(The Reality of Life Harshness)

By: Vickie Dora

Episode 8


Cassandra, after leaving the hospital, headed home immediately. She couldn�t hide the fact that she was angry with the way Kamina is being welcomed by Eric. She tried preparing Spaghetti for dinner but ended up cutting her finger while slicing the meatballs, due to lack of concentration. Her mind was focused on how to deal with Kamina, and feed her with her own wrath

�Huhhn, f**k you Kamina� she whined, dropping the knife, as more blood gush out of the finger. She tried fixing it with a First Aid and heard a ding dong on the door, just after she cleaned up

�The door is open just come in� she yelled at the person behind the door, but he seem not to hear her, and ring the bell again

�Hnnhh� she groan �Must I be the one to open the door for you, you are having hands Eliza� She yelped storming towards the door as she opened it with force but surprised to meet someone else

�Dominick??� she called, while he gapes at her, staring at her body. It became clear to her as the realization struck her that she was putting on nothing but a flimsy transparent loose gown, with her b**bs visible enough. She bang the door immediately, going in to wear something appropriate

“Oh my God, I thought it was Elizabeth, I can�t believe Dominick saw me in this with my b**bs clearly visible under that linen, gosh how am I gonna face him now, I should have worn something covering my body� she groan

�Well I have no choice, he can�t be kept waiting outside� she thought, as she hurried back to the door, but behold he wasn�t there any longer

�Damnit, where did he go to� she thought, checking around but no sight of him

�Hmm, Only God knows what he came here for, can�t believe I chased him away with my dressing, gosh that guy is unbelievable. All this is Kamina�s fault, if she hasn�t made me angry, I wouldn�t have been in all this mess, she mumbled staring at her injured finger



�So did you give it to her� Tony asked as Dominick entered his room

�No, I�m not sure If she is at home� he mumbled taking his seat on the couch beside the bed

�What do you mean by she is not at home, didn�t you go to Elizabeth�s house, or didn�t you get in� Tony asked still concentrating on the game in his playing on his system

�I did, but I met her friend, and,,,,�

�And what, you should have given Cassie the bangles, it means a lot to Eliza, remember� Tony said

�Yea I know, but how did it get into my bag anyway� Dominick asked

�I dunno, perhaps when she took your phone from your bag at the hospital, maybe it fell in then, but what exactly happened bro, you look worn out, any problem� Tony asked, pausing the game as he came closer to sit with Dom

�Hmm, it�s kinda complicated. I went to their apartment but met Cassie�.�

�So??? Why can�t you give it to her�

�Well that�s because she came out to open the door for me, and what she was putting on�.is�just hunhh� he signed

�Hmm, your story is kinda getting interesting, so what was she putting on� Tony asked grinning heartedly

�She was wearing a transparent clothe and it reveals�yunno,,,� He said looking at Tony who was holding himself from laughing but ended up laughing

�What,,,,,its not funny� Dominick snapped

�Oh ok ok,, wait,,,so because Cassie was put on something crazy, you had to leave. Come on guy.. you have seen lots of naked girls, why will Cassie turn you on, are you that innocent?� Tony asked

�Gosh you just made the matter worst, dunno why I told you in the first place, I�m going home� Dominick mumbled, while Tony busted into laughter again

�Laugh as long as you want� he muttered and stride out of the room

�Gosh, such a weird guy� Tony mumbled as he went back to his game


Getting to his apartment, Dominick couldn�t get the picture of Cassie off his mind, it kept on tormenting him

�Oh God, take this picture off my head, or I might do something crazy. Gosh Cassie what have you done to me� He muttered



Eliza and Cassie were preparing for their morning lecture as Cassie adds little touches of make up on her face.

“Be fast with that make up Cassie, we are gonna be late for lecture again” Eliza yelled at her from the living room

“Go tell your dad to get you a car, so that you won’t be running your a$$ to school every morning” Cassie yelled back as she added the lipstick to her mouth ” hmm, perfect” she muttered, smiling at her beautiful self in the mirror

“I’m coming out, before you ki*ll me with you yelling” Cassie said and stride out of her room to meet Eliza, you stood in the living room with hands on her waist, looking angry

“What took you so long” she asked

“I had to makeup, it been a while I did that, and you know that today is the day that those models will to pick some pretty girls for a beauty contest, I want to be picked too. I need the money and you should also participate” Cassie said tucking her flowing hair to the back of her ear

“I don�t need the money, you don’t need it either” Eliza said

“I do, it’s a huge sum of money, I can’t lose it okay, you might not need it cause your father is rich, but I….humh” Cassie sighed

“I understand you perfectly Cassandra, but we are not just friends, we are family. My money is yours and even if you have no one, just know that you have me okay” she said

“Ok” Cassie muttered as she cleaned a strand of tear

“That’s alright, now let’s move our asses, Mr. Huston won’t get me this time” Eliza said while Cassie laughed as they find their way out



*After lecture*

“Hey babes over here” Kamina called as her friends walk down to her direction

“Ok we are here now, what do you intend telling us that made you almost implicated me in the classroom” Louis asked

“I was only giving you a signal” Kamina resorted

But I almost got caught trying to reply your signal, you know that Mr. Huston is a no nonsense man, he might query me for not paying attention to his lecture, he is such an as***ole you know” Louis said

“Ok what is it you wanna tell us Mina” Dorothy asked already getting tired of their argument

“Ok, it’s about Cassandra”

“And what about her” Louis asked

“I believe she likes Eric, so what about if I make her betray her friend by forcing herself on Eric which will cause a fight between the both of them. That way I will be able to come in and takeover. Eric won’t succumb to my wish easily unless I force my way in” Kamina said smiling sheepishly

“Hmm that seems like a good idea, you are really smart. But do you think Cassie will admit the facts that she likes Eric too, what if she doesn’t agree to do what you said, that girl is stubborn you know. And apart from that, will Elizabeth fight with her best friend, that girl can be annoying, she ruins precious plans” Louis said

“Hmmm, that’s so thoughtful of you, but I really need to date Eric, I love him so much and I’m not ready to lose him to any of those girls” she whined

“But Eric doesn’t seem to like you, why can’t you just let him be” Dorothy chipped in

“Shut up, you are such a ki*ll joy” Kamina snapped while she rolled her eyes

“Hmmm, I think I have a plan” Louis said grinning

“So what plan is it” Kamina asked eager to hear her out


“Dave?? What does Dave have to do with this” she asked while Louis went closer to her, whispering some silent words into her ears. The obvious smile on her face shows that she likes what she is hearing

“You are such a darling Louis, that plan seems good. Let’s wait and see how it works out anyway. Eric my darling, I’m coming for you” she smirked




These girls ain’t backing out soon


Love Y’all

Vickie Dora


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