The Reality of Life Harshness


(The Reality of Life Harshness)

By: Vickie Dora

Episode 7

After the perfect moment she had at the hospital, Eliza decided to stop by the mall to get some things before heading home, pondering on different thoughts that came through her mind. As she walks, her mind drifted to what her Grandmother told her in one of her trances just after she recovered from the accident.


Eliza was sitting in the living room a day after she was discharged; Cassandra was making lunch so she decided to take a nap. While in her dream, she saw herself in an empty classroom, reading a novel. Suddenly, her mom came in causing her to jerk in shock.

�Mom, what are you doing here, I mean when you arrived the State, you didn�t tell me that you are coming� she asked perplexed while her mom smiled

�How are you my dear� Eliza�s mom asked

�i�m I�m fine, and you, how is everyone, Junior, Samson and ���

�Look darling my time here is numbered, we need to talk� She said, while Eliza wondered why her mom will call her darling, that�s strange, she thought

� O..k..ayyy, and what do you want to talk about�

�It�s about you dear, I think you need to listen to them, go to the village and be the priestess. It�s for your own good, your life is now in danger and if you don�t adhere to what they tell you to do, you might be gone for good, and I don�t wanna lose you, baby, you are my first daughter.

I think the only way you can find peace is by becoming the priestess� she said, sniffing in tears while Eliza watched her closely

�The only way you can find peace is through Jesus Christ, he is the way, the truth and the life, your life is meaningless without him� That has always been the words of my mother, she sings it in our Ears every now and then. But the woman standing in front of me now is not her, who are you and what do you want from me� Eliza yelled while her supposed mother jerks in shock

�But I�m you moth��

�Cut the act Nena, I know that you are the one, why use my mother�s face to deceive me� Eliza growl while Nena changed to her normal self, Juliet was just an illusion

�So you figured it out right, you are so smart Eliza, I tried my best to act as your mother, I don�t know where I missed it though� Nena smirked

�You are always a loser Nena, I will never bow to your wish� Eliza snapped

�Hmmm, you seem bold a little, when we first met, you were as fidgety as a fish� Nena snapped

�Time is no more on your side Eliza, the prince, Oruka, needs his bride and the oracles wants their priestess, the shrines has been lying empty for a long time, the prophesy must be fulfilled� Nena growled in anger

�I don�t care,,,,, I detest you, you and your oracle, I don�t know why am even listening to you, get out of my sight� Eliza yelped, as she tried to go out of the classroom, but was held by Nena

�Leave me alone� she grunted in anger

�One more thing before I will leave you� Nena said, loosening the grip on her hand

�Stay away from that boyfriend of yours, or any other guy� she warned

�What boyfriend, I don�t have one� Eliza barked while Nena chuckled

�No, you do, stay away from him. You belong to no one else but Oruka, your husband-to-be, do not make him angry by cheating on him with some useless guys who doesn�t know who you really are� she snapped

�Like I said earlier I have no boyfriend, but I will have one when I�m ready, I don�t care about your stupid proclamation about me having a husband or so. I did not marry anyone neither did I go into any covenant with anyone, I will live my life the way I want to live it, leave me alone, go back to your grave old witch� Eliza yelled making Nena a bit angry

�If you do against what I said, and went ahead to date a guy or have sex with him, hahaha, he will be a victim of death, remember what happened to Felix, hahahahahahahahah� she laughed and vanished into thin air


�Remember what happened to Felix, remember,,,,,� Eliza kept on pondering on the last word Nena said as she clearly remember the events that happened at Felix resident, how he died and how she escaped. This must be the doing of either Nena or the so called Oruka, but will he do the same to Eric, she thought

�No, I won�t let that happen, I love Eric so much and I cannot let him get hurt by some oracle�.but what will I do to come out of this mess, how will I rescue myself from this�.� she thought, oblivious of her environment, but was brought back to reality when she heard her name was called. She jerked immediately as the product in her hand fell off

�Oh my God, sorry for scaring you that way� Dave said as he assisted her in picking up the item that fell, and behold it was a sanitary pad

�Oh,,,,that�s mine,,,thanks� she said and collected it from his hand, as her cheek turn red, while he chuckled at her embarrassment

�So, we meet again, and this time I�m really gonna collect your contact, I haven�t been able to do that yunno� he grinned while she giggled as they exchange contact

�So what are you doing here, I mean, you have been staring into space for about five minutes before I called you, what�s going on, on your mind� he asked a bit concerned

�Emmm, nothing actually, just thinking of what to buy� she said, and chuckled nervously

�Are you sure about that, because you seem really lost� he said putting his hands in his pocket as he stare lustfully at her

�No I�m fine, what are you doing here anyway� Eliza asked

�I came here with my cousin; I think I told you about her�

�Oh yea, Kamina�

�Yep, she came to get something here with her friends, so I�m to drive them back home� he said, and immediately a call came through his phone

�Oh she is calling already, I think it�s time we say goodbye, but before that, can I yunno, take you out sometime, just for us to get to know each other more as friends� he rushed his words hurriedly

�You mean a date� she asked

�If that�s what you call it� he smirked

�Hmm, well, Ermm�I�m gonna think about it�

�Ok, I will try to call you now, since I have gotten your number� he muttered

�Bye for now� he yelled as the ran through the exit

�Hmm, another guy,,,,,� Eliza groaned




Love y’all

Vickie Dora


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