(The Reality of Life Harshness)

By: Vickie Dora


Episode 17


Cassandra sets down the pan from the cooker, as she turns of its light. She just finished making an egg sauce, ready for consumption. She serves some quantity into a plate and added the boiled yam to it. She sets out for the dinning room ready to eat.

After blessing the food, she picked up her cutlery, ready to dig the fork into the yam, but was disrupted by a sudden ring from the doorbell, making her believe that there was someone at the door.

“Hunhh, who is that” she yelled, but got no response. Grumbling, she got up and opened the door, only to meet no one. She scoffs

“Hmmm, I thought I heard the doorbell rang, or is someone trying to play some funny trick on me” she thought going further into the compound, checking everywhere to catch the prankster but couldn’t find one

“Geez, I just wasted my time out here” she mumbled going back inside. She was just a few feet away from the door when she heard the doorbell ring again for the second time. She turned abruptly, running to open the door in order to catch whoever is toiling with her mind, but to her disappointment, she met no one. Still dazed about the sudden happening, she shrugs and went back inside

“Strange, someone is trying to frighten me. It must be Dominick , he wants me to admit the fact that I am scared of staying alone in this house” she thought, touching her chest with her heart already beating hard like it’s gonna come out soon

“Stop the prank mother******, I’m not scared okay” she yelled staring at the door. The doorbell came up again, but repeatedly this time, causing a shiver to run down her spine. She screamed out with all her might

“Do you wanna damage the doorbell, get lost if you are not coming in” she said as tears began to wail up on her eyes.

“What’s happening” she mumbled as strange objects flew into the building, looking more like a bat, but big in size.

“Haaaaarrrghhh” she screamed in fright, hitting the dinning table as her food came crashing to the floor.

The six horrid looking creatures aimed at her, displaying their sharp fangs, ready to make her their lunch. She screamed, running towards the door, trying to find her way out of their sight but a strange force from nowhere pulled her from the ground and flunked her across the room, hitting her back on the wall, as blood gush out of her mouth.

The force pinned her to the wall, strangling her breathe out of her. A figure of a man appeared from nowhere, walking towards her as she struggled her way out of the invisible grip, which seem fruitless, instead she got choked the more she struggles

“Cassandra” the figure called with rage, while she stared at his frightful figure, sobbing

“Release the body of your friend to me, release Elizabeth to me. She is my bride�or you,, will no more see the light of the day. I give you just seven days to bring her body to the shrine of Oruka. �I, Oruka the Oracle has spoken” he roared and vanished.

The fearful creatures also left immediately as the grip on her released her, causing her to crash to the floor. She groans in pain as her ankle got twisted. Unable to get on her feet, she falls back to the ground, crying profusely……..


Sitting in the courtyard, with lot of books on the table before him, Dominick tried to revise some certain topics from his notes. Exams are fast approaching and he is not ready to fail at all. But the sudden disturbance in his mind is making him to lose focus.

The thought of Cassandra kept coming to his mind; there is this strong urge of going to see her. After his confession to her, she has been avoiding him and this made his heart bleed. He didn’t do anything wrong by expressing his feelings, he thought

“Hmmm, Gosh, I really need to see her, but why?” He asked himself unable to quench the sudden surge of going to see her.

“Well, I will just tell her that I came to visit and know how she is faring” he muttered to himself, packing his books as he prepared to set off…


Getting to the house, he rang the bell repeatedly but got no response. Turning the door knob, he slightly opened the door, popping his head in

“Hello, Cassie, are you in” he asked

“Where could she be” he thought going in fully. He made his way through the living room, heading towards the kitchen

“She might be in the kitchen, he thought as he noticed the spattered food on the floor. Moving closer to it, he heard soft sobs coming from the direction close to the dinning room. He sighted Cassie sprawled on the floor, gasping for breathe

“Oh my God, Cassie, Cassie, look at me” he beckoned rushing to hold her in his arms, panicking

“Oh gosh, what happened” he whispered as she makes inaudible sounds, her breathe was almost gone

“No, no no, Cassie don’t do this, open your eyes and look at me. Please don’t leave me dear, don’t leave me” he muttered, pulling her up as he carried her out to his car. He rushed back to lock the door of the house; stepping into his car he ignited the engine, and zoomed off to the hospital…..



Cassandra fluttered her eyes open as she gaze through the ward she was kept in. Hearing silent whisperings, she turned her head to face its direction and caught a glimpse of Dominick talking with someone; he seems to be the doctor in charge of her. She breathed a sigh of relief knowing that she is in safe hands as a strand of tear roll down her cheek.

Dominick was busy conversing with the doctor, oblivious of the new development.

�Doctor, is she gonna be ok, she hasn�t woken up since yesterday

�She will, just be patient� the doctor replied

�Hmm, ok, hope no scratches� he muttered

�Just a twist of her ankle, since we don�t know about the event that occurred, let�s just wait for her to wake up� the doctor muttered

�Ok thank you very much doc� he said as they exchange handshake. He sighed and watched the doctor exit the ward. Turning towards her direction, his eyes caught up with hers as a smile lingered on his face

�Oh my God,,,,,you are awake� He said going to sit beside her

�How do you feel now? You scared me, what happened dear� he whispered touching her cheek. She gave him no response, but started to tear up, gazing at him in fright.

�Hey,,,,,why the tears? Ok,,,I�m sorry, please don�t cry okay,, please� he pleaded but she shake her head side ways

�No, no, he came to me, I don�t know��.Elizabeth�.Eliza�..� she coughed hard

�Shhh, it�s ok, what happened to Elizabeth�.she is�..I mean I don�t get you� He muttered, cleaning the tears from her eyes

�He wants Elizabeth, he wants her body; oruka shrine�.oruka shr�� she coughs again

�What, babe I don�t get you�what shrine is that�

�I don�t know, he wants to ki*ll me, I�m scared Nick� I�m scared� she yelped

�Shh, okay look here dear, no one is gonna ki*ll you, just relax okay. I will get to the root of this, trust me� he muttered while she nodded, holding his hand

�Please don�t leave me, stay with me� she pleaded sobbing

�Hey, come on, okay I promise to stay with you all day, but for now I need to call the doctor to come check on you.

Don�t be scared okay, no harm is coming to you. Remember you told me that you are not scared of staying alone,,,,hmmm,,,fine� let go of my hand,,,,,� he removed his hand from her grip, gave her a warm peck on her forehead, and exit the ward




It’s getting hot….


Love y’all

Vickie Dora


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