“Now we switch to escape plan” Dax replied from the other end


“Mom, as your son said the bad guys are after us so pls fastened your selt belt now we are about to go on a rough ride” Jeff said to woman making her panick


He increased the speed of the car and looked into the mirror, the trailing car also increased its speed.


“Wow, they are in for a ride” Jeff said to himself and branch into the left side of the road �and accelerated more.





Jerry was behind the computer himself watching live streams and footages of the scene �and at the same time directing his boys.


“Vehicle B change your direction now” Jerry said in the communicator





“Am about to go through the blindspot” Jeff said to Dax through the communicator when he was about to enter the blindspot.


“Get ready once I park this car you step out as fast as possible” Jeff said to the woman.


He parked the car at the blindspot and they stepped out immediately and entered into a black Benz with it door opened. The car, the colour and the number plate was the same as Jeff’s own . Eva and Dax also entered into Jeff’s car �and zoomed off. Jeff waited for some minutes before he also zoomed out.






Jerry watched carefully as the black benz he is watching came out of the blindspot, he checked everything about the car and it was the same. He opened the same livestream on another computer and paused paused the video close to the wind screen, he zoomed off to confirm whether is a boy and a girl in the car before he continued the livestream.


Dax changed his direction towards an empty environment where he can deal with the fools following him.


“Vehicle C change your direction towards the city mall and with 100m/s” He ordered


“Vehicle A follow behind at a reasonable pace �and B meet him in front with 50m/s” Jerry ordered them all.





Every agents phone was accessed but almost all of the agents clears off their data after using the phone and there got no intimidating numbers on their phones.


“This ain’t the best way of catching a mole. No mole will keep an information on his phone knowing well that it can be stolen or even their security apps could be hacked” Jamal said �to the chairman at the meeting


“Why do I have this feeling that you are the mole selling us out?” The chairman poured out his suspicion


“I �think is because this amateur mole is tomenting the whole NIC organization and no one seems to have a clue of him”


“But am the only one with the clue that’s why you see me as a mole” Jamal answered with courage


“If you have a clue why don’t you just mention the name of the person to us so we can investigate him silently” The chairman asked


“Nothing is ever silent in this organization” Jamal answered


“Then I think you have to be locked up for protecting the enemy of this organization” Mr Richard, one of the executives answered when the chairman’s reply seemed �to �be delayed.


“I don’t have problem but trust me that will �be the biggest mistake you will do and I will find s way to get out”


“And when am finally out, I will f**k the fool real hard” Jamal threatened sending fear into the heart of Mr �Richard


“Forlan call these junior agents to come and arrest him right away and put him in the underground cell” Mr Richard said


“I �dont think that’s a good idea, the last time he warned us and we didn’t listen we list alot of agents and could have even lose Forlan the head of security” The chairman said


“It’s because he is part of the enemies that’s why we lost our agents” Mr Richard said


“So if he is the mole why will he warn us?” The chairman asked


“I don’t think he is the mole here” An executive out in


“Mr chairman, I have a strong feeling that he tried to warn us to gain favour in front of us so we can include him �in the search for the mole” Mr Richard added


“Sir I don’t think he is the mole but his moves these days is making me think he is the mole”


“He seem to know more about every mission we undertake just like mad max and also act like him” Forlan put �in


“So you think he works with mad max?” The chairman asked and Forlan nodded


“Sir let’s arrest him he is the mole because mad max was a mole so if he is linked to him then he is also a mole” Mr Richard said


“what’s makes mad max a �mole?” Jamal asked and everyone kept quite


“You can’t say one thing he did that makes him a mole but here you are accusing him that he is a mole”


“If he was the mole why is he still protecting the president?” Jamal added more confusion to their minds except Richard who is bent on arresting Jamal


“How did you know that the president is still alive” The chairman asked


“I always talk �to him on phone” Jamal answered


“And where did you get �the number” The chairman asked suspiciously


“From mad max offcourse” Jamal answered


“So you truely work with mad max?” The chairman asked


“Yes, he seem more intelligent than this organization and his plans always give us �a better results”


“Since he went away have we ever made progress?” Jamal asked


“Yes we have been able to arrest some bavlin �agents” The chairman replied


“Tell him what he is missing” Jamal said Forlan who also looked clueless


“For your information, the information that helped you guys arrest them was from him”


“So do you ask yourself where their leader is?” Jamal asked


“Enough of this bullshit, you can’t be talking to an enemy �of the state and be free. You under arrest” The chairman said to �Jamal calling in the junior agents


“Welldone, You have successfully sold the organization. Once I get out of the cell you will all pay together with the mole who is right here in our mist” Jamal dropped the bombshell


“Who is the mole, mention his name let’s set you free” The chairman pleaded


“Bleep you chairman, and Mr mole don’t try contacting your assasins in the cell because they will die” Jamal threatened sending more fear into richard’s heart


They took him �to cell gate and uncuffed him before they pushed him into the cell.





Dax tried to turn into the left road leading to the city mall but saw the bavlins vehicle coming from there, he accelerated forward and another was meeting him �in front. He looked back and the car behind him was closing in. He knew he has been trapped so he stepped on the brakes and inserted his two pistols behind him before �stepping out from the car with his hands in the air showing he has surrounded.





Jerry stayed glued to the screen till he saw the car being trapped �in the middle so he got up and went to take a piss. He returned a minute later to meet a different person �who looked familiar. He zoomed the face abit before realisation hit him.


“Dax!!!! You are a f****ng b***h!!” He exclaimed at the top of his


Soon the lady in the car also stepped out and he knew they have been fooled and will probably be fucked


“Vehicle C return immediately this mission have been compromised” He said to the 3rd vehicle







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