“What the bleep!!” Jeff yelled

“What the heck is bavlin and why will they contact us for your parents mission” Jeff pretended

“Jeff forget this pretention of yours. We don’t have enough time” Jones said

“They are already mapping out plans so come inside let’s also go over our plan now” Jones added

“Boy don’t know about what you are saying” Jeff pressed on

“We know you are part of the RED DRAGON cult and you guys carry out assignments for the bavlin,so there is no need in pretending” Jones replied him

“please Jones you are mistaking us for someone else” Eva put in and it was first word since they entered inside the house.

“Wow so you guys are still pretending. This means if we were in some sort of trouble you wont help us” Jonas also putted in

“That’s cool, Jones drop them off let’s do this sh*t our way” Jonas added angrily and left the room.

“I will do it for you guys” Eva changed her mind

“naa don’t be a dummy, this guy here will betray you so forget it we will do it our way” Jones replied and led the way.


“Have you gotten the presidents location” Forlan asked walking towards stephen

“No ooo the location I keep getting is portugal I think they’ve created an environment for his contact” Stephen asked

“And Mad max number does not exist whenever I call him” Forlan lamented

“I think he longer uses the number” He added

“naa he removed your number from his callers so you can’t reach him unless he reach you first” Stephen said to him

“Wow I think we are in for a big war” Forlan suggested

“naaa I don’t think he will want to fight us, he got a bigger enemy and he won’t want to divert his attention by fighting us and that’s the upper hand we have” Stephen explained making more sense to Forlan

“Wow then I guess we have to be attacking him directly now” Forlan put in

“naaa that’s not a good idea boss. The NIC organization might collapse if we try to channel our energy on him and his team. They are very strong, way stronger and intelligent than us. The best opportunity was working with mad max but now we’ve bleeped that” Stephen explained

“We have to wait and plan our attack on them very well, they will be busy fighting the bavlin the time we are planning and immediately their fight is about to end we barge in with our plan and take the president from them” Stephen added


“Dax why the f**k did you did you tell us to leave them alive when you know they might cause problem for us” Jonas burst out angrily

“Are you afraid of the bavlin?” Dax asked calmly

“Hell no. They might just make the mission tedious for us” Jonas added

“Hope you said they were your friends?” Dax added

“Yh, Eva was even hitting on me” Jonas said jokingly

“Then trust me they will not do something like that. We might even be lucky that they will change their mind last show” Dax added confidently typing analysing the footage he was watching.

“Hope you activated the cameras at your parents house” Dax asked and Jonas nodded


“When bavlin sees the dead bodies of the chairman and banabass they will try to attack us but the only way is through you and your parents to be precise” Dax started explaining

“So you will have to go and plant cameras and traps for them in the house for them” He added


“yes we activated all the cameras and set the laser blades to be triggered once someone try to break into the room by force” Jonas said to Dax

“Okay you guys should be going there right away we will join you when the battle goes sour” Dax said to Jonas

“But I thought the initial plan was that we all go there from here and attack them from behind” Jonas replied

“Yh yh that was the plan but it must change. Now that we know the bavlin wont be there, the red dragon’s are the ones coming for the mission. And they ain’t up to pal with us so I guess you guys can take them by surprise” Dax explain

“And people from their team might be aiding you” Dax added

“Don’t tell me that you guys are hiding something from me” Jonas lamented

“When the mission is over you will understand. I don’t want you to feel bad about this” Dax said


“Have the twins contacted their parents?” Chairman Brown asked walking towards the hackers.

This time around, the office was disguised as a bakery. So once you step in, the first section is decorated as a bakery with a secret passage to the real bavlin office.

“Not yet sir, I don’t think they have an idea that we will be attacking them through their parents” Jason (head of the hackers) replied

“Damn you, what do you think. you think we are up against ordinary people or what. we are talking about sniper and Dax here, the two deadliest assassins that this organization have ever produce” Mr Brown fumed

“Low key we all ain’t up to match them but we have the resources than them and that’s what giving us the upper hand here” He added

“And they’ve been in the organization for long to know that this is the way we will operate” he added

” So you they got away on your surveillance?” Mr Brown asked remembers something

“naa no one have visited the them and whenever they go to work, they don’t meet suspicious people” Jason replied

“Naaa they’ve visited the house and have probably layed down a trap for us there” Mr Brown said laughing

“Show me all the footages of the house from last three days” Mr Brown requested

He watched the footages quickly and silently until he got to that of the day before. He slowed down the video to be able to spot any fowl in the video but got none. He played the footage again but this time around more slowly. One minute into the video, the video froze for a second and quickly continued.

“f****ng brat!” Mr Brown exclaimed loudly and laughed

“They’ve layed down a trap for us in
house” He added and got up.

He gathered all the agents selected for the mission and projected the house onto the white projecting board for them.

“This is the blueprint of the house. agent Ben you and your junior agents will be the first to go in front of the house after the alarm” Mr Brown explained every groups role to them.


“Now that the kids are gone what do we do” Sniper asked Dax in the control room

“We are waiting for the call before we move” Dax answered

“Do you think what we are doing is good” Sniper

“I thought we’ve already talked about this” Dax asked

“yes I know but don’t you think keeping them in the dark will only make matters worse later” Sniper asked

“I know that but does the best option because once we give tell them everything, they will take things for granted and fall into the trap of the bavlins” Dax explained

“The call is in I think we should move now” Mad max said to them loudly.

“they are moving already” He added


“Please sir I’ve got a Family meeting to attend so if there is no job around I will love to take a permission to go to the meeting” Jamal said to Forlan.

“Permission granted and make sure you come back to work early we’ve got a lot of investigations to do” Forlan said to Jamal and dismissed him.

�Meet us at the location we are sending to your device now� The person on the other end said to Jamal

�roger that� He answered and brought out his phone to check the location.


The bavlin agents arrived first and stay inside their tinted glass black vehicles a little bit far from the house.

“Lord Dragon, where are the guys” Ben asked on the phone

“They are on their way now chill” A baraton voice replied on the other end and the line went dead.

“Sir have you been able to disconnect the laser blades because all these cultist are going to die immediately they open that door” Ben asked Mr Brown through the earpiece in his ear.

“and when did you start caring for people” Mr Brown asked

“They ain’t ordinary people, they are working for us” Ben answered

“Well we’ve been able to disconnect the laser blades but couldn’t find any camera so I think it’s a camera free operation” Mr Brown explained from the other end


“Have you released the lasers to them” Jonas asked looking into the computer

“yes,they think they’ve disconnected it not knowing we gave it to them and can restore them” Jones replied

“The dragons are close, take mom away let’s deal with these motherfuckers” Jones said closing the laptop.

“Mom its time to move” Jonas said to mrs Juliet holding her hand

“What is happening” She asked

“We are under attack and you have to leave here now” Jonas explained

Jonas opened the door and they both came out. He locked it up and they walked towards the cub parked behind the house and entered into it.

“Let’s move” he ordered the driver and he zoomed into the street. A black vehicle with tinted glasses followed them immediately they hit the street


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