Mad Max removed the grenade gas from his waist porch as he got closer to the door and uncovered the cap. He threw it into the room and thick smokes started emitting from the container. He rushed into the room with his loaded guns in his hand aiming at different corners in the room. He walked carefully and consciously so he won’t step on the unconscious bodies on the floor.




Jamal waited at the window for a while before he adjusted his treated nose mask and jumped into the room through the window. He aimed his gun at all four corners immediately he landed so he won’t be taken unexpected. He marched out of the room carefully and consciously pointing his gun at different positions. He fired quick shots at the mask guy who tried to sh00t him first and took cover behind a wall beside him. He peeped out and located all the possible hiding spot of the agents, he fired a shot to the ceiling above the spot making the brick dust fall on the person to under it. Jamal aimed at the tip of the agent’s shoe that mistakenly showed out and fired a shot at it, the agent yelled in pain coming out of the cover but kept shut as a bullet penetrated his belly. Jamal rushed to the location on his GPS navigator.




Dax opened his eyes touching the part he was shot.


“nice job kiddo” He smiled to himself touching the scally bulletproof he had on


He opened the side zip of the bulletproof and brought out his other gun. He stood up carefully and rushed off the room.




Mad Max checked his GPS navigator and the location was right in front of him, he rushed into the room throwing in the blinding gas. He wanted to disobey Dax and throw throw in a grenade gas but remembered everything Dax said and changed his mind.








“At the final stage when Mr Kelvin send the particular room to our GPS navigator, I will go there first. I know that part of the house will be guarded heavily due to our attack on them” Dax continued explaining the mission to them


“we will all be putting on a scally bulletproof so I will let them sh00t me knowingly and pretend to be dead. Then mad Max you step in”


“At the main gate to that part of the house, throw in a grenade gas but at the main room, throw in blinding gas because they will be on a treated nose mask immediately they notice the grenade gas” Dax explained


“What if they don’t notice the gas” Mad max asked


“We are not taking chances here remember, we are going fully prepared so if you love your team members and friends, do what I said



“And as for you Jonas, you are not going inside the house with us, I don’t want you to ruined the mission with emotions so you will stay around the the vicinity with our escaping vehicle and will also be monitoring surveillance in and out of the vicinity for us to make the escape easier” Dax said referring to Jonas


“Am a field agent so I have no knowledge about surveillance, Why dont u just trust in me and let me switch position with Jamal who is an NIC agent” Jonas complained


“You are doing what I said with Jeff ” Dax added and walked away








True to Dax words there were seven men guarding the room and they all had on a nose mask but they were useless as their vision were dark. Mad max gunned them all down before switching his communicator on.


“Where the f**k are they Mr Kelvin?” Mad max screamed in the earpiece


“Working on it, there is a safe room inside the room you are, am trying to locate the trigger to the door” Mr Kelvin replied


“I don’t have time here, hurry up. they will soon be here if I delay for long” Mad max complained


” Jamal is guarding the door for you and Dax is at the main entrance so relax and also help in the search till we find the trigger” Mr Kelvin said



“three steps from your left drag the table away and take off the carpet there is a hidden switch there, turn it” Mad max heard in his ear after three minutes silence.


He took off the carpet and pressed on the switch turning it upwards. Three different lights emitted from the wall behind him making him face that place. The wall splitted into two and the lights in the room came on automatically. by this time, the smoke has already subsided so Mad max has taken off his king of Knight glasses.


He entered into the room to meet sniper and Jones locked in shackles and hanged into the air with the shackles as a support for them. Their bodies were suspended in air with the chains and shackles supporting them from dropping. Jones turned his head to the entrance as he heard footsteps coming in. Sniper didn’t bother because he knew it was lord bavlin and there was no need looking there. Jones smiled






Jonas and Jeff sat ideally in the vehicle watching vehicles coming in and out of the vicinity but got no suspicious vehicle. Jonas placed his head on the laptop keyboard to take a small nap but Jeff quickly touched him calling his name.


“What is that” Jeff said pointing to a convoy of black vehicles five minutes drive away from the vicinity they are.


“I think…”


“Quickly get ready we have company so we should move now” Jonas got interrupted by the voice of Mr Kelvin through the communicator


“I’ve got them out, Jonas prepare the car” Mad max replied


“Roger that” Jonas put in





Dax rushed towards Mad max as he was finding it difficult to bring the two men out. Dax lifted sniper on his shoulder and mad Max did same to Jones and they rushed out of the event center. They placed the two men into the awaiting car and it zoomed off. Dax, Jamal and mad Max also entered into the second car and Jeff zoomed off.







“f****ng increase this speed we are not loosing them” Lord bavlin shouted at the driver loading his gun


“Do you have eyes on them?” lord bavlin asked no one in particular but Jason knew it was directed to him


“Yes sir but I don’t think it’s necessary to follow them” Jason answered


“You don’t understand it, do you?”


“We still have Ben with them so did we just abducted the twins mother for Ben?” Lord bavlin answered confusing Jason


“There are alot of blindspots Infront of us so we might even walk in to a trap if we try to follow them” Jason said and lord bavlin understood it but he can’t believe they are been defeated easily


“Bleep you, Keep an eye on them” He fumed up angrily


“Dax you will pay for this” He said under his breadth







“I will work on their devices tonight and bring it to office tomorrow” Mr Kelvin said to Forlan as he got up to leave


“So who are those guys you were giving surveillance to?” Forlan asked


“That’s not up to your standard, let’s focus on your mission” Mr Kelvin answered jokingly but meant it


He turned to another monitor and connected a cord to it. The cord connected the Android phones Forlan brought to his computer. He turned on his phone’s hospot and clicked on the keyboard for a while and he gained access to the device. He extracted every useful information he got from the device onto his pen drive. He connected the iPhone and did same to it before packing the phones back into their bag.








“What’s wrong with mom’s number, it’s not connecting” Jones asked Jonas who was sitting beside him in the living room.


“She is fine, I even talked….” Jonas paused to think.


“f**k me, I think mom have been abducted” Jonas said


“Why are you……”


“Meet me at the control room everyone we have an exchange to make” Dax interrupted Jones.





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