He quickly increased his speed and entered the left side of the road. Soon he appear on the street to meet a huge traffic Jam, he quickly branched on the pedestrian side of the road and increased his speed more.

Soon the police and the NIC sirens ereupted the air making all the drivers on the road give way for them.

Jonas gained consciousness as mad max was about to take the round about.

“Park here” Jonas said

Mad max obeyed even though he was oblivious of what Jonas want to do. Jonas sat behind Mad max facing the NIC and the police vehicles.

This time, alot of police vehicles has joined the chase.

“Sir please send another group of agents towards us now we are on their trail and can’t afford to lose them this time around” One of the NIC agents said to Forlan through the communicator.

Jonas threw three grenade bomb towards the NIC vehicle which was in front but the driver swerved it, the police car that was following also swerved it but the last car was unlucky as the granade exploded just before they could swerve it. The force of the explosion shaked the groung making the vehicles shake virgously.

Jonas brought out his gun and aim at the NIC vehicle’s tyre and released a shot but the driver swerved into the other lane making the bullet miss.


Jamal crawled to the double jenching powerbike and climb on it, he sped off to the NIC office.


“What’s happening to them” Sniper asked entering the control room

“The NIC are not to be understimated, they had a back up plan” Dax replied

“They are currently on their trail with the police” Jones added.

“I will have to go and help them because other NIC agents might be laying a trap in front of them” Dax said and got up. He typed some commands on the wall behind him and a beep sound came on followed by the creeking of a door. Suddenly the wall splited into two given way for Dax to enter. Inside the room was different kinds of weapons and tricks that the bavlin use but these one’s were more advanced. He selected some guns and granades (both gas and bomb) and came back into the control room.
“I have the bug on me so serve as my eye with that” Dax said to sniper and Jones and went out.


“Take right,there is an ambush in front of you” Jones voice sounded in Mad max ear and he obeyed quickly. Jonas stood up and faced front with two guns in his hands ready to sh00t anyone coming in front.


“Sir there have taken the road on the right” Forlan heard stephen saying in his ears.

“Roger that” He appreciated and changed his direction towards them.


Soon the NIC and the police vehicle following behind resurfaced and started shooting at the duo but the distance was enough for mad max and Jonas to swerve the bullet.

“Get off that motor now the NIC are tracking you with…” Jones was telling mad max and Jonas when explosive balls started rushing towards them. Jonas and mad max jumped off the motor bike rolling on the ground. The motor exploded as it came in contact with the explosive balls. Soon Forlan and five other agents came surrounding the duo with guns.

“You guys were very difficult to catch but never knew we will get you this way” Forlan started.

“So who sent you” Forlan asked

“Go bleep yourself” Jonas said in a weak voice.

“Wow you got courage” Forlan teased

“So mad max sent you guys on us. He doesn’t seize to amaze me” Forlan said with a smirk on his face.

“Cuff them” Forlan said to the agent beside him

“your hands behind your head” The agent said to the duo as he approached them. Three grenade gases landed beside and started emitting gas. Everybody at the scene fell unconscious and Dax with a full speed lifted mad max and Jonas unto his two shoulders and sent them into his car and zoomed off as he started hearing vehicles approaching the scene.


Jonas and mad max has already gained consciousness and are resting in the parlour when Dax and sniper entered.

“What happened out there” Dax asked collapsing on the couch

“They got a back up plan before coming, I don’t know how they knew they might be under attack” Mad max replied

“That’s the attribute of a trained soldier, he always need to have a back up plan because there is always danger” Dax replied

“Now we shift our focus to the bavlin and leave the NIC behind by covering our tracks from them. They are not going to back off from this now that you are a suspect” Dax said

“How did I become a suspect when they didn’t see my real face and I didn’t use my real voice back there” Mad max replied

“Just imagine this. You tracked down someone to a location only to get attack there and the people that attacked went and clear all the footages in that location. Isn’t this a good reason to make the person the main suspect” Dax explained to mad max


“I recorded their voices scan it for me” Forlan said to stephen handing over the tape to him

“2minutes sir” Stephen replied and started working on the tape.


“Sir the first one doesn’t match anyone but the second one does” Stephen said to Forlan

“Who does the second one resemble” Forlan asked

Stephen pointed to the laptop screen and Forlan bent down and took a look.

“This guy” Forlan shouted

“Isn’t he the guy you were tracking the other time. Why the bleep is he attacking as from a location that we trailed mad max to” Stephen asked

“Woww, this guy is among the three people w chased after at cape coast. He was the one mad max was going to meet at the airport” Forlan asked

“Then why were they wearing on disguise” Stephen asked

“To avoid being noticed by every security force since he works for the president” Forlan said

“Talking of the president don’t you think we have to go get him from mad max security and provide him one” Stephen asked

“Yes that’s the perfect thing to do now that he is a suspect” Forlan answered

“If he doesn’t agree, we aplly force” Forlan added and walked away.


All the agents and the executives could be seen wearing the BAVLIN funeral attire and are walking over a bust of their previous chairman and banabass.

“In bavlin hear we ki*ll or get killed. Forgiveness in our dictionary is a sin which merit death as its only punishment. Dax, sniper,the young assassin and his twin brother with who ever they work with have just hit us where it pain more” Mr Brown the new chairman started


“sir we’ve been torturing the chairman and Mr banabass but they don’t want to talk, the only they say is you can’t stop them” Said to Dax

“we ki*ll them and drop them off where the bavlin can see them” Dax said to him


“They have started a war that we have to retaliate as soon as possible. Tonight we strike them” He added



Eva and Jeff walked out of the lecture hall together.

“So have you been able to reach the twins” Eva asked in a sober mood

“Hmmmm no ooo, since they left I’ve been calling them day in and day out but I’ve gotten them. the only response I get is the number does not exist” Jeff replied

“Hmmm so do you think we should seek help from the cult” Eva suggested

“I don’t think that’s a good ….” Jeff was saying when his phone started ringing

“Hello who is this” Jeff said after answering the call

“It’s me Jonas, am with Jones and I know you are with Eva right now in the school. I will ne sending you a location now, Come there soon” Jonas said ending the call before the person trying to teack the call could get his location

“Call back the number” Eva said to Jeff after he explained to her

“it does not exist” Jeff replied frustratingly

“he want us to meet him at Amasaman lorry park” Jeff said to Eva as they start walking out of the school.



“We will strike them tonight through the twins. I don’t know how but I think they’ve forgotten about their parents so we will abduct them at their house tonight”

“Sir those guys are tricky,they might lay a trap for us there so we have to wait and make plans well. More probably send the Red dragons cult then we serve as a back up” An executive suggested and they all accepted.


Jonas and Jones got to the location first and secured a place and sat down to wait for Jeff and Eva. Soon Eva and Jeff alighted from cub. Immediately they alighted a text entered Jeff phone

“Locate a place and sit we will soon come there” Jeff read it silently and directed Eva to a chair under a shed. Immediately they sat down, a new text entered Jeff phone again

“We will be on disguise when we show up so don’t act weird just act the way you would have act when you see us but leave Eva out of it. Let it be like you are the only person who know us and even introduce us to Eva” Jeff read it and kept it to himself.

Soon the twins walked up to Jeff and Eva.

“What the bleep!!! It’s been a long time since I saw you guys ooo. What dey sup brothers” Jeff acted according to the script

“We went to a village oooo we just returned here” Jonas explained

“fine boy like you and a village, what happened”Jeff asked

“It’s a long story I will explain later” Jonas replied

They acted the script and they all entered a cub.


“Guys this is my team lodge here. There is a very big probability that the BAVLIN will contact you guys for our parents mission, so we will want you to be a mole for us.

“What the bleep!!!” Jeff shouted


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