal asked the old looking young man in front of him

Mad max stared at his face for a while before he replied

“Is that how you greet elders” He replied in a fake old man’s voice

“What do you want from us” Mad max asked in the same tone

“you’ve got gun on you and you are asking what we want from you” Jamal asked and rushed mad max with a punch but he shoved the punch away and send a punch to Jamal’s belly, Jamal swiftly caught mad max fist and twisted it. He sent a kick to mad max face making him stagger back a bit. He rushed mad max again with three quick punches but mad max swerved all the punches and tried to hit Jamal but Jamal dodged the punch, with the aid of the left hand mad max sent a heavy punch in to Jamal’s belly making him feel dizzy. Mad max rushed him with a kick but he caught the kick and flang him away, mad max hit the ground with a heavy thud and Jamal rushed him on the ground with a stamp but mad max rolled off and got up to his feet.

Jonas fired three shots at the agents coming out but the first agent was unlucky as the bullet entered his belly and the rest took cover behind the open door. They also released their shot but it went wide as jonas also fired his gun. One of the agents managed and pick the bazooka on the ground and fired it towards Jonas. Jonas tried to run to a different position but was unlucky as the bazooka hit on the ground near him and the impact pushed him hitting his back the tree beside him. He broke one of his bones but managed to drag himself deep into the bush and covered himself with the grasses.

“Am out” he manage to tell mad max through the communicator before passing out.

The fist fight was very fierce but mad max used his intelligence and swiftness to his advantage as blood could be seen allover Jamal’s body. Immediately Jonas heard the message from Jonas, He quickly rushed into the bush checking Jonas location on his wrist watch.

As he was about to reach Jonas hiding spot, he sensed footsteps coming closer and paused. He hid behind a tree anticipating who ever will come out but got distracted by the police siren.

“What the f**k” He cursed under his breath.

He quickly rushed towards Jonas unconscious body and lifted him unto his shoulder. He run with him on his shoulder as bullet started following them. He got to where Jamal’s motor was parked and placed Jonas on it, he sat behind Jonas and zoomed off with unconscious Jonas in front of him. He looked back only to see the NIC agents and the police on his trail.



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